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Those that want to work online but don’t know how to get started ask me, ”How do I make money online in Kenya from home without falling for scams and investing or paying for anything?”.

Who will pay me if I work online? Do Kenyans make a living income working online without paying for anything? Is there free money online for Kenyans?

There are lots of ways of making money online whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a full-time income and you don’t need to pay anyone anything.

If you want to start a blog, you pay for the domain name and hosting to a reputable company like Bluehost or Dreamhost.

Investing in a private label brand means you must pay before beginning the business.  If you want to work as a freelance writer, you create a profile on Upwork, if it gets approved, you begin bidding for jobs and you don’t need to make a payment to anyone.

Don’t fall for scams telling you to invest or click links to make money. I talk about jobs, businesses you do from the comfort of your home without paying anyone anything.

You only pay for legit services (tools, hosting) but you get legitimate money from your effort. There’s no fast money online, and online work or businesses work like offline work.

I started online work as a freelance writer because of joblessness and for years I didn’t earn anything. But, in 2012, something happened, I started learning about writing niches and why choosing a writing niche will help me secure a job faster than calling myself a ‘’professional writer’’.

By the end of 2013, I earned 500k shillings a month, yes, you read that right, on average sometimes the amount would be higher.

When I told others how much I earned, they thought, you cannot earn that much money online as a Kenyan. We only hear of Kenyans slaving away online and some getting scammed. I slaved and got scammed too but I overcame it and came as a winner.

Nowadays, I teach others how to make money online without paying for anything, for free. 

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Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya Without Paying for Anything

The ways to make money online in Kenya without paying for anything are divided into 3 ways and they include: 

Online Tasks – completing online tasks like surveys don’t pay you much money; you earn a little money. You don’t need any particular skill to complete a survey. 

Start a Business – my favourite way of making money online without paying for anything is by beginning an online business. What skills do you have? What can you offer without learning a new? I love writing and decided to begin a business as a freelance writer then a blogger. You’re not limited to writing online, the common myth in Kenya, you can start a business as a graphic designer, tutor and consultant.  

Work for Someone as a Freelancer – I started my work online without paying anyone anything for free with a laptop and internet bundles from Telkom.

I would log in and spend time applying for jobs and in a span of 3 years, I got over 1000 rejection emails. I kept them as tokens.

Some freelance employers didn’t know how they’d work with a foreigner and others said, ‘’Your writing is too simplistic; make it complex’’. Instead of giving up, I kept with my simple conversational writing and went on to make a four-figure/Kshs. 500,000 income a month, and then a six-figure/Kshs. 10,000,000/$100,000 a month.

Right now, I am on my way to building this blog into an 8-figure/billion-shilling or more business blog.

Don’t get cheated by the numbers, it took years of crying, practice and finally getting my footing into what clients want from freelance writers.

So, what skills do you have and can you offer from the comfort of your home? I started my journey online without knowing what my skills were and my one-bedroom house wasn’t enough to have an office; I worked on my laps.

I didn’t have much anyway and if a client asked me for a video interview, I rejected their offer or NEVER showed up. First, I believed that I needed an American accent and was shy because my yellow lights in the ‘hollow’ house weren’t making things better for myself and my clients.

I ended up saving myself video embarrassments and resigned to finding out what freelancing was about. My motivation was the millions of dollars I saw Americans and Indians earning.

I thought I can do that but it took years to master how to improve my writing skill or even understand my offer. You will realise there’s more to freelancing or freelance writing than writing. 

How to Make Money Online Without Paying for Anything [Completing Online Tasks]

How do I make money online without paying for anything by completing tasks? The ways of making money online by completing tasks include the following: 

  1. Paid Surveys and the websites offering opportunities for online paid surveys include Survey Junkie, Vindale Research, Inbox Dollars.

You will create an email to use with the surveys; you cannot use it with your personal email because of the emails you will get per day.

You have to complete profiles so that companies know how to match you with survey sites. Remember to check if these survey companies work for Kenya; I used them here for reference purposes only.

