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”Teaching at home is meant for the very well off parents. It’s what stay-at-home mothers do best. They got no other thing to do”.  Remarks are always harsh and general plus terrible.

What then is this thing I am writing about? What’s homeschooling?  We have had sessions at the conference highlighting what home education is all about. It’s not taking the school away from the institution and bringing it home. Rather, we say, ”it’s where life fundamentals are taught. Enhanced upon the children by their parent(s) to enable holistic living”.

What are these fundamentals and who teaches the child? It’s the parents. And the fundamentals include? : 1. Discipline. Who instills discipline in the child? What are the limits for each discipline? Should we spank? Is it right? This topic was held by a veteran disciplinarian, father of five, married for forty one years. His vast experience on this provided insight on some core issues we tend to neglect as parents. Like children throwing tantrum in the supermarket. How would you deal with that? I am not big on discipline but, what I disagree with totally is a child embarrassing me in front of other people. The speaker asked, who taught the child? YOU!

We will delve deeper into this, though I am not a parenting coach, I will want to share a lot regarding this issue at hand.

The issue of handling our finances was also brought forth. I can tell you, this man, brought a new perspective in the issues regarding money. The love of money as the root of all evil. Also pointing and emphasising the importance of teaching children how to manage finances. How do we teach kids about money? Do we give them allowances? This topic happened today, 14th January, 2015.

There was also the introduction of role playing when reading books to our children. Soundtracks with the same books, acting etc. Dramatisation or theatre creates a whole new theme or reaction to children. Bringing them understanding and grasping of materials. And even personalisation. Children would want to be someone, this is how to make them be what they love. But, one warned, not to introduce or encourage ‘strange’ role models!

The event kicked off on Tuesday, the 13th and will be ending tomorrow, the 15th with presentation from the kids themselves. Starting off with registrations for those who hadn’t like me among others. Then, taking tea, making payments for the tea, lunch and those who would spent the night there.  Accommodation was offered by the Scripture Mission Centre, you can check them out. They offer affordable rates regarding where they are based. The ground belongs to Norwegian Community, it’s quite big. On Langata Road, on your way to Karen ”C”. After passing Catholic University, Mamba Village on the right and giraffe centre on the left, a few metres ahead, you will see the Union.

The day was a little slow yesterday, but, we managed to cover a number of topics which were eye opening. I would encourage parents of kids thinking of homeschooling or those in formal institutions to please place queries for more information or contact me and I will hand you over to great hands. Especially those seeking a change for their children’s education life. *Learning is for free or you can find information from here* 

The day ended with family games. I didn’t get time to participate in the games, those who did, said it was really fun. Today, we had more touching topics regarding shepherding the flocks. The shepherd being the parents and the flock the kids, of course. Here, we learnt on time keeping or management as women. Because, men had a session themselves about home educating dads. Finding time to detox everyday or time selected for yourself. But being polite about it was highlighted. I felt this particularly touched on me, finding time is hard with so much things going on as parents or mothers.

Sometimes, we just have to ignore our friends for our families, the speaker said. And you can never be too good to others. She talked much about seeking the will of God in everything we do, not just doing things for the sake.

In sum, home education doesn’t involve not going to school, it is the hands-on learning encouraged and emphasized. The difference here is the mum is always there to help the child, almost always. The parents walk with the child, teaching them more about religious beliefs. Following through.

Take home. Understand homeschooling/ education first before getting into it. Know that this is your child’s life you are dealing with and as a parent you would want the best for your child.

I met with great mums and my worries of finding a group we can relate with, to in Nakuru ended. I found some and hopefully we will connect with them, very soon.

What was the theme? SHEPHERD WHO HOME-SCHOOL THEIR CHILDREN, in short.

* I haven’t arranged in any particular order, in fact, I have jumbled all up so you have a clear feel*. Errors are solely mine.!!!



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