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I am collaborating with a girlfriend of mine to bring electronic reviews in Kenya. The reviews will be genuine, what we have used, what users are saying.

So, I hope your support, input and decrease will make this review blog for appliances  grow. The first review will be a Sinbo Product. By the way, have you purchased a Sinbo product in Kenya of late? I have, a hand mixer and a Juicer.

The hand mixer price was fairly low but the mixer was very small. It couldn’t work for very long, a few months later, it’s blown, it’s dead.

The juicer is still working. I will also write my reviews later. Meanwhile the first product has been uploaded on the site for further reading. It’s a Multi-Cooker and it’s a Sinbo.

Please tell me which products you would love to see featured. Looking forward to reading all you got.



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