I found surveys to be a waste of time because you find lots of scams and the work doesn’t include the pay.

Good for passing time, if you get an awesome site to complete surveys, or for getting fuel money/grocery shopping. Most surveys also don’t pay you cash but with gift cards to shop at selected stalls in the U.S, beware. 

2. Microtasks – I applied for jobs with Fancy Hands when I heard of virtual assistant and they told me, ‘my profile wasn’t accepted because of my current location.

I didn’t bother checking it because a few days later I got my first ever stable online job in 2012 as a virtual assistant. The tasks you get to complete are flexible.

But beware, you cannot complete a 24hour tour of Nairobi, be realistic about the tasks you grab. You want tasks to match your pay. If you’re in the diaspora, US, you can sign up for tasks on FancyHands or Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. 

3. Test Websites 

The amount you earn as a website tester depends on your experience.

You need an internet connection, microphones (noise-cancelling), a webcam, laptop. You also need to follow instructions and some websites require you to take tests.

A famous company is the LiniBridge but opportunities get grabbed immediately the company opens up applications. Pay is $10/Kshs.1000per hour depending. 

4. Research 

I love researching and websites like FancyHands enable you to earn money as a researcher.

The opportunities on FancyHands aren’t for Kenyans but for the Americans, so if you’re in the US you can apply.

Sometimes you get complex researches/professional/per field or industry research. Such papers can earn you thousands of dollars depending on your expertise.

If you’re an undergraduate or have a higher education you can command more money. Research positions like any jobs online get grabbed fast.

Always have your resume ready and a cover letter. You can get research jobs on Upwork or provide research as a service on your website. 

5. Play Games 

You heard PieDewPie, I forget his name. The richest gamer on earth and a YouTuber.

Some apps pay you to play games, this means to test games, give honest reviews for improvement or before selling to users or as a marketing tool.

The best way to earn money as a gamer is to go the PieDewPie route of beginning a YouTube channel.

You have to invest in more than one P.C, headphones, be patient. Just because another person became a billionaire gamer, in Kenya shillings, doesn’t mean you should play games to earn billions. Do it because you have tricks and tips up your shirt. 

6. Income Apps 

I read about an app called Amazon something app, an app that scammed greedy Kenyans of millions of shillings.

I don’t trust income apps at all. But, you can earn money with income apps by letting the apps access your browsing activity.

You have to be an active user of the app if you want to make decent money. For example, the activity tracker apps/step apps are the best ones. Still, you have to be an active user to earn even 1000 shillings. 

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33 Ways on Making Money Online Without Paying for Anything by Starting an Online Business

The following are businesses you can begin online for free as a beginner without paying anyone anything and they include: 

  1. Freelance Writer 

My favourite business to begin online is a freelance business.

You don’t need to pay anyone but you will have to invest in a laptop/pc, and a reliable internet connection.

I recommend Safaricom Home Fibre, I am not getting paid, but Safaricom is the best internet provider in the country.

I started with Telkom but they cannot beat Safaricom. You also need to ask yourself, what freelance writing do you want to start writing from.

I started by calling myself a ‘professional writer’ and boy oh boy, I ended up with over 1000 email rejections. I knew I could write about anything under the sun, how wrong I was.

To become a sort after freelance writer, choose a niche. A niche identifies you as a guru/expert. Plus, the more you write about a certain topic, the easier it is for you to write faster.

And we know freelance writing is about fast writing and meeting deadlines. 

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2. Graphic Designer

I learn how to graphic designer with Canva in 2018 and nowadays I make over 100k creating printables (digital downloads).

Digital downloads include greeting cards my favourite, wall arts, other favourite, printable business plans.

I know some people earning over a billion shillings a year or ten million dollars creating digital downloads, my favourite is Sarah Titus.

She has a course on how to get started.

As a graphic designer, you must choose a niche, do you want to be an animator, illustrator? Do you want to work in-house or create your own business?

The amount you earn of course depends on your niche, experience, and the tools you know.

