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Are you a Kenyan in search of a genuine online job?

Have you been frustrated to work or find work online just because of the numerous con-men around online?

What skills set do you have?

Do you know how to get those skills set online for free as you build your experience?


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What are Jobs of the Week I found? 



Want to get hired online as an English tutor?

Tutlo is hiring worldwide as they appreciate English speakers plus convenience of work online.

Pros of Tutlo:

  1. No schedules as they have a constant flow of new students.
  2. You get to meet people from around the world.
  3. Convenient to work at your own time.
  4. You get to earn $5 – 11 an hour depending on your experience.

2. Did you know there’s a freelancing website for Kenyans?

I found a site called Kuhustle in 2017 but I never found any pleasing reviews about it.

Recently, I have been seeing an increase in jobs / opportunities.

And the jobs I found are so interesting like:

UX Designer or Desktop Publisher Specialist.

And the pay on Kuhustle is really good, if starting out as a freelancer.

Some opportunities go from Kshs 20, 000 to 150, 000.

Some jobs do require for you to be at the company so not really flexible.

Also, the downside of Kuhustle is you pay for the credits I don’t understand how those ”credits” work.

I buy the cheapest credits expecting to bid three times but nope!

3. Transcript Divas

Transcribing gains more and more popularity daily in the world of online jobs.

Because of Video Marketing and Videos as a tool for businesses to communicate their messages.

This is where you come in.

If you’re a good listener, is organised(highly), can type as fast as they can talk, well, you’re in your initial steps to getting a job.

The only thing you need is a niche( medical, legal, psychology) think along the lines where it’s not well-explored.

At Transcript Divas they say, ”If you love to give high quality work, they’re ready for you because they aim to beat the rate Medical Transcribers in the USA earn”.

3. English First

They have job openings in China( very hot market for English), Indonesia and Russia.

They say their pay is competitive and there’s training and development opportunities.

Looks like promising work with over 300 schools in China scattered over 60 cities.

And they don’t mind you’re in a gap year or freshman!

They have several positions and two managerial roles.

4. Proofreading Services

Proofreading just like transcription is a very valuable skill to have when working online.

You get to review copy like this one I’m writing and get paid big bucks for it.

This site does have an influx of quality jobs.

5. Alchemic Dream

They say they hire year round across five continents.

And if you don’t see your language go on and do apply or send your application.

They have jobs in all industries.

They have a community manager position advertised.

Sadly, they don’t provide the rate of compensation.

6. Polished Paper

A proofreading jobs board offering proofreading services to its business clients.

While working online is a charming way to stay connected with your family and kids, it can be a daunting task to begin.

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Working online as a Kenyan doesn’t have to be about getting employed or finding freelance work.

Think – meeting people, sharing ideas and diversifying your working environment.

You also build your independence as an independent contractor.

Would you love to be educated on how to be a kick-ass on getting started working online as a Kenyan?

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