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What are some good writing topics?

If you are a newbie to the freelance writing world; you shake with fear because you don’t know what writing topic pays well.

You ask yourself what topic can I write about and make some money?

There are some common freelance writing topics Kenyan freelancers can explore.

Before beginning freelance writing ask yourself, what difference am I making for my employer?

Of what benefit am I? What problem am I solving for my client?

Also, don’t limit yourself to one topic, there are a million and one freelance writing topics to write about. 

I may speak about choosing a writing niche or why niching is important but as a beginner writer, you want to write on many topics before finding your expertise.

No one starts as an expert; you write, try, dislike a certain topic then write again until you find what topic you are amazing at.

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How to Find a Writing Niche as a Freelance Writer in Kenya

Becoming an Expert Online Writer in Kenya

Tips for Making More Money as a Freelance Writer in Kenya

Are you wondering how you can make more money as a freelance writer in Kenya? The following secret tips make you more money as an online writer and they include:

1. Pitch your ideas to clients instead of bidding on freelancing sites like Upwork 

There is power in pitching. At first, it’s the most intimidating thing you will do as a freelance writer.

Then your hunger for success becomes huge and you begin to send out pitches to potential customers.

The secret to successful pitching is to get acquainted with what the potential customer desperately needs in his or her business.

Then tell them how you are going to help them lift off the burden for them. 

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2. Pitch popular topics/trending topics 

I hate trends because they die a painful death leaving you in limbo.

Trends aren’t bad because when a trend catches up, you may regret not keeping up.

If only I could get my anger with plastic use into those crochet bags I spent the whole night learning how to crochet.

If only I could learn about cryptocurrency when I first heard of it. If only is a dangerous way of looking at life.

So, pitch clients those trending topics; those popular topics. Of course, rejections will follow and discourage you.

Of course, you have to pitch what you know how to do.

Pitching in something you are passionate about, makes you want to learn more. And the more you learn, the more success follows you.

You cannot pitch trends without knowledge, take time to learn. 

3. Search Pinterest for ideas to write about 

I love Pinterest. And I signed up for an account in 2013 where I wanted to share my adventures.

I felt it was less noisy than Facebook plus ‘’my friends’’ wouldn’t know what I was up to. I was so shy, I still am.

These days Pinterest is growing in popularity and the world is paying attention.

Go on Pinterest not only to admire the cool pictures of dogs, and houses, (guilty) but; to find freelance writing ideas.

4. What are people asking about on Quora? 

You see this little or not so little platform where people ask questions made sense to me in 2017.

Why are these people asking questions about themselves and sex lives on the internet?

These days, I use Quora for research. I ask Google a question then Quora submits the answers to me. And it’s all magic.

I pore through the questions asked on Quora like a maniac. I read the answers submitted by Quorians and it’s amazing the answers you get.

As a freelance writer, use Quora to ask questions or answer questions you are well-versed in.

It’s also a secret way of driving traffic to your website or social media. 

5. What are other bloggers blogging about these days?

I read over 100 blogs every single day whether intentional or not.

I find myself asking a few questions and before I know it; I dug in too deep.

What are bloggers raving about? Be it entertainment or political bloggers; I hate these two sets of bloggers but love them too.

They dig gossip and private lives; who wouldn’t have a quarrel with them?

So, you are in the business of online writing, find what your fellows (other bloggers, freelance writers) write about when you see a pattern, there’s something to talk about. 

These days journalists from big houses like New York Times, Wall Street Journals, CNBC, talk about Cryptocurrency, Electric Vehicles, Billionaires, Millionaires, software, gaming, online work, lifestyle.

I see these topics recurring all the time and that’s the main reason why I turned into a tech writer – to help bring the trends/happenings in the tech, business and online work industries.

6. Check blog topics in other blog niches unrelated to yours 

Don’t limit yourself to reading topics related to your writing niche.

Read business, kindle blogs, sex blogs, tech blogs, dating blogs.

Read all you can; you hear this all the time. For example, I find it tiring to read biographies and autobiographies of great people.

I find all the information I can from other bloggers.

If you cannot read it in a book, read in a blog – plant yourself with knowledge then see your writing career rise. 