If you know the tips and tricks of using Canva or Photoshop or Inkscape or any other design tool, teach as a class.

People from around the world want to learn how to use Photoshop. You create online courses and charge for free if providing on YouTube or to thousands of dollars per course. 

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3. Virtual Assistant 

I couldn’t get a job as a writer so I stayed broke for three years.

I almost gave up when I got work as a virtual assistant. I didn’t understand what the virtual assistant did because it was a new role at the time (2012).

What does a virtual assistant do? You book flights, answer emails, book appointments, at least, that’s what I did when I got started and I earned a flat-rate income of $400/month.

You don’t want to imagine the dance I made, meanwhile, my mandazi and cookie business made 10 times that.

These days if you work as a virtual assistant completing tasks like answering emails and taking care of the ‘front desk’ you earn a measly sum of $2/hr.

If you want to earn good money as a virtual assistant, become specialised.

For example, offer your services as a virtual assistant to bloggers/authors as a freelance writer or ghostwriter and earn more than a million per month or week, depending on your expertise on what you write about, for example.

For example, offering your services as a freelance tech writer virtual assistant, a mouthful title, earns you up to $150/hr, yes, 15k shillings per hour.

A client with a tech blog would hire you because you aren’t competent with tech support only but blog writing.

Having more than two combination talents help you earn more money as a virtual assistant and online. 

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4. Write Books 

After mastering how freelance writing works, I decided to test the waters by taking my writing to the next level, writing romantic and crime stories for authors as a ghostie.

It was an easy start because my boss loved to allow me to explore or take my writing career to the next level. He said I want to write books for my niche, business and tech niche.

And he gave me the work, of course, with a little more pay than usual, 500k for one book and I jumped at the offer.

Before jumping in as a ghostie, remember some clients don’t want to pay ghosties their worth. You’re never getting credit for the book or work produced, always charge a hefty sum.

The amount you charge depends on your expertise on the subject, the research you will do and the length of the book. Remember, to master the voice of your client as well.

If you don’t want to work for others, you can work for yourself, where I am right now.

Research the niches that pay well for if writing non-fiction like entrepreneurship and tech books or inspiration books pay well.

You can make 50k per book as a new author per month, so if you have more books, you get to make more.

Remember, you will have to market the books on an ongoing basis, you’re launching a Hollywood film and not a Nollywood production. You want to go big by the marketing and keep marketing your writing.

The more you market, the more money you earn and this depends on the niche chosen. 

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5. Sell Merch

I love the Print on Demand business.

You get to design or buy clipart then add them on T-shirts, rucksacks/backpacks, coffee/tea/juice/smoothie mugs, jackets, socks, greeting cards and all these without you fulfilling your customer’s orders.

A company like Printify or Printful helps you fulfil the order.

You can make as much as 50k per month or more as a side hustle.

People love buying customised merch because they’re unique art not found anywhere.

Do you know why people love customised Nike shoes/customised sneakers?

You can research the trends in order to make more money or come up with design trends or predict trends. The more unique your artwork, the more money you make.

I saw some American kids earning as much as a billion shillings a month with print on demand businesses.

And they ship their merch all over the world.

You can create a YouTube channel selling merch, show others how to design, you can sell on Amazon merch as an independent seller, sell on Facebook or Instagram or even better make more with your website. 

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6. Manage Social Media Profiles or Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing isn’t about getting as many likes or followers as possible.

In today’s world where businesses sell on social media, you want to get businesses to have customers that buy from Facebook or Instagram pages.

So, do you know how to get organic traffic on a Facebook page? Can you turn the organic traffic into paying customers?

And do you know how to make business owners stop losing money with Facebook/Instagram Ads? Some businesses pay you up to 100k for each buying lead you bring.

If you’re managing comments, likes, answering questions then you can earn up to 20k only.

What social media do you its ins and outs; bringing in more likes, buying customers, subscribers and can help businesses/brands with? 

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7. Instagram Influencer 

Instagram is the first social media with lots of noise I loved and understood without quitting.

