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The notion in Kenya is that travelling is limited to moving from location to location.

Did you know you can start a travel business/gig from the comfort of your home in Kenya?

The various travel businesses or gigs you can do from home in Kenya include being a tour guide with Airbnb or a travel writer. 

What Are The Best Gigs/Businesses in the Travel Industry Kenyans Can Do From Home? 

The following are the top home-based gigs/businesses in the travel industry Kenyans can do from their home comforts and they include:  

  1. Local tour guide with Airbnb experiences, Rent a Friend, Rent a Guide, Tours by Locals, Vayable, Rent a Local Friends, Advlo, Shirouble,

Have you ever heard about Airbnb experiences? Are you an Airbnb host hosting an experience helps you maximise on the income.

To succeed as an Airbnb experience host, represent your locale. Go deeper than a basic tour safari company.

Speak about what makes Mombasa what the city is, for example. What makes it attractive other than the beaches?.

An experience requires you to start early.

I have spoken that oversaturation isn’t supposed to scare you away from beginning a business.

In fact, over-saturation means you tackling the business, the way the others aren’t.

For example, offer boat rides and tours. Have knowledge of the sea and sea life. What makes clamshells.

What are the best times of the day to go shipping in Mombasa?

Take your guests where they haven’t gone before while educating them.

Expertise and passion.

How many times do I talk about passion and being an expert? On the daily. Passion comes from focus.

A passion results from digging deeper into your heart to know what makes you who you are.

A passion is what makes you run in the morning. What are you passionate about to offer as an Airbnb experience?

Don’t forget to have high-quality photos and descriptions.

Descriptions like an unforgettable safari experience sound so good but don’t offer much.

To write proper experience descriptions, get detailed. What are the travellers going to enjoy seeing that they have never seen before? How will your tour guiding expertise woo them?

What unique experience are you going to offer them? Quality photos don’t mean that you get an expensive DSLR camera.

It means, using your smartphone to take photos that tell your experience. Learn how to take quality photos by taking this Udemy course. 

Many Airbnb hosts forget that the Airbnb is the hospitality industry. They must have excellent customer service. To stand out, listen to your guests’ request and be adaptive. Change is hard but be receptive to suggestions that help improve your Airbnb.

Pay attention to your reviews. Is there a bad review?

What did you exaggerate as a host? What didn’t you offer in your experience? Instead of spending time arguing with your hosts, promise them changes and thank them for coming and opening your eyes.

You are not only showing others your great customer service but you are a great host to be within their home or experience. 

2. Remote customer support check websites like world travel holdings, Flexjobs, glassdoor, indeed. Jobs include customer support, sales and vacation planning. 

Do you know you could be remote customer support for travel companies? The qualities you will need to include knowing how to sell or lead generations.

The competition with travel companies gets fierce every single day. Travellers want the best customer experience. To get hired: are you an organised person?

Do you know how to make last-minute bookings? Is making your customer happy the only thing you have?

Some companies require you have at least a year in customer service or have worked in the travel industry so as to beware of the travel jargon. Some want you to have a combination of soft and hard skills.

To stand out, ensure your soft and hard skills are exemplary, for example, knowing how to sell or market and attention to details or planning may get you hired fast.

Also, these jobs are in high demand ensure to make the application asap.

Have your cv and cover letter ready at all times. Tip, write a fresh cover letter for every company you apply to.

3. Remote cruise line jobs like Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruise and There are franchise opportunities with or cruise planners.

Have you ever wanted to be on a cruise ship because you believe the work is glamorous?

I mean, travelling in the sea for six months moving from country to country or city to city is the most fun job anyone could want.

Remember you could start from a franchise where you invest money in an already established business.

This mode of business while lucrative is capital intensive. Or you could leave your family behind, this is the option most take.

Get prepared for long hours months away from home. If you don’t want to get to sea, some companies like Norwegian Cruise Line have opportunities for remote workers, although these jobs get snubbed at the twinkle of an eye.

The remaining jobs aren’t remote but if you enjoy travelling, this is an excellent way to do it.

Beware of the scam artists thronging the cruise line businesses some are human traffickers. Always check the individual websites for job advertisements or email them. 

4. Remote hotel jobs 

I have seen on real ways to earn money online being advertised about Hilton hiring during the holiday season. Though the hotel hires in the USA, don’t stop looking for other hotels with presence hiring worldwide. The most advertised position is that of customer service. 

