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Many women love the idea of working from the comfort of their homes than men. Because of several factors like childbirth or the need for being close to kids.

Some women love the idea of working from home because they love the comfort of their homes (choice).

Even though staying at home may be attractive not so much like being able to earn money for travel, vacations, going to the spa or splurging on luxury goods.

Whatever the reason, I scoured the internet for careers for women wanting to work from home in Kenya, the inspiration for this article came from work from a home woman, one of my most favourite blogs.

NB: I didn’t include the sciences or complicated subjects not because women aren’t competent but I chose careers women tend to gravitate towards.

Everything a man can do, a woman can even better. 

Best Careers for Kenyan Women Craving the Work from Home Life 

The best careers for Kenyan women craving the work from home life include the following: 


Women love living their creative lives, no wonder many women are writers, poets, painters, glass blowers. We love to explore our creative sides. 


Women love a great story that’s why the richest writer alive is a woman. We love romantic stories to help carve the imagination.

To become a self-published author is so easy these days with books like authorpreneur ELITE, which gives guidelines on how to publish kindle books for success. 

Cake baker 

Who doesn’t love cakes? I know some people don’t due to health issues but … cakes are sweet and comfort food.

So, are you a woman who knows how to bake? I love to eat and bake cookies and made a lot of money baking cookies back in 2012.

Sell to the small kiosks/ local retail shops as I did before venturing into commercial spaces. 


I taught myself how to sew in 2015 for a day and after an intense trial and error became an expert in diaper sewing then pillow sewing. I talk about my pillow business in this viral blog post.

If you want to run a successful tailoring shop, remember, to brand yourself and start from a niche.

You have to stand out. Read more about starting a tailoring business in Kenya in this blog post and sew your way to millions. 


Many Airbnbs in Kenya are owned by women. Airbnb is about hosting people like a hotel but inside your home.

Many people have misconceptions about Airbnb but it’s the hospitality industry if you want to make even 10 dollars from it. I have been an Airbnb host since 2017 but branched out to venture on my own but still use the platform to find clients.

To succeed in running an Airbnb in Kenya, make sure to read my book on Airbnb where your eyes will open.

You will learn about niching out, branding, taking house pictures with your smartphone and having great customer service among other topics. Buy the Airbnb book. 

Daycare centre 

The daycare business is something I considered in 2012 but never pursued it because the area I lived back then didn’t have enough space or water.

But to run a daycare centre, love children above anything else. Kids are annoying and it’s not a secret.

Know your competition and offer 24/7 services to hooker mums or doctor/nurses/flight attendants mums or career women. 


Writing chose me but it took quite some time to consider or even determine that. I always brushed writing off. When I heard of billionaire/millionaire writers, I said, ‘that could be me’.

I was always a freelancer but did it for the money, not for the passion of it. In 2018, I took a leap of faith and decided to keep writing and see where it’d take me. I found my career.

It’s a struggle sometimes when my mind is tired but I have decided to know when burnout or tiring moments occur. To become a writer, keep writing.

Writers are needed in Kenya and worldwide with writers carrying out tasks like social media manager, SEO Copywriters, blogging (content writing and marketing), researching.

I mean know what writing you love to do then do it, that means find a niche that pays well like SEO Copywriting, Copywriting, Technical Writing, Ghostwriting though you have to choose what you love to ghostwrite about.

A successful writer is consistent, diligent and resilient and they know their niche. Successful writers also know when to take breaks. 

Career coach 

I created a list of side businesses for career coaches to do in Kenya because without career coaches some of us wouldn’t know what to do.

I remember before coming to the conclusion that even though pillow business loves me the writing career is my true passion. When sitting at my sewing table, I’d want to make tutorials and write them down. I express well in writing.

Before realising this strength about me, I often cried that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. It was a painful journey.

After searching for a career coach in Kenya without success I found one online. And with a few sessions, I found my true strengths. If you’re in a dilemma or want to change careers, a career coach may be the answer you need.