I quit YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook before understanding how the platforms worked only to come back a few later.

Instagram influencers don’t make money overnight, they build platforms just like you would build a platform on YouTube or Facebook.

After building a huge following, which you get by maybe showing your daily life as a single mum or showing your whole life, think the Kardashians, then brands reach out to you.

Brands want to partner with people with huge and real followers, don’t even think of buying followers.

And the more products or leads a brand gets from your ‘free ads’ the more money you make.

Now, don’t be a greedy influencer that recommends your followers to buy products from companies/brands/businesses which you sneer at.

Your followers will soon call you out. If a travel brand reaches out, for instance, and they tell you, we don’t, I mean, we are a Christian travel group and we hate the LGBT+ community yet you’re in support of love, don’t accept the offer.

Your values don’t match up, I know some ‘con’ influencers and that’s why I no longer buy anything from influencer channels.

Ensure your form and build trust with your followers, it’s not about buying a beach property/rich lifestyle yet you’re a liar.

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8. Start a YouTube  Channel and Become a YouTube Personality 

I started my YouTube channel in 2013 but got too shy to post anything on it.

I started becoming serious in 2019. Before you earn 2.9 billion shillings as Ryan does, you have to ask yourself, what am I going to talk about?

How do I get subscribers? And are you ready to work without pay?

Or can you use others to monetising your channel without partnering with YouTube?

The more you focus on one topic, I learnt, the faster you gain subscribers. Again, don’t buy subscribers, YouTube will ban you before you close your eyes. If people love your content, they’ll come for it. 

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9. Photo Editing 

Did you know you can use Canva to edit photos or remove backgrounds?

Do you know what makes a great picture art? Use your expertise in Photoshop or Canva to make money from your home.

You can earn at least 100k side hustle money or more depending on your expertise, how fast you work and how many clients you have.

You can sell the edited photos on big websites like NatGeo and become an overnight millionaire or you can sell your photos on stock photo websites.

The better part, start a photo website and sell your photos or services like tutoring others how to edit photos with Photoshop, people are ready to pay good money to learn a new skill. 

10. Video Editing 

The increase in video content consumption made for a new career, video editors.

So what video editing software do you know about? Is it Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightworks, Camtasia Pro or Final Cut Pro?

I remember learning about Adobe Premiere Pro then after the 30-day free trial realising it doesn’t work in Kenya. I started making videos on earning money online instead of showing my sewing journey or sewing tutorials as I planned. These days, I don’t edit my YouTube videos, hahaha.

Create courses surrounding software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro or if you know all the editing software around or tried and tested you can teach them all.

Create your course on platforms like Teachable, Thinkific or Udemy and begin making more than 100k per month with your video editing skills.

The amount you earn depends on the customers you have, your experience with different software and how elaborate the video editing process is.

If editing films, which means bits of videos, you charge more, if the videos are straightforward, you charge less.

Always price your skill according to your level of experience and expertise and how quick your turnaround time is. 

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11. Sell Digital Products on Etsy /Shopify Store 

 Digital products also called printables are the best way to earn a passive income with your creativity.

Do you know or have an eye for creating greeting cards that are unique?

Do you see yourself as Kenya’s Hallmark? You don’t need to upload your cards on Etsy, earlier this year I got info that Etsy doesn’t work in Kenya anymore.

I have an Etsy shop that I created in 2016 so everything worked well for me and was unaware of any problems.  But because Etsy is still a good inspiration point for digital downloads, I decided to include it on the list.

Don’t rely on platforms when creating your online business or when running an online business. Start a Shopify store and sell your digital downloads from there.

You need to learn how to write product descriptions so your customers find your products.

That’s why digital download creators prefer to use Etsy because there’s a ready customer base.

Though the ready customers are an advantage, it’s a disadvantage because of the stiff competition. Research what you want to sell before you begin designing.

For example, if you want to sell clipart, you have to ask yourself, what clipart are people buying and how can you stand out from the competition.

