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Jubilation, ululation, cheers, hugs and kisses to random man and woman occurred. Clinking of champagne glass gracefully knocking the edges as we drunk to the joys of a new year. Singing how we have crossed the year in style at the Serena or Intercontinental or our abodes. It was quite an awesome experience that one, wasn’t it?

It’s time to cut the cake and forge ahead. It’s time to look forward to the clinks and clanks, later. Let’s settle in class, work and moving about to better us and the nation. It’s time to address our wardrobes for changes of the beach clothes to those of the daily bread! This is what to do in Kenya, for Kenya as a Kenyan  in 2015.

Millenium Development Goals. Yes, those set by the United Nations in 2000? Yes, those. We have to sit and ask us, have we become what we had aspired? Have we reached our goals really? If so, what next?

If you have reached the MDGs, what are you waiting for then? Self – Actualisation, realisation. Yes, that esteem you have acquired from having worked tooth and nail to get where you are, it’s time to give back. Abraham Maslow proposed the theory of Humanistic Perspective to encourage people one thing : Once you have gained an esteem, the fourth step to actualisation,  according to his hierarchy of needs, get your ego down, extend a hand to someone,  dear.  Make someone have an esteem,  too.

Get scary. Yes, develop that can do attitude. No matter how the year has started, stand and walk. If it’s fees or a job or just a need you want, pick the rod and guide your way. Stop wasting time by sulking, holding your chin as if there’s no hope. That’s why you have seen another day!

Death. Again not death to mean, ”passing away”. Meaning, take out, throw away and out, declutter your mind, soul, body, finances, get out of debt. It’s time now to tell you that, this year will be an year I get a job after five years of joblessness and living hand to mouth. This will be an year I pay off my debts. Those who are off to cheetah’s speed, find time to relax them later at tortoise’s. Die out bad habits. Don’t take huge loans, survive with that 10,000 you have until you make another!

Fight. Fight, fight, fight. I believe in that. Holding your chin up, hands, face. Stooping shoulders make you look so sorry. Don’t. Nobody feels pity when you feel sorry for yourself. Walk with those shoulders so elated they get startled. Keep holding them there until you get there. Now, go!

Meditate. Think, rethink, re-strategise, reorganise, do yoga, make time alone  –  you time. Allowing no interruptions. Allow thoughts to follow, memories, savour them, go along, release, go. Over and over until your mind feels, new, fresh, toned and ready for the events making 2015. Be one of them!

Jog. Your mind needs some planning. You can’t do that while sitting in one position for years and hours. Make it run, provide ideas for it to be revitalised. Make it want more, make it thirsty for knowledge, ideas, opportunities, travel, shopping online, making money online, make it, ruuuunnn.

Shy away from habits 2014. Don’t of course throw these habits away: taking, borrowing, jealous, over-controlling, bad tempers, under-listening, spending way more than you earn. Toss these things away. Bring and create new ways of living within means;  listening, acquiring knowledge. Learn from those habits that didn’t help you, pinch and twist your ears, feel pain, don’t repeat a mistake, twice!

Help. You are blessed,  very blessed. Someone somewhere needs your hand to rescue them. I know it becomes hard to spot genuine ones, we can do it, together. Identify them, pick and help them dust. They will never forget where they came from, they will be the first ones to help you dust when you are feeling, awful or are sick. God Forbid, though. Don’t say they brought the situation upon them. Encourage them, make them realise money isn’t always the answer; an idea can change the world. An idea made computers. That hug makes someone very warm and secure. Give it. Above all, realise money isn’t everything. It’s just a supplement.

A smile is priceless, it’s why I give it to you as the year begins. Stare at it and go along as you smile, all the way to December 31, 2015 and beyond.

Cheer up, clink, clink 2015!




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