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Crammed classrooms, sweaty tired faces, teachers carrying porridge and knitting sweaters in classrooms, dusty tops with rusted roofs. This is but an example of the situation in most public schools in Kenya. It’s deplorable, pathetic. The glory has been left to only a few, countable public primary schools, where teachers know this is not just an everyday job to earn money, but an everyday passion to impart knowledge on their pupils. Speaking of imparting knowledge and passion, how many are in professionals they love anyway? It’s always about earning money to enable one pay the bills, isn’t it?

Now that’s the translation we see in Public Primary Schools in Kenya ; sorrow upon sorrow, depression and lies to our children. Homework upon homework in a bid to finish the syllabus whether the students have understood or not. The curriculum has turned children as young as five to researchers, is this good? No, absolutely No. The reason I resorted to home education.

I have been met with quizzical eyes, even disgusting sometimes. I have questioned myself whether I did the right thing to pull my daughter away from mainstream schooling. Sometimes, I feel like I made a mistake, but she is the real player here, she insists she loves being schooled by me. Some ask how we manage, how we do it, does she get bored, how does she socialise? The questions are many, but some I have turned to experts to ask, others we have solved ourselves, while more we get insight from on-line forums. Each day in our experience, we learn, we play and enjoy. What’s fun than the child enjoying academics given how children view academics nowadays?

It’s a big step to want to shift, children have closed school now. Are you thinking, this 8 4 4 system is just for us, they made a system to destroy our children’s minds. There’s nothing practical in their lives anymore. It’s time to think about January, don’t wait until January to make a decision, it’s better to start now before your child gets sucked in the system of theory. In the system where teachers are all porridge and knitting. Consider another discovery to fun education.

I am here, to offer you the guidance, how we started, how we keep being committed to this journey and how we plan to continue until daughter is in high school or university. How we choose a curriculum we find fit and how we love it. Don’t be sceptical about home education because some celebs have been educated this way. Want to help your child develop a talent, this is the way to go parents. Sit, read and read. It may not be a new concept in Kenya, but it’s new because not many have embraced it. Why are we stuck  in bad things, keep reading as I will educate you on how to go about it. And you’ll enjoy your child’s embrace to learning. Home education in Kenya is the way to go.




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