5. Airlines 

JetBlue and American Airlines also hire a lot online but for the American citizens.

No problem, you may be reading this and you are a Kenyan with American citizenship or with a relative. Because the job is remote you can work from anywhere.

Check for when the job specifies the state, sometimes, they don’t. 

6. Car rental 

Have you ever wanted to do the car rental business but believed it was a little too risky?

Do it remotely via an app or a website just like Airbnb for home does. You don’t have to stick to airport transfers. People look for bigger cars for safari tours, attending family events.

The best way is by car renting. To succeed in this mode of business, have GPS installed in all cars, have a variety of cars from small to luxury vehicles. 

Create an app or have a website for request and bookings of the vehicles. Advertise on social media.

To attract attention to your car rental business, showoff the various cars and what they can do, for example, a four-wheel-drive car in a muddy location or a limo during a wedding.

To bring more eyes and get business requests. 

7. Travel business consultant 

Do you know a lot about the travel industry? Consult for start-up travel companies. What must they do to get customers? Where must they invest their money?

What’s not explored in the Kenyan market. A travel consultant doesn’t need an offline office, your consultancy service happens in the comfort of your home.

Therefore know how to set up a home office. Have uninterrupted WiFi hours for video conferencing via Skype or Zoom or another medium. 

Set up an Instagram page offering tips and tricks for making money in the first year of business. 

8. Instagram travel consultant 

I got intrigued with Instagram travel consultant last year when I came across this model of doing business.

Do you love to travel a lot? Did you know you can help brands advance their earnings by being a travel influencer? Check this video out to learn more.

To get ahead ask yourself, what do you value and love a lot. For example, I love humanitarian duties, LGBT causes and education.

Combine these love and values to create an Instagram profile.

Stand out by using the geotags like #naitravels #sandybeachesmombasa. Research your hashtags because hashtags are your keywords.

Don’t forget to create a hashtag for your business as #NorwegianCruise did to stand out.

Using your unique or business’ hashtags helps you stand out from the competition. 

9. Theme parks and resorts e.g Disney

I have seen some mums making six-figure incomes from the comfort of their homes advertising Disney.

Have you seen the popularity of Disney in Orlando, during the summer season?

You don’t need to leave your home or be in the US.

You can work under a Direct Sales Company or Networking Marketing Company. You need to know how to sell. The more you sell with a networking marketing company the more you earn. 

10. Exchange student coordinator 

Students travel to Kenya all the time from all around the world.

They need someone with a knowledge of the city they come to guide them.

Most students and universities come to Nairobi. Some students leave without knowing how to communicate in Swahili or the Kenyan culture which is diverse.

Create a website helping bring to attention the diverse society Kenya is. For example, a blog with Kenya and the 47 counties and the beauty of each.

The lifestyle of the rich in Kenya because students believe Kenya is poor. Show them around, get your creative juices flowing.

That’s how you advertise your country as a patriot. You don’t need to move from your home. You only need to be great at research. 

11. Travel blogger/vlogger 

I love experience change each year moving from one location to another. When you change your environment you experience a surge of creativity and innovativeness.

You also get to realise the opportunities you ignore as an individual from your home’s comfort?

Though you need from location to location, most information is online you need unique photos to back up your travel.

To stand out, know how to take great photos or create appealing videos. Also, travel with a purpose. 

12. Travel writer 

If you love writing, becoming a travel writer comes naturally. And if you love to travel, even better. You don’t need to travel to tell a story.

You need to get organised on the various topics people search for example, how to travel non-stop, how to scour the internet for cheap travel tickets.

Unbeaten paths in the Kenyan travel industry.

Many Kenyans believe that they need to have many experiences as writers, while it helps with the flow of the content, writing is a learned craft like all crafts.

You don’t have to search the freelancing websites for travel work, start a blog!

In the Business Daily Newspaper, Kenyans/Africans aren’t open to travel because of poverty, they don’t have money or their mentality is they need to be millionaires to travel. 

You don’t need to be a millionaire to begin exploring your country, you need a laptop or a smartphone according to these home-based gigs/businesses in the travel industry. 

Kenyans believe that working from home as a traveller requires for us to be on-location travelling all the time. 

While this may be true, there are opportunities in the travel industry you can do from home. You need to be a great curator of words. 

Offer excellent customer service and experience to stand out. 

What of these home-based travel gigs or businesses will you do from your home’s comfort as a Kenyan? 




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