7. Join as many freelancing Facebook Groups 

I rejoined Facebook, not actively for now, after deleting my previous account in March 2020. I couldn’t take the noise.

Just after exiting, I felt a surge of regret; I am going to miss out on all the educational groups I joined.

On Facebook groups, don’t just join freelancing ones, join active groups then participate like crazy.

Castaway myths about freelance writing, dispel bad opinions about online marketplaces like Upwork.

Tell freelancers old and new that you meet on Facebook groups you join how they got it wrong on Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr. Show and give them direction. Then they begin to notice you.

Before you know it, you become an admin for the Facebook group. You start getting business from the group users to write or manage social media pages.

Secret: Join diverse Facebook groups on topics that interest you; don’t limit yourself to writing and freelance life or the digital nomad.

I found out other Facebook groups have people asking about freelancing, freelance writing, digital nomad life.

And some have never heard of these terms. 

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8. What are the bosses on Linkedin looking for in writers? What are the industry trends? What’s society talking about at the moment? 

For almost a decade, I heard of Linkedin and strategies to get clients from Linkedin. I never implemented the strategies.

Linkedin is for professionals and you are a professional. Instead of creating a profile and not updating it, as I have done for almost ten years, it’s time to jump with your portfolio.

Show those employers what you can do for them as a freelance writer.

Connect with as many businesses as possible and make posts that showcase your expertise.  

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9. Google

Since the invention of Google, since finding out about Google and what it can do for me, my entire life changed.

This was in 2005/2006(Google discovery) when an old computer I was taught how to use connected to the internet.

I got intrigued and my eyes became bigger.

You mean you can connect with people, my lost penpals through this thing?

And it became an obsession; Google.

When dad bought me a Motorolla T190, not really bought but gave me as a gift, I felt like he liked to kid a lot.

”Does this thing connect me to the internet?”, I asked. ”No”, he said and the joy that filled my eyes disappeared.

But I never stopped looking for ways to connect to the internet; in a cyber cafe.

Instead of chatting up boys, I spent entire days playing with the computers at the cybercafe.

And when I signed for my Yahoo address in 2006, I wanted to do more.

Beatrice, a mentor said to me, ”With the internet, you can change the world”.

Google changed how we connect with people.

Facebook enabled us to connect with people who got lost/disappeared from our lives.

Google changed how I approach work, life, love, parenting, hospitals, education – changed my entire life.

Use Google to find topics for freelance writing.

Use Google to help you understand what people are interested in right now and what will interest people in the future.

Good Writing Topics Paying Top Dollar to Online Kenyan Writers

  1. Technology topics cloud computing, cybersecurity

Lately, the craze for taking tech seriously overtook me and like the crazy I am; I write down every trending tech topic.

From who’s getting funded and what they do, to Elon Musk’s billion-dollar investment in Bitcoin. It’s crazy.

I don’t know when I will share these crazy findings but it’s coming. Tech is ruling the world.

Of the world’s billionaires, many of them are in the tech industry.

Your smartphone is all tech.

Writing for Google is all tech.

Time to look to tech as an employer for those jobless Kenyan youths.

Learn what tech is doing and can do for Kenya then sample the topics that interest you.

Write, rewrite, pitch or begin a tech blog advising Kenyans how tech is changing the world. 

2. Entertainment e.g music and movies, sports 

We love celebrity gossip.

I joke with my kid; if I was to go back 10 years I would be the most celebrated celebrity blogger in Kenya may be in Africa.

I hate lawsuits, so I gave up.

Don’t you love to gossip about celebs?

Don’t you love to share what’s the latest in cinemas?

Turn that crazy love into an entertainment blog. Of course, you have to stay on the current. 

3. Finance

You are in debt, I am in debt. We don’t know how to manage money.

You know how to manage money after getting out of debt.

Now, advise others through your blog.

Write and sell your articles on places like Constant Content or Upwork.

Importantly, change the lives of Kenyans in debt or Kenyans interested in investing.

We know little or nothing about stocks trading.

4. Home improvement 

I picked this writing topic on Problogger.