Become a renowned career coach by writing books, creating videos about jobs, employment and how to find work. You have to stand out among the sea of noise.

A great career for people who are patient, empathetic, a bit pushy, resilient. 


I always say I’m ready to consult for the Kenyan government about legit ways to increase employment by encouraging online work. A decade-plus working online isn’t a joke.

I know what works and what hasn’t been explored in the Kenyan market. The government would have to pay a tidy sum for my expertise.

That’s what an expert/consultant does, they know the ins and outs of a business, so much information that another person doesn’t know.

What do you know that another person doesn’t?

Let me help you consultants are always needed in the health, education, business industries all the time to help corporations or businesses implement strategies of growth. 


Do you know how to make people buy?

A copywriter knows how to hoodwink people into buying and copywriters online are needed for making sales landing pages look convincing and also help e-commerce stores write convincing emails to subscribers. 

Crafter/DIY business

Let’s face it women love to create, women are innovative. What craft do you know?

Use your smartphone to record your progress on YouTube or Instagram and help other women know how to use their craft to make money.

You can teach your private classes on Udemy, Teachable or Thinkific.  

Even planner 

Women are always at the centre of a great party. Event planners are organisers.

Choose a niche like kids party organiser, graduation event planner to start with. Don’t start by being too broad as you risk losing potential customers. 

Food truck owner 

Though buying a truck is expensive, a food truck business brings in lots of income.

The most common truck foods include chicken drumsticks, hot dogs, chips, sausages, meat on skewers, ice cream, smoothies.

Choose to have great hygiene policy in your truck and great customer service. 


Starting a franchise is easy if you have the money to invest upfront.

For example, if you want to invest in a McDonalds as a Kenyan, you need up to 2M dollars or 200M shillings.

Look for franchises which teach you how to run their business, your business.

You also have to have an interest or a passion in the franchise you choose.  

Gift guide creator 

Do you always know what gifts to give to someone? I know it’s hard to give kids or adults who have everything gifts.

As a gift guide creator, you pry into the psychology of the receiver, give them what they undermine.

Is this easy? NO, unless you have proper information about the recipient of the gift.

Do you see why online sites are thronged with people looking for gift-giving ideas for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday? 

Graphic designer 

I always wanted to sell my quotes because I write quotes all the time and collect some from people’s speeches, some quotes are too quirky.

Now, a graphic designer is like a visual artist where they create brochures, catalogues, posters and business cards for businesses and individuals to promote their businesses.

You have to have mastery of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and these days Canva to become a graphic designer.

Some graphic designers know about web design and development because they learn about different software.

A great career for women as not many women are in tech. 


This is like a talent literally a lot of women are born with. A professional hairdresser doesn’t stop there though, you could divert to cosmetology, nail art. 

Home stager 

Home stagers make homes look nice for real estate agents and buyers.

You don’t need a licence but a keen eye for home design and know about modern home trends home buyers look out for.


A long time ago when I heard about a cleaner, I knew it was work for peasants.

These days, cleaners come in handy by helping busy families keep their homes neat and tidy that’s why cleaning pays a lot.

It takes a shorter time because of modern cleaning gadgets. 

Tour guide 

I love to show LGBT travellers in and around Kenya, the unexplored beauty of Kenya.

I seek the help of other local guides to help take the travellers far and wide, check my website to see how we travel in all the Kenyan counties.

By the way, a great tour guide has intense and exclusive knowledge about the terrain.

You can always visit before the tour or ask around to get more knowledge of what to explore.

Also, be patient, smile a lot and have excellent customer service and experience. You want your customers to come back again. 

Interior designer 

Someone once told me that arranging the house is for women because my house clearly looked like a ragged man crash-landed.

Now, women have a keen eye on decorating and what pieces make the best pieces in the home.

I love minimalism, can you help decorate a minimalist house? You don’t need a degree, like writing, have a list of homes (portfolios) of different houses you have helped improve. 


Women are known to invent things like cloth diapers, sippy cups, asparagus porridge.