Digital downloads include clipart, templates, ebooks, logos, business cards, teacher templates, blog planners, business planners. 

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12. Consulting 

What do you know about more than others and you love talking about all day? Consultants know about a topic than their peers.

For example, I talk about making money online and the mindset and I teach others how to reset their mindsets and make money online. I started by researching how to make money on Facebook then came across ‘freelance’ then ‘freelance writer’.

I started discovering other legit ways of making an income from home and came across many ideas. And since then, I keep researching and helping others make money from their home comforts.

Consultants don’t stop learning, you have to keep refreshing your memory and the ideas you learnt.

You have to keep up with the trends in your industry; know what’s in, what’s out and predict what will happen.

Remember, consulting isn’t about the bumper of years you kept you worked, it’s about keeping the curiosity alive. If you keep using experience as a consultant, you will stop getting curious.

Non- curious people aren’t learners or experimenters. Ever heard of people saying, ‘I have so many years experience, there’s nothing I don’t know about this subject?’’. Run from such people. 

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13. Coaching 

Like consulting, coaching is for an expert.

Experts are learners.

You can coach people in various areas of their lives by becoming a career coach, a life coach, a fitness coach, a nutritionist coach.

If you know how to get a job helping others get jobs by working as a career coach or a resume writer. 

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14. Rent Out Stuff 

You can start an online renting service like Airbnb.

Don’t stop at Airbnb there is other stuff you can rent and they include clothes, farm tools, DIY tools like hand drills, wedding clothes, luxury clothes, luxury handbags.

Renting out things to people means never having your things returned in mint conditions.

Don’t rent out your valuables if you’re not comfortable.

You can create a website if you have a lot of items to rent or create an app allowing others to list items they want to rent.

Always list your items at marked-up prices to cover losses. 

15. Proofreader 

Since advertising here thaT I need a proofreader, I got over 100 requests via email.

When I ask the applicant about their portfolio, I never hear from them.

A portfolio is a resume of the work done online or offline and one is required. Even ghosties have portfolios.

A portfolio helps an employer know the kinds of work you’re familiar with or have done. If you don’t have a portfolio, start doing some proofreading jobs and begin sampling one.

A proofreader does the last job in the writing process checking for sentence structure, grammar, punctuation in order to make the reading smooth.

So, you must have the mastery of the English language or the language you’re proofreading in. also, you must know the lingo/terms used in the niche and must be a well-read person.

You have to read and reread books, academic papers for fluency before submitting them. You can get proofreading training online on Proofread Anywhere. 

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16. Transcriber 

The last time I tried working as a transcriber was in 2013 and I failed the exams on and GoTranscirpt I said I would never give them a try. Transcription is the art of listening to speech and correcting the speech into a written document.

There are two types of transcription verbatim where you write exactly what you hear and the edited transcription where you go for clarity then there is modified which is a cross between verbatim and edited transcriptions.

You can work as a transcriber on sites like Rev or GoTranscript before applying for more advanced transcription tasks. 

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17. Blogging 

If you’re a writer, I don’t know what you’re waiting for to before beginning a blog.

A blog is a great way of escaping freelance clients and make however or as little money as you want. Bloggers work between 18 hours or more a day in their first few years of blogging.

After that, you can slow down.

Bloggers like vlogs are turning others into billionaires and millionaires.

Start from a profitable niche like making money online as I talk about, a tutorials blog, a fashion and beauty blog, a finance blog, a natural living blog, a happy living blog.

You can monetise your blog via affiliate marketing, Google Ads, selling merch, starting a dropshipping store, selling digital downloads, selling ebooks or offering consulting/caching sessions about blogging or about what you’re an expert on. 

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18. Affiliate Marketing 

So, you have a following, why not use your following to make money as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is about recommending unique products to others as you discover them.

For example, you’re a blogger talking about making money online in Kenya, there are certain products you can recommend to others.

Like standing tables, laptops, mobile phones, planners and any valuable products you talk about. I learnt before making money as an affiliate like 10 million shillings a month, like Michelle Shroeder, I learnt to build a following first and earn via Google Ads.