We buy or rent a house then the house breaks on you. Where do you check on how to do DIY home repairs?

On Google where a home improvement blog pops up with a solution to DIY instead of paying plumbers, painters or a repairman.

Home improvement topics trend because homeowners look for ways to maintain or redecorate their houses every day at affordable rates or via DIY.

Talk of DIY ideas for Christmas or major events.

And you can sell some home improvement things through your blog as an affiliate or manufacture and sell to make more money. 

5. Political news and opinion editorial or pieces 

Keep with the current and the breaking news.

People love to binge on fresh news rather than stale.

You have to keep doling out fresh content.

There’s nothing evergreen with political news that’s why newspapers didn’t die with the invention of Google. 

6. Video or computer games topics

YouTube gamers made video game writing famous. Do you love games?

Do you have tips and tricks for winning a new game?

Let others live through your wins, tips and tricks for winning in online games.

Review the new games or the old ones making a comeback. 

7. Dogs or pet topics 

Pet writing is becoming like a baby and a toddler niche.

We love and treat our pets like humans.

Feed into this craziness by talking about why people purchase pets. Why a pet is a baby. Make your pet topics entertaining. There is an abundance of pet topics; create a new spin. 

8. Article writing 

I started online writing by writing articles. An employer gives you a topic, you go ahead to research and write details about the topic.

For example, Write, How to Make Money Online in Kenya in 2021.

The employer gives you the word counts and the keywords as they must appear in the article.

In article writing, you must know SEO, research quickly and write easy to read paragraphs for the readers to understand.

You also get word counts from 1500 or more per article.

Most articles are 1500 – 5500 words long and are blog posts.

9. Outdoors writing 

Outdoors living became a relishing factor in 2020.

We moved to nowhere. The world felt bare.

Help people love their outdoors by taking advantage of the natural trails within their county.

You don’t need to travel outside the country to experience, tell them. Review shoes, knives, outdoor cutlery, the best-made tents

10. SEO 

What is Google without SEO? Help teach Kenyan freelance writers how to SEO mastering. 

11. Reviews or product description topics 

Do you love easy to understand product reviews from a complicated tech product?

What are the pros of the product, what can the product do for you and others? 

12. Astrology 

I love checking star sign compatibility, do you?

Astrology writing is becoming a thing these days not just with the millennials but those falling in love.

We want to read how fitted we are in love.

Craft content about what star signs matches with what.

You have to research if you’re not a trained astrologer and use a lot of real-life signs.

I see some astrology sites doing palm reading (fortune reading). Palm or fortune reading is left for trained/certified astrologers.  

13. Naturopath 

Naturopathy is self-healing ”medicine” or practice. Have you ever been overweight?

Then, instead of liposuction, you find other alternatives like smoothies/shakes, vegetables, keto diets?

People want to use alternative medicine to heal their minds or bodies instead of using Western medicine.

You must be knowledgeable about Naturopathy before writing on it.

14. Sales landing pages 

15. Gardening 

Do you love your kitchen garden?

What makes it successful?

Are you a farmer or an enthusiast?

Gardening can be tied to outdoor living.

And you can show through your blog posts how to design a garden whether you live in an apartment or your mansion. 

16. Beauty and fashion topics 

Very hard to break into the beauty and fashion freelance writing niche.

Come with an innovative way of dressing or natural skincare; People care for nature.

Also, you must stay in the trend. 

17. Parenting baby and toddlers, teens 

Babies are born every day in Kenya – every hour, some say every minute, so there is a lot to write about baby and toddlers.

From baby steps or pregnancy milestones to parenting the same adorable babies. 

18. Sewing, Crafts and DIY 

Have you ever set your eyes on sewing or a crafts blogger in Kenya?

Pick one craft you love. I love all crafts (sewing, knitting, drawing even though I cannot draw a thing, painting, greeting card designing).

I use Canva to make greeting cards.

Then teach how to sew/ make a craft of your choice, through your YouTube channel and even blog. If giving blog tutorials, take pictures of every step.

A lot of people want to see the photos which can get ignored when filming.

19. Book proposals 

Are you a ‘’points person’’? I mean, nail on the head kind of person? You are a natural copywriter.