Though there are not many women inventors because we get taken over by baby chores and attending to our husbands, it doesn’t mean we cannot be starters.

In fact, women invention last for years, see cloth diapers. Invention takes ‘balls’, it takes a soul, so don’t get tired of researching and marketing. Inventors don’t sleep. 

Jewellery creator 

We love to adorn our bodies with exclusive pieces of jewellery and many jewellery creators are women.

Start with simple tools before investing in a luxury line. They say that jewellery tells a story, so, let yours do that as well. 

Massage therapist 

Do you love to make people relax after long hours of work?

Well, you could start a mobile massage therapy business and move to homes of the sick, elderly to help offer this service to them. 

Marketing specialist

Women are known to know what consumers want. Have you ever noticed marketing specialists are women? Because, marketers need attention to details, observation and empathy. 

Meal planning 

If you are on a special diet, then the services of a meal planner come in handy so you avoid the risk of eating one meal too often.

You know what happens when you eat one meal too often, you risk boredom then not following the diet plans.

A meal planner is a meal organiser who helps you know what to cook either elaborate meals or short term meals.

You offer the menu as printables for downloads over and over again. 

Membership site owner

What service do can you offer people that they pay for months?

A membership website guarantees customers return month in and out, a great way of retaining customers.

And if you can retain even 20 per cent of your customers, it becomes easier to market to new customers. 

Music instructor 

Music is in your DNA and playing the violin or the piano is what you live for.

I know some people who earn multiple six-figures incomes/ millions of shillings a month teaching music instruments.

Market yourself in schools, start a music academy or a home studio then offer instructions for free on YouTube, like the basics of a piano. Now, create extra lessons for those willing to learn professionally. 

Clothes fashion house online 

A lady asked me about selling clothes online on my YouTube channel and I made a complete guide on how to start a profitable clothes fashion house. You need to brand yourself, read more about branding here. 

Personal shopper 

Personal shoppers know the trend of the market and gear to show their clients what’s the next clothes or jewellery pieces being talked about.

Personal shoppers are great bargainers and know how to get good deals for their customers. 

Pet sitter/groomer 

If you love animals, you can help people wash their dogs, cats and walk them or sit them. Some people make millions doing this per month. 


Photos are your thing because you are photogenic or love to show off different places you visited or your photo-taking prowess.

Hop onto websites like Shutterstock to sell your photos as stock photos.

To make more money, create licences for each photo where a blogger/magazine pays to download your image.

Professional organiser

I always joke that I’m the messiest person alive I curb this by being a minimalist. I hate clutter.

Do you know how to keep things in their places? Help others make their homes and spaces hay places like what Marie Kondo does. 

Project manager 

If you know how to make projects work, project management may be your knack. You have to be organised.

Real estate agent 

Houses are nowadays more than living areas, they are work stations, playgrounds.

Homebuyers are looking to invest their money in what appeals to them. This is where you showcase the houses tailor-made to meet these standards.

In Kenya, you need a licence to operate as a home seller/property manager. In other nations, you have to acquire a licence and even undergo training as a certified home seller.

Have a website ready to show willing homebuyers what’s available.

Also, you can blog about home buying and mortgage for Kenyans because many Kenyans don’t get it.

Use drones to show the aerial view of your properties and do walk-in videos on YouTube so that renters and buyers can see if your house is a worthy investment. 


HR managers and recruiters know what they’re looking for when looking for new workers. Have you worked in HR?

Help companies recruit the best there is out thereby helping them write job descriptions, interviewing candidates and helping those successful recruitees settle in their places of work. 

Resume writer 

I remember when I struggled with writing a proper resume to woe employers.

I believe my unemployment was because I never knew how to write a C.V.

Do you know what a resume needs and how to use a resume to attract employers to pick a candidate?

Nowadays, they say, the key is being yourself.

So, how do you become yourself in a resume? Answer those questions in your resume writing website.

Charge a subscription or start a website showing your rates. 

Sales representative 

There’s no company/industry that doesn’t thrive without the help of a sales rep.

