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After scratching my hair for a new idea you have probably never heard of, I concluded farming.

This sounds extremely funny to work online as a farmer – I thought the same too.

Let’s not laugh at me first, let’s reason, okay?

I would love to find out how to grow sweet-tasting strawberries in Kenya but cannot find nothing about it in Kenya. I think of going to the government offices to get advice but… I smile a little.

I think of buying a book – I laugh more, I want practical actions, right now, do now… no theories and confusing jargon.

I come to Google for simplified answers and quick solutions to my problems.

That’s where you the strawberry farmer comes in.

You will explain to me what strawberry is and its categories.

You will go through the pain of telling me how deep I must dig my garden. You will also tell me the tell-tale signs of strawberries dying or healthy juicy ones I want.

Sometimes, you may warn me of brands to avoid.

Another laughable line?…haha.

My online farmer is someone with experience or is an Agricultural or Animal expert, with a few years under his belt for cultivation of strawberries, for example.

He is confident of what he is doing because he has a proven record of dos and don’ts, even for those potting fanatics like me.

Now, you are getting the idea… would you love to make money offering pieces of advice to farmers and willing farmers how to farm? Isn’t this farming in a way? Follow me online as I delve deeper into this exciting topic.

I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about this seemingly strange move today, can I?





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