Book proposal writers prop up every day because of the Kindle publishing platform.

Tell the stories of writers in easy and almost bullet-point format.

Of course, you must be well-read to advise others what they will like or dislike about the book.  

20. Kindle publishing

There is a blog for Kindle publishers, Self Publishing with Kindle.

And you would think that’s the only blog needed in the world for kindle publishers. NO, it isn’t.

Create fresh content or come up with new content ideas for kindle writers to help sell their books on Amazon.  

21. Blogging 

Blogging changed my life.

You can write about anything on your blog or for others.

Simply, find a niche with a million and one content ideas then fly with it.

It’s hard work, as all work is, so have passion for your topic and treat your blog or another blog you write for as a business. 

22. Coffee

The world went crazy with coffee; we remained with tea.

What an irony when coffee is grown in Kenya and some say, it’s the best they tasted.

Write about why Kenya must drink coffee.

What coffee does to the body and why we need to grow coffee in the highlands of Kenya?

Write about what coffee grounds can be used for, it’s all about sustainable eating, right? 

23. Natural living and wellness 

When cancer hit the world and took the life of a loved one, it became so real how cancer is killing dreams.

In your writing, talk about the way we grow, consume and spend time on earth and how it can affect our life spans.

You can write about enjoying a natural healthy lifestyle by making life easy and simple for yourself.

Make it easy and seem like it’s not a big deal – embracing a natural lifestyle. 

24. Keto expert diet writers

I don’t like diets, they are confusing and misused.

But you love to talk about Keto, explain to your readers why you love keto.

What keto does to you and why it’s the best diet discovered. 

25. Essay 

Need I say more? A lot of freelance writers in Kenya already do essay writing. 

26. Guns

The President launched a gun manufacturing plant on 8th April 2021.

Talk about using guns, gun safety, why are guns bad and why they are good.

Write topics like why guns ruined America and what must Kenya do to avoid America’s gun situation.  

27. Social media 

We spent time on social media these days on Netflix, YouTube, and we live through social media. Write how social media affects us and why social media is good for business. And how to detoxify from social media. 

28. Business topics e.g marketing

29. Startups 

Startups sprout like seeds these days.

Write for startups topics like growing their business, scaling, funding, not giving up, profit and loss, insanity, using social media to market and why advertising never stops.

When writing for startups, you have to equip yourself with business knowledge, tips and tricks for marketing and living long after the founders’ dreams come true. 

30. B2B/B2C 

Business to business and business to consumer writing pays a lot.

For example, you could write for businesses or corporations white papers on social media marketing or the impact of their operation on global warming or sustainability. 

31. Video marketing topics 

We live on YouTube, Facebook lives and Instalives because we love to see people in motion. Videos are interactive and help satisfy your curiosity faster.

Video writers talk about video marketing ideas, creating content, reviewing cameras and gears for video shooting. 

32. Men’s grooming 

Men are left out when speaking of fashion, beauty- the dollar shave club changed that notion that men don’t care about their looks.

Write for men’s magazines’ topics like how to dress, look sharp when dating or smell nice with a manly scent.

There are another million and one topics to explore under men’s grooming. 

33. Editors 

You make reading easier. I included editors here because proofreaders and editors make writing easier to understand. 

34. Outdoors living specialist 

35. Digital marketing topics 

Digital marketing content includes topics in social media, content marketing.

Get prepared to educate your readers on how to market their businesses and companies, how to hire digital marketing specialists.

Digital marketing is tied to marketing you will read and write about marketing and sales. 

36. E-commerce affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing helped and helps make bloggers and vloggers rich.

Show businesses how to leverage their audience with the power of affiliate marketing.

You will write about products, review products and predict improvements on products. 

37. Sustainable living solar writers 

We want Mother Earth to be sustainable and helpful to us and our great great-grandkids.

Write not only about solars but waste disposal and how to make money with waste. 

All the writing topics here are ”common”.

When choosing a hot topic to write on as a freelance writer; settle for a ”new” spin. This means, find a voice, a new way of telling the story.

Also, read and do extensive research so as to come up with unique ideas or business angles.




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