If you run a business you understand the importance of sales reps.

Sales reps are resilient, know a bit about Psychology of the people and when to make them buy. You must first start with a rapport. 

SEO consultant 

No matter how Kenyan businesses deny, they have to go digital. There’s a great clamouring for space on Google and Google can only accommodate 10 blogs posts/businesses per page.

Businesses understand the value of being found organically on search results.

Consult for businesses about their SEO strategies and help rank on the ‘snack rank’ for businesses, the top three businesses that show up on Google. 

Shoe designer 

Sonal Maherali set a new standard for Kenyan women when she launched her own shoe line, she hasn’t given the line a name yet or maybe she did, Simba Maharani.

I simply love her courage. Women love shoes and owning a designer or a nice piece of a pair of shoes.

At least, I know I love shoes as well. A little side note, when going to University I had over 100 pairs of shoes, all different designs, YES, I wore them all.

Can you design a pair of shoes for kids, women or men? Remember, you will be competing among millions of brands, stand out by manufacturing the shoes in Kenya, market through your social media channels like Sonal does and keep inventing/innovating. 

Social media marketer 

If you know something about a particular social media from YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, help market for clients their businesses on that platform.

The goal is to become the best and an expert in once social media, get known then spread to another. 

Software developer 

Not many women love the tech industry, I know I don’t but this industry pays well, a great career for women in Kenya.

They say women in developing nations aren’t likely to love software, change the story.

You need to love programming languages like Java. you don’t have to go to school for 4 years though, you can begin your career online on YouTube school or Code Academy or Khan Academy. 


Can you imagine all the words I have written here? Women love to talk but psychologists disagree men love to talk too.

Women make great speakers, we’re already used to giving speeches to our children, so, it doesn’t get easier.

To get an insight, you may need to watch lots of speakers my favourite, Steve Jobs (RIP) and Chimamanda Ngozi.

See what Steve Jobs talked about in his speech to the graduands of Stanford and Chimamanda in The Single Story.

Also, you may need to register for speech classes online or learn from YouTube.

The more you watch and practice speech writing and public speaking the better you become. 


Women love teaching, it’s no secret. Go to any institution of learning and the number of women is so high, except for higher learning institutions in Kenya.

What do you know how to teach? Maths, Psychology, Sociology, Programming?

Teach on YouTube, or create classes to get more students and give each student special attention. 


When I ran away from writing in 2012, I got a VA role. As a VA, you need to distinguish your role so that you make greater income, for example, don’t just call yourself a VA.

Say you are an SEO Copywriter VA. When you niche out, you make more income. 


You can learn to program from Khan Academy, Codecademy. Just know you’re going to learn a new language. 

Video producer 

These days every business needs to market itself with video because video engages.

Don’t limit to businesses, go for corporates and individuals or film producing.

Have you noticed we don’t have enough women producers in Kenya telling a Kenyan story? 


Women are great brand ambassadors that’s why they appear on products.

Beautiful women on products is a thirst trap and manufacturers want their products off the shelves, right?

A great career for women who love putting brands on the map. Do you know what makes a product sell apart from thirst trap?  

Affiliate manager /marketer 

Affiliate marketing is so prominent among bloggers that nowadays people start bogus blogs and stuff affiliate links on them.

A credible affiliate marketer uses and tests the products before recommending to others.

Remember, when you take shortcuts, customers will find out about your devious scam and will never return.

If you cannot use a product, then better read the reviews well before telling others to buy.

You don’t need a blog to become an affiliate marketer though, you need Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook. Don’t spam people with links, use links wisely. 

Baby proofing consultant 

Houses are made for adults and children’s enhancements come in later. Baby proofing consultants help deal with this problem, make homes secure for little children.

You can recommend the products needed to baby proof/secure homes by using affiliate links. 

Investor/investor specialist

Do you know people with money who would want to invest in small businesses?

An investor specialist sets would-be business owners with investors to determine if their businesses are worth it. See what Shark Tank, Lions Den does?  


If you love feet, become a foot doctor.

