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There are unique and untapped businesses to do online or offline in Kenya in 2020 and beyond. When tapping into an untapped business idea, bear in mind, people may not be ready for the product or service.

Or they may not know what they need, so, they need a lot of education before opening their wallets for you.

Remember, before the cellphone became smartphones, how Kenyans were resistant to it?

An untapped business can provide huge profit margins because you become the first one to tap into a business others have dared not to.

You need a lot of patience and persistence when beginning such extraordinary businesses. 

Crazy Business $100 Business Start-Ups in Kenyans With Huge Profits

The following extra-ordinary, crazy or untapped businesses are start-ups with huge profit margins and they cost only a $100 dollars to start and they include: 

  1. Buy supplies for more inventory 

Supplies could be for a craft store or for a dropshipping store. Which require less than 10,000 shillings to start. Think, niche e-commerce selling kitchen products, selling kids products or pet products. The niches to explore with 10,000k are too varied. What’s your interest? 

2. Plunge into FB ads 

I love FB ads because I took a course to learn how FB works when I was interested in marketing Gertie’S Digital. Facebook ads aren’t about boosting your posts, it’s knowing about your target market and choosing marketing messages that your audience resonates with. You also need to know about their demography. You don’t want buyers of work from home gear to get messages about kids products. You will get a lot of traction, but was the intended message to parents with kids or single people or for work from home? Do you know who generally works from home?  

3. Buy a $94 microphone for a podcast 

Podcasts are the rage these days. And you need a great pair of microphones and headset to get started. What hobby do you love? Talk about it on your podcast. When your podcast becomes popular, monetise by selling your products or services, coaching or affiliate marketing. 

4. Invest in packaging 

Most online business owners don’t value branding their products. Design packaging materials on Canva or photoshop and sell to craft owners. 

5. Design business cards 

If you know how to design business cards, market your design skills on Fiverr. Customers look for business cards for their businesses. You get more customers when you have an extensive portfolio of your card samples. 

6. Do a car decal with the business name 

Car decals are decorations on cars and people love their cars to stand out. Do a car decal then include your business name and social media contacts to get more business. 

7. Buy a website full with a domain via Bluehost 

Setting up a website/blog these days costs at least 10k with Bluehost hosting including the domain name. Websites help you build a credible brand. 

8. Logo redesign 

Sometimes, business owners need logos redone because of rebranding. I’d love to rebrand this website but the complications over-rode my need for rebranding. A logo is on the works to help expand this brand. Redesign logos and earn $100 for every logo redesign or more. 

9. Outsource on Fiverr 

You don’t have to begin a business, you can outsource when you have 10k in your pocket. Instead of suffering from all the work you don’t love, set aside 10k to help you get a VA or social media manager, they can take part-time opportunities with you. 

10. Bitcoin Trading 

I don’t know much about bitcoin trading, but I have read that it can bring in profits of more than $3000 weekly with only a 10k investment. 

11. SEO 

You can invest 10k in learning SEO from Udemy. Udemy courses don’t cost more than 

$10 a course. If you need a certificate you need to pay more and earning an SEO certificate is like the gate-pass to higher earnings. 

12. Buy promotional products for a giveaway 

If you have a store or run a business, buy giveaway products for your loyal followers/customers. 

13. Start a dropshipping store 

Many online users turn to dropshipping because it’s a low-cost business with no inventory, to begin with. The Shopify/Oberlo store combo. 

14. Give it (pay it forward)

I love giving away money when I can because there is blessing and power in giving. You don’t feel good about yourself but you feel powerful. Most of the times I gave money away I was broke as hell but the money pays itself in me getting free things and breakthroughs in ways I never expected.  

15. Sell essential oils 

Essential oils and CBD oils are known to help treat or ease pain in the body in a natural way. Buy and sell these essential oils using an MLM/direct sales company. 

16. Flip or buy stuff to flip on eBay 

Flipping on eBay is the centuries oldest trade since eBay came into existence. This marketplace is for selling unique things. Check this article about popular profitable products to flip. 

17. Car magnet 

18. Buy domains then resell at a profit 

I heard about buying domains on Flippa since I started working online. Do you know buying and selling domains requires a bit of research too? Know what domain names sell and why. For example, the health and wellness niche is so popular. Buy popular domains, create content for the domain then resell it for a profit. 

19. Invest in CBD oils 

Like essential oils, CBD oils have their healing properties. Educate and invest in CBD oils to make more money. 

20. Buy soap making supplies 

People buy soap all the time, you need lye which costs $1 per kilogramme. Then buy essential oils to add and goat milk to help you make the bar. Make Castile shampoo which is sulfate-free. 

21. Buy a heat press machine 

Heat press t-shirts trend all the time. You can make designs on kids onesies or kids birthday t-shirts. 

22. Buy candle wax

Scented candles sell the best online all the time. Check this article about the most popular handmade items for you to sell, candle wax trends.  

23. Beard balm 

Men of all ages suffer when they begin growing a beard. Sell beard balm or mix yours with essential oils which don’t have side effects on your clients. Ensure to test the beard balm on males before launching in the market.  

24. Eco-friendly exterior lights

Outdoor lights that don’t need changing all the time are a home-owners best friend to help ward off thieves. Exterior lights are a great Airbnb addition. 

25. Buy leads 

It’s already hard to get clients for your business, buy leads from lead generators. Find out on Facebook groups or LinkedIn for professional leads for your business. 

26. MLM 

Though the world is sceptical about MLMs and direct sales companies, some of these companies are billion-dollar companies. And some like Eric Worre makes a fortune from being network marketers. Operating an MLM requires you to know a lot about marketing and connecting with people. Hop onto Network Marketing Pro channel on YouTube to learn more from Eric’s channel. 

27. Buy supplies for a cleaning business 

Cleaning houses remains a way of making side income and empires. 

28. Buy metallic ink to create metallic product labels

Product labels help establish and build a brand. Buy them on Alibaba and resell them on your store. 

29. Take a course 

Online courses help you learn anything for cheap and begin a business. An online course is a self-care routine for you. It never hurts to enhance your knowledge. The more you know the more you do, right? At least I know I love to have plenty of knowledge in my niche of work, writing crime novels, romance novels, work from home and self-development. When you know a lot, you introduce topics to your customers they never thought were available. 

Sometimes, it pays to invest in oneself. When you invest in yourself you have made the wisest investment, even Warren Buffet agrees with this. Make time to learn something to enhance your knowledge. 

What of these extraordinary Kshs.10,000 remote businesses with staggering profits will you do from home in Kenya?




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