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Working online can be lucrative yet taxing as a beginner freelancer in Kenya.

With an online jobs board updated daily, you can be sure that you won’t lack a work from home job opportunity as a student, stay-at-home parent or searching for a side hustle.

In this ever-expanding online work industry, there can be jobs that you’d never think of finding online yet they exist.

For example that of a Voice-Over Artist. 

Filmless is hiring and the job can be done anywhere in the world where’s an internet connection. The recording is from a home studio. They’re searching for the best in the industry as they record for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Job Description:

Experience is critical for them. 

You have to know how to work in a team

They have very tight deadlines

You must have a portfolio

You must access to a home studio or a studio for the recording. 

In other words, a professional working environment.

10 Quick Tips on Getting Hired to Work as a Voice- Over Artist. 

Know the script genres the differences: real persona, spokesperson, announcer or a character. Differentiate the content whether comedy or drama.

You have to beware of timing, relaxation natural tones, lifeless recordings. Unlike acting, you’re all alone and variations in tone mixtures are crucial.

Get training. As with anything online, if you don’t have the proper training for a particular field or interest and passion it becomes hard to get hired.

A demo reel is critical for attracting the attention of casting directors and talent agents and your training provides it.

Have a lot of patience.

And a heart of stone.

When working online, you have to persevere because rejections can wind you down.

Have another skill set so if one fails, you go for another.

In this case, you can juggle between a voice-over artist and a tutor or writer, the most lucrative skills to have online in 2019.

Build relationships.

Always connect and network with the right people in your industry.

That way, they have you in mind in case of an opening.

Make sure the connections you’re making are genuine and not just to make you get ahead.

Send inquiries.

Don’t send a demo just because the organisation searches for voice over artists.

it’s polite to build a relationship first before you even think of attaching your demo.

Use social media.

Is a powerful tool for finding work these days.

Places like LinkedIn, Fiverr and Twitter when used professionally can not only  help you network, build relationships then getting work.

Use social media wisely.

Find gigs. 

Sometimes, it’s better to go where the jobs are at.

Sitting and waiting around won’t bring a job to the doorstep.

Search on Upwork, Fiverr and learn how to use microjob sites for making a living.

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Reach out.

Asking around for companies around you looking for voice-over artists.

In theatres, businesses promoting their products, non governmentals, or even government agencies.

Remember, only the relentless succeed online and it’s a competitive space which is meant to help broaden your horizon hence connecting with individuals from around the world.


2. Technical Writer

A field abhorred yet lucrative is that of technical writers.

Think of instructional manuals, white papers and case studies as a beginner.

You’re going to write about 10,000 words a week what I write in about 5 hours.

The company? Express Writers and qualifications include:

Be knowledgeable in tech stuff especially software. 

Writers who love to write will thrive.

Some of our full-time writers are earning $1000+/2 weeks. 

The qualified writer must be: diligent, reliable, and proud. 

If you have experience working from home, productively this is for you.

Meaning, check if your work area is: quiet, conducive ( ergonomic chair, well-aerated, free from noise and disrutption like kids running around and screaming). 

You should at least have 1-2 years of experience in technical writing, and some knowledge of SEO/content writing/copywriting, for this specific position.

Expert pay: $20+/500w.

This is easy $40/hour if you can write 1000w per hour. Expected output: 10,000 words/week.

We are not accepting pay rates outside our set offer.

Always read instructions carefully and especially instructions regarding pay.

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3. The Chat Shop

You’re required to have a C.V.

Do a typing test with a success rate of 65 wpm

Have an internet connection of some speed. They provide on their website.

You’ll answer a few questions: what do you qualifies as a perfect live chat among others.

Skills required:

Technical Support. 

Sales Associate. 

Customer Service

Lead generation. 

They don’t include the price point.

I’ll be unveiling my customer service courses soon for those workers interested in working online as a customer service representative. Hope to see you participate.

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