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You would be disgusted to stroll in Kenya. No matter in Runda, Muthaiga, Nyali, Milimani or even Kibra. Our streets are strewn with litter … plastic bags, disposable diapers, pizza cartons and condom wrappers. We love to throw everything everywhere.

We throw our food through the window while travelling, without a care because the municipal will collect our trash!

Did you know this trash you throw can be used to make money?

I challenge you to take an active role in encouraging proper disposing. Using of biodegradable products which don’t harm our environment.

I hold the torch of environment preservation through advocating for cloth diapers. You don’t want your baby’s poop littering the streets! Something your baby wore in her body. You want a litter free environment.

I also am an advocate of, for peace through the environment.

A clean environment doesn’t cause exhaustion, sickness or psychological, neurological disabilities or complications, hence no war or unrest.

After this speech, did you also know you can create wealth from trash? Yes, I said it.

You can sift through trash for money, would you want to hear more?

Keep checking out this heads up post for more details.

Meanwhile, think about garbage wealth by the three R’s.




Also, tell me how you save the environment.




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