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What’s online writing?

Is there an online freelance writing website for Kenyans?

Who does online writing?

And how can I begin writing online?

How can I make money writing online as a Kenyan without paying?

Does online writing pay?

What are these writing sites I keep hearing about?

Who will pay me if I write for such websites?

These among other many questions are the concerns of many Kenyans beginning working online.

When Kenyans hear of online work, they know it’s about online writing.

There are many jobs you can do online that aren’t tied to writing. The jobs include a social media expert, starting an e-commerce store.

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The following review of online writing sites will help you make informed decisions before you begin writing online.

I wrote reviews for each online writing website individually, check the linked articles to find out more. 

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Online Writing Sites Paying Kenyans to Write Every Day  

1. Upwork

On, Upwork got a 4.5 score and on Glassdoor a 4, which is rare on these review websites unless your website is exceptional.

Some of the reviews said, ”Upwork is the best platform for beginning online business/work not limited to writing”.

Some said Upwork is a friendly site for newbies, I agree. Why? Because you must have samples of work in various writing niches, if not, you won’t get hired.

Some reviewers said Upwork charges a lot of money (service fee, if you like).

I don’t agree.

The question is, how will the Upwork creators make money, if not from you as a freelancer?

You are using their platform to get money. Why not pay them for allowing you such a privilege? It wasn’t a disadvantage for me.

That’s how reviews work. In as much as we rely on reviews online, be wary of some reviewers. Do your due diligence.

Always look for an opportunity in every misfortune.

The way around this is to offer high-quality writing gigs to employers or take on more jobs so you don’t feel much ”heat”/service charge.

Upwork works and there are lots of jobs on Upwork.

The high paying niches on Upwork include blockchain or technology writing.

There are clients, bad clients fleecing freelancers on Upwork, don’t fall for it because you’re a newbie freelancer.

Take pride in your work and if you want to earn lots of money; upgrade your writing skills. 

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2. Fiverr

Fiverr keeps growing and more people keep making six figures or more working side gigs on Fiverr.

On Fiverr, unlike Upwork, you list your gig with the prices.

The least paid gig is 5 dollars and when Fiverr takes their cut you get 3 dollars.

Before you cash in in Kenya, you probably have a dollar remaining.

On Fiverr, ensure to complete the tasks clients post as quickly as possible.

Also, the most popular writing on Fiverr is copywriting, content writing, blog writing.

This means try as many writing niches as possible and have as many samples in the writing niches of your choosing.

Before submitting your work to clients, ensure you submit the best jobs.

As you move up the Fiverr ladder from beginner to level one seller, you can increase your price.

I notice clients using the Fiverr platform don’t want to spend a lot of money because they’re also beginning their businesses or are just penny pinchers.

The way around this, offer the best work and revise your clients work. Also, write in multiple niches.

Be a quick writer, that’s the secret weapon and the difference between a freelance writer earning a dollar and those earning millions of dollars a day or month.

I love Fiverr for the freedom in pricing, making it a highly competitive writing online marketplace in the world. 

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3. Flexjobs

Since interviewing for various positions on the Flexjobs platform in 2015, this became my go-to platform as a freelancer.

On Flexjobs, there are so many jobs available and it’s easier, safer to find a job according and depending on your lifestyle on Flexjobs.

On Flexjobs, search for opportunities as ‘’remote work’’, ‘’freelance’’,’part-time positions’’.

Beware, not all jobs open worldwide.

In fact, with Flexjobs, most jobs are ”location-based” in the US and don’t want the hustle of working with others.

And not all jobs are 100 per cent remote, so check for jobs with the globe on them, those are mostly open worldwide.

On Flexjobs, you pay a monthly subscription, not a downside because the jobs get sorted into categories.

When jobs are in categories, it becomes easier for freelancers to know what skills employers/clients look for.

If you want to succeed on Flexjobs, you must take the skills/competency test too.

These tests help you get matched with good high-paying jobs.

Clients can see the tests and how you performed. The tests are good for proving your skill as a freelance writer.

If you fail, you can retake the test.