Offer massages to people with diabetes and educate them on proper feet maintenance.

Help do massages and pedicures. Many people neglect their feet, I love mine and it’s not a fetish!


When they say women live longer than men it’s because women know how to change their routines and diets for longer life.

I mean, we always have something to live long for. Help other overweight women/girls manage their diets and esteem by talking about esteem.

They don’t have to be overweight but people of all categories athletes, pregnant women, bodybuilding women, women who want to slow down ageing. 

Registered nurse 

Nurses are forever caregivers and registered nurses are practically doctors, they know everything about being doctors.

You don’t have to work in hospitals only, offer to help elders in their homes as a home assistant/caregiver. 

Truck driver/airport shuttle driver 

Have you seen many women drivers, Uber or trucks? Women, for some reason, consider driving a man’s job. It doesn’t have to be.

Mechanics get paid millions if they know how to go beyond repairing cars. It’s not a dirty job. Ferry travellers and goods from one location to another. Driving is a great way of seeing nice new places. 


You can buy anything, at a cheaper price and resell. The trade is known as drop shipping or FBA.

You have to know what’s selling at a cheaper price, see this list of ever-trending products, then resell at a max profit. 

Medical marijuana grower 

Marijuana is still illegal in Kenya but it’s legal in some parts of the world due to its medicinal value.

There are gadgets for extracting oil from marijuana and it pays a lot to invest in this business.

Ever heard of cannabis/hemp oils which help cure lack of sleep, lowering blood sugars? 

Garbage collector 

Garbage collection has never been a glamorous job, ever. It doesn’t have to be that way, glamourise it by being paid high amounts of money.

To make more, include garbage recycle plants/bins in posh areas to collect electronics people no longer need. Pay the ones disposing of their old electronics a tidy sum to encourage them about positive declutter.

Now, electronics have copper and Apple is known for reusing copper in their iPhones. You can send these gadgets all over the world to make more profits. 

Baby oil manufacturer 

Not all babies function well with commercial oils.

This is where you mix the locally available oils like coconut, avocado to create a unique/organic oil for babies suffering from a bum rash or any skin breakouts due to commercial oils.

Don’t stop at oils, manufacture organic shampoos(soapless)

Construction worker/forewoman 

Not many women love the idea of working in construction sites, women say they’ll ”dry out”, having muscles like men’s, a very valid reason.

But if you work your way to forewoman, men give you respect, you’re the head of the project.

This isn’t a competitive field for women, so, it’s a lot easier to get in and rise in the ranks. 

Recycle plant 

Recycling is the future of business.

I know some people who are all for ecological ways to protect the environment and would do anything to buy ‘green’ goods.

Encourage this trend by starting a recycle plant and help reduce the garbage rotting away in Kenya.

There’s money in the garbage, a Nigerian lady Multim-millionaire from WErecyclers can attest to that. 

In conclusion, if you’re a Kenyan woman, looking for a career to begin in 2020 and beyond from home, this list isn’t exhaustive. Why?

Women are born every day and they come up with new ideas of what they want to do.

Plus this list may sound a bit one-sided, it isn’t. These careers are also for men. It’s only the title that’s a little deceiving, hahaha. We will make a list for men. 

Don’t limit yourself to these careers. Remember, if it’s not a career you’re looking for, you can turn these ideas into businesses.

Know that to succeed in any career as a Kenyan woman you need grit, determination and resilience. You need to keep going no matter what.

You don’t have to start from a physical office though, start from where you are. 

Be determined to go for those careers where women wouldn’t dare to go like manufacturing, like the Lady Tabitha of Keroche, invention, construction, software/IT and truck drivers. Careers which are male-dominated. 

Never forget to niche out or start small and expand as times goes by. It’s called the Principle of Starting Small and Thinking Big. 

Network like crazy with people in your industry. 

Working from home or starting a career from home isn’t for every woman. Know about your personality and what works for you. 

Which of these careers for women wanting to work from home in Kenya will you do as a Kenyan woman? 




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