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An extracurricular activity is conducted outside the normal school routines.

Extracurricular activities range from volunteering to working part-time in programmes of one’s choosing.

When writing a resume you have to include extracurricular activities to help enhance or spice your resume up.

A spiced-up resume helps you win a job faster than a resume that’s dull especially for employees who are new job seekers like fresh out of the university. 

What Extracurricular Activities Get You Hired in Kenya? 

The following extracurricular activities if included in your resume will help you get hired without a prior job experience and they include the following: 


Before completing my studies at the university or even getting a job, I volunteered a lot.

I volunteered to teach kids because I thought I wanted to become a teacher. If you are going to volunteer to ensure you are in line/focus with what your career aspirations are.

So that it’ll be easier to get a job or you can say it’s an added experience. Volunteering, in general, helps employers know you are a giver, you were not idle and you enjoy working and helping your community. It simply makes you look good. 

Volunteer programmes you can work on local farms, animal shelters 

If you study for an agriculture degree you can work on farms. You could also bring the knowledge to helping start farms as a way of self-employment. 

Work at museums or galleries 

At museums and galleries, are called networking locations. You get to see rich and industry leaders scouting for the talent they have never seen or people they could help promote.

You also get business cards of people and you never know because the diversity in the museums brings a lot of clients who could help you when searching for a job.

You get to learn about art, the culture of a tribe, extinct or the history of Kenya in 1900 or 1800s.

When you know and explain a lot to clients, you impress them, helping them think of ‘the clever kid wasting their talent’ and how they could help. 

Organise your own exhibitions 

Help showcase your plants, animals or art that you do and earn some money.

Take as many photos and videos and document your journey. Evidence of you at your exhibition proves to an employer that you were there. 

Start your own business 

The students who begin their own businesses are most likely to get hired than those who do nothing than wait on their parent’s pocket money.

You can start an online business or start a business from your hobbies. 

Improve your hobbies 

Though hobbies aren’t an extracurricular activity when done well can turn into an extracurricular activity and even a money minting machine. 

Join investment societies 

Investment societies help show that you value your future as a youth of Kenya and investing helps prove this. 

Join student politics 

Students politics made Mr Babu Owino rich and famous. Student politics that leaderships is what drives you and employers love leaders. 

Campaign locally 

During the election in 2017, I saw students participating in local drives helping educate the locals on the importance of voting and voting wisely. 

Become a translator 

Since working the job of a translator when starting out as a freelance writer, I became too scared to look deeper into it. It was a nightmare with good pay. What language do you know best?

Translation gigs are famous in English, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Mandarin… I mean, those hard-to-master languages including German, French.

If you learnt a foreign language, teach others within your campus or work and make extra income. 


I travelled all over Kenya before it was divided into counties, so all provinces except Mombasa.

Then I got to live in Mombasa and hands down it was the best place I have ever lived.

These days, I’m a digital nomad and can live anywhere I prefer or want in the world.

If you have travelled in your resume, my God, employers look for well-travelled individuals because they bring new perspectives into the business.

Don’t get caught up in ‘I don’t have money to travel’, start from where you are. And travelling pays even on Instagram, where you become an Instagram Travel Consultant. 

Volunteer for St.John’s Ambulance 

I volunteered for Red Cross and St.John’s for a while when I was a kid because my parents ensured I did.

I never got as far as knowing how to dress wounds, camping survival like lighting a fire.

But it was fun, it was a part of the girl guide movement. We travelled a lot too. Equip yourself with basic information that many people ignore like doing CPRs, first aids and survivals. 

Work for arts programmes/ community arts 

The arts and crafts in our communities are dying. Growing up I saw mum and other women when gossipping walking with a plastic bag under the armpit and knitting needles in hand.

Do you see kids doing plays along the road to get some money or even an older guy playing the guitar to entertain the passersby?

Introduce these arts to the community by creating a space or borrowing space for such events. 

Develop new apps and products 

Apps and product development are all the rage these days. Can you imagine how big of a hotshot you’ll be if you develop an app and have it on GooglePlay or Applestore?

It takes you and a few evenings on your computer to get there and your future will be set. 

Take online classes 

What skill would you love to learn?

The resources are online for free, as long as you have your smartphone and internet connection.

I learnt how to sew on YouTube and keep learning to this day but some people think I went to a school.

After you learn on YouTube or blog, do what you learn daily to help you master the trade. 

Join sports clubs and societies 

I remember in school being in the debate club. I’m not an argumentative person, I think I was in high school but being in the club took me to different places and I got to debate with ‘big boys and girls’ on various issues pressing the society or the country. 

Volunteer at school for charity or summer clubs 

What can you teach or what experience can you bring to your school for other kids? 

Create online content 

You have a smartphone, use it to create content. Content is in the form of short films, value-adding content, comedies, blog posts, mini or micro-blogs on your social media, collecting news about what’s happening in your area.

Then you get to monetise the content. Youths in Kenya want to be celebrities or hotshots with one-time pieces of information, while good, think it this way, is it good to be famous for an hour or 50 years?

Create content that sticks with people for years. 

Participate in tree planting sessions 

I remember when it was compulsory to plant trees in school. Tree planting for beautification or preserving the environment. 

Help preserve the culture in your community by organising the celebrations 

Be good to everyone at all times whether you’re a job seeker or not. You never know who you might step into and help catapult your career in ways you never imagined.

Don’t sit idly at home with anything to do, put your brain to work, get busy finding out what you are best at. 

What extracurricular activities have I not included here that you would want to see or include in your resume as a Kenyan jobseeker?




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