A bonus, there is a referral program! So, tell other freelancers and see your earnings increase

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4. ProBlogger

I love Ploblogger. When I want to see the industry trends in online writing, I hop on Problogger to find what employers hire for the most.

To get a job on ProBlogger, you must have experience, have samples.

It’s easy to get a job on ProBlogger and most of the employers want long-term freelancers, so if you want a client hiring you for long, this is the best place to check.

New roles get posted every day, have the notifications from ProBlogger on so you get notified when the jobs get posted.

You have to make your C.V or Resume stand out because the competition is fierce and employers get high-quality freelancers.

Check your samples for grammar, punctuation errors. ProBlogger is a free platform for online writers.

While you are on the ProBlogger Jobs Board, don’t forget to check the blogs section in order to learn how to operate your million-dollar blog business.

The kinds of jobs on ProBlogger include and aren’t limited to,

tech writers,

niche writers (gun control, guns in general, sewing, home improvement, health and wellness, beer, beauty).

Case study writing,

content managers

ghostwriting romance novels,

sales or landing page writing,

making money online (make money online topics are many on Problogger) and

product description writers.

The list of writing jobs on ProBlogger isn’t exhaustive, find the complete list by reading the related (link below).

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5. Freelancer

I started my freelancing journey after the eureka moment, finding the word; FREELANCE.

I wanted to make money with Facebook, for months I searched strategies for making money but they were all cons/scams.

Click on this link to get started and earn $100/day writing messages on Facebook’’.

And I thought, if I do this, am I the only one or is the whole world in on it? Everyone would be rich!

Anyway, Freelancer was the big deal back in 2010, nowadays it’s full of scam employers and very low-quality employers.

I worked 1-dollar writing jobs on Freelancer and it was a nightmare. The clients are fierce but I didn’t mind their treatment,

I worked and learnt.

I got some long-term clients from there – clients desiring to grow with me because they were new to hiring freelancers, thank you, my employers!

We go on strong, 9 years later!

On Freelancer, I realised the easiest way to make money is to subscribe for more connections/”connects”.

Quantity matters because the competition on Freelancer is fierce. Even though there are some wicked employers, some are amazing employers.

If you want to get hired fast on Freelancer, like any freelancing platform, offer some quality samples through a link/URL.

Remember, no writing free samples for clients, that’s a scam and you won’t get paid.

KEEP IN MIND: If a client approaches you saying, ‘I want to hire you. Please write this article, How to Make Money Blogging. Must be 2500 or more long, blah, blah, blah…’’ run for the hills. You’re ‘’getting hired’’ without getting paid! 

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6. Constant Content

 On Constant Content, create your profile then begin applying for projects.

Apply for jobs on Constant Content if you are aware of SEO best practices or have SEO articles.

The waiting for your articles approval is excruciating – you know how waiting gets.

The feedback for your writing is vague – you’re not told why and what is wrong with your article.

The editors reject your article without giving you in-depth feedback.

You know, writers are cocky, like any creative out there, you cannot tell me, ‘NO’, without telling me why you say NO.

The review process is long because of the many writers on the site.

The hot topics on constant content include online business, marketing and finance. 

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7. TextBroker

Textbroker is free to sign up. I have never worked or tried to write for Textbrokers.

Before I could try working on Textbroker, I stopped seeking freelance writing opportunities.

Don’t fear because in the in-depth Textbroker review; I help you understand how to make money there even if everyone says it’s meagre.

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8. Guru

Is a freelancing site with jobs as diverse. Guru resembles Upwork.

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9. iWriter

If you mentioned iWriter in 2012, I’d kill you, and it’s not a joke.

Why? This is the website I found and was the first one where I earned my $10/740 shillings but couldn’t cash out because I gave up.

The employer there said, ”Your writing is too simplistic”.

That statement crashed the creativity in me that I resorted to virtual assisting. I gave up.

On iWriter, you ”grab” jobs as employers post them. Yes, here, you work under employers, they aren’t clients.

And the articles you write on vary according to the employer’s niche. Employers seek out the articles. Once you reach the $10/1000 shillings threshold, you can cash out your money.

TIP for Succeeding on iWriter: Practice researching and writing for as many niches as possible. Make your researches and writing in one hour.

Be careful of employers with poor rating – these employers accept writers after ‘intense review’.

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Little Known Online Writing Sites for Kenyan Freelance Writers

  1. BloggingPro

On blogging pro, you get the advantage of screened jobs.

Most of the jobs are remote some aren’t.

And note, not all job listings have rates included.

Some of the jobs on Blogging Pro include guns/firearms writing, healthcare, books, business, journalism, tech writing, blogging, content writing, proofreading and editing, copywriting and magazine writing. 

2. Be a Freelance Blogger by Sophie Lizard 

Most of the jobs on Sophie’s website are also available on the other freelancing websites.

Snoop on her blog, Beafreelancerblogger, for tips on becoming a six-figure freelance writer/online writer in her blog. 


Jobs here include naturopath blogger, freelance writer, copywriter. Job topics include law, copywriting, social media, tech and journalism jobs. 

4. Freelancewriting gigs 

Freelance writing gigs gets updated often with lots of jobs opportunities.

Featured jobs include editor/proofreader, bloggers, content marketer and writers.

So, you can scour this jobs board for all kinds of writing opportunities. 

5. Glassdoor 

6. Gorkana 

7. Indeed 

8. Journalism Jobs 

9. Linkedin 

What Are The Desired Qualities of a Freelance Writer in Kenya?


A researcher 




Resilience or patience 

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How to Start Freelance Writing/Online Writing Without Experience in Kenya  

  1. Start a blog 

A blog is a place where you post your thoughts those were my thoughts when I started my blog in 2012.

I wanted to use the blog for storytelling women’s plight in the country.

I quickly realised you can make money with a blog.

I brought in traffic but didn’t know how to sell anything to them.

So, I went back to my earlier teachers on making good money writing SmartBloggers and they talked about choosing a niche and why niching is important.

I started learning what a niche is but it never made sense.

Because my intention was to talk about everything women and I thought I could write about anything interesting.

This made me stop blogging because I couldn’t understand everything about blogging.

All the topics, SEO, niching, headlines, metatags, descriptions, running a blog as a business made sense to me years later.

In short, a blog helps you as a writer to showcase the samples of your articles. 

A blog helps you build your brand. When you niche out, you understand what a blog your message which in turn appeals to your target audience.

And that’s how you turn a blog into a business/brand.

It’s important for a writer to have a blog because you use your blog as a portfolio.

A portfolio is a resume/c.v for online writers which helps you showcase your work; you know, ”a package” of your writing.

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2. Build a brand – it’s all about the brand 

A brand is about you paying attention to your customers and their needs.

You may wonder how a freelance writer can build a brand.

A blog helps you establish your brand. How? Customers to your site identify you with your writing style and niches.

Freelance writers shine in various writing niches; you can choose to shine for example, in advising freelance writers how to build their writing brands, how to land high-paying clients, writing portfolios and how to manage money.

You can be the go-to person in any chosen topic you have expertise in writing.

Talk about why you started freelance writing, how to land clients and write portfolios for freelancers in Kenya. 

A brand for a freelance writer helps distinguish your writing style, personality and identity.

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3. Learn how to pitch 

Pitching is the most daunting task you can give any business owner. It doesn’t have to be hard for you as a business owner.

There are billion-plus blogs online looking for knowledgeable freelance writers.

You need to identify your niche, build courage then find a template and use it to craft those niches.

Create a Linkedin profile since many clients are on Linkedin then begin pitching them directly.

A smart ‘’pitcher’’ connects with the employer before pitching them.

You want to know their writing style and what they are looking for.

The more you pitch, the more unique the offers plus you can ask for more money per article or get long-term offers.

Now, before pitching, ensure you have samples on your blog or another chosen medium like Medium. 

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4. Be confident 

I recall when I first freelance writing I was too confident for a beginner.

I knew I wanted to make money then I didn’t.

My ego got crushed so I started from the beginning, learning everything anew.

In the process of learning, I came across the blog, Penny Hoarder, SmartBlogger who not only expanded my view of online writing but gave me more ways of making money online not limited to writing.

I credit the PennyHoarder for expanding my view of online work.

You need to be a confident writer.

Most writers online are pitted as slouchy douchebags making 20 dollars or less a month from their writing.

You have to come with a new mindset that you are going to make money and good money.

You have something to prove to writers and yourself, the world even.

Confident writers keep improving themselves, learning and researching. You must keep reinventing yourself.

After all, writing is a creative undertaking where inventors win. 

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5. Don’t be afraid to start small 

You see, freelancers are business owners and they are cocky.

Starting small isn’t any freelancers cup of coffee.

They want to begin big.

And in the era of Instagram where success is Rolls Royce, Lambos, private jets, private islands and 10-star living; no one wants to begin from 2-dollar jobs.

I am not saying to undervalue your work as a freelance writer.

Know your worth, after all, billionaires and millionaires know that and you’re grooming yourself to a billionaire writer.

Start from Upwork or whatever place you desire – begin from zero customers, a failure even. I love to call failures lessons.

Start from observing the successful writers, authors and other entrepreneurs then implement their strategies in your life.

Have the drive of a global company but start from ticking those accomplishments that look like no accomplishments.

Have goals for what you want to achieve and don’t be afraid to say no. NO is a complete sentence.

Focus on your achievements and emulate success stories. Avoid distractions.

It’s a lot to be a starter but don’t remain with the starter mentality. 

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6. Have samples ready 

Yes, if you’re a beginner freelance writer, the notion is that you don’t have writing samples. Let me tell you, wrong.

Once you decide to freelance write, have samples in as many niches as possible. Writers perfect their writing over time. 

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7. Reach out to clients globally 

The purpose of online writing is to not limit yourself to Kenyan employers paying you peanuts.

You want to reach and pitch to global clients and want your writing finesse to get experienced from anywhere in the world, right?

Think like this, we read books by Americans and Brits, we get influenced by their culture.

Why not spread our talent overseas while commanding high salaries?

Interacting with people from other cultures make you expand your worldview and your mindset isn’t limited. 

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FAQs About Writing Online in Kenya Answered

Does online writing pay?

Yes, and it pays well.

You must begin from a niche, begin small. Ensure you start small but with a growth mindset.

Don’t get stagnated in being called a freelance writer; change the narrative. 

Is there oversaturation in online writing?

Yes, but the oversaturation cannot stop you.

The world hasn’t heard your stories yet, has it?

Choose and stick with a niche. Get known; become an expert in your chosen niche. 

Who pays me on Upwork?

Your client releases money to Escrow and then Upwork takes their cut then release your money into your account.

You have to select a payment method in order to receive your money.

The most preferred method of payment for writers working online is via Paypal. It’s free to open a Paypal account. 

How can I make money online without paying in Kenya?

Simple, don’t pay anyone money.

Let them pay you after you complete tasks.

So, begin from freelancing sites or from blogging or vlogging then wait for your payment. In other words, start by showing your talent. 

How can I start writing online as a Kenyan in 2021?

Have a laptop, an internet connection and a niche. Build your portfolio or simply, your writing resume. 

What will I write about as an online writer in Kenya?

You will write on many topics as a beginner freelancer.

You must identify what topic resonates with you and what pays you the best.

Some topics like tech, bitcoin writing aren’t saturated while others like travel, fashion and cooking are.

To stand out, create content the others don’t talk about.

Have a blog or YouTube channel talking about your chosen topic. 

Are there online writing sites in Kenya for Kenyans? 

Yes, there are but the employers on the sites pay very little money.

The sites are best for you to gain experience (dealing with deadlines and communicating with your clients). 

Will I get paid daily if I write online? 

Yes, but don’t fall for scams. There are a lot of scam employers looking for free work. 

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Are there some online writing jobs for beginners? 

Yes, plenty and some employers/clients on Upwork love employing newbie writers.

Beware though, some aren’t looking for newbies because they love working or teaching newbies but to overwork and underpay them. 

Which of the freelance writing websites have you worked on as a writer online in Kenya?

Online Businesses / Online Work in Kenya