Affiliate marketers don’t make a lot of money, the company, like Amazon used by most bloggers/vloggers, get the most money.

There are niche affiliate marketing programs available after rigorous processes and after companies review your monthly traffic/daily traffic.

And you need to wait for such programs to contact you/reach out.

Such affiliate programmes, you can charge a premium. You must know what your target audience has in their pocket in terms of spending money. Because your affiliates trust you, recommend products you use or have awesome reviews. 

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19. Sell Skills on Fiverr You Don’t Earn 4 dollars/ 250 Per Tasks But More 

Fiverr is an underestimated way of earning money online because people hear less than 500 shillings and they bolt.

Offer the most basic services for 500 shillings, reduces upon taxes, then the more advanced tasks, add the amount you want to earn.

For example, you can offer to write headlines or offer to complete tasks for bloggers by researching keywords or by writing killer headlines.

The other task can be writing 500 -1000 word articles for about 700 shillings, 2500 words for 2500 shillings or less, depending. Remember, the secret of success on Fiverr is getting to the next level by completing your tasks. 

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20. Print on Demand Business 

Like selling merch above. Create customised clothing for profits by selling your designs and having another company fulfil for you the orders. 

21. Selling Online Courses 

I got intrigued by online courses in 2012 I ended up signing for over 100 courses and completing them all except a few like Learning Chinese/Mandarin.

I learnt and expanded my writing, learnt coding/programming, how to speak and write Swedish, digital marketing, SEO, I learnt about almost everything to make me a valuable writer/differentiate myself from other writers.

So, what can you teach online for free on YouTube, of course, you will get paid as your channel keeps growing or if you monetise it in other ways, or for money?

What do you so much about that you can help others learn?

For example, a long time ago I would have paid even though I was broke to learn how to get a job.

Do you know or have a few tricks up your sleeve about writing resumes and can help others? You know Kenyan youths don’t have jobs and they don’t start businesses.

Teach them how to become better employees by writing resumes for them or do you know how to make money online as a social media marketer?

You’d be surprised that people are willing to pay money to acquire new skills for leisure or to get new jobs.

Grab your camera, get a place with good lights then begin recording.

Of course, learn how to break your lessons like a teacher does and be a teacher with personality.

Don’t bore your students. Online courses can turn you into an overnight millionaire/billionaire.

Research what people are learning, what’s there then add your spin to the content. Even though there are a million courses out there looking the same, we haven’t heard from you, yet.

Don’t give up. 

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23. Sell Videos on StockVideo Websites 

Did you know these days people buy video shorts to add to their channel intros, films or videos?

And they’re paying good money for such videos? You can earn more than 10k for a 30-second video or a one minute video depending on the quality of the video and its uniqueness.

On a stock photo/video site like Shutterstock upload as many video shorts as you can on a subject matter; don’t focus on a niche. You want customers to have a wider selection of videos/photos when they visit your sites.

You earn about a dollar or less for photos, but the more photo options you have, you can earn up to 10k or more. 

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24. Uber Eats

If you have a motorbike and live in Nairobi or Mombasa or anywhere in Kenya, you can deliver food for restaurants with Uber Eats. you must be 18 years or more, get clearance to drive and have never caused an accident. 

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25. Personal Trainer 

During the pandemic that changed the way we live, gyms got closed because gyms are notorious germ centres. Personal trainers with a room/space in their homes started creating videos on YouTube and making money.

You don’t need to pay anyone anything to become a personal trainer online, simple, get a smartphone with an awesome camera, a stack of books or a tripod and a spacious room.

You can DIY the extras like painting a room white or adding wallpapers. People joining in on your workout challenges don’t come because they want to restore their healths.

Popular workout trainers include Chloe Ting, GrowwithJo and Kenya’s own, Brian Syuki, use their videos to inspire you.

Don’t forget you can teach dance workouts, stretches, walking at home; all kinds of exercises that can get done with minimal equipment from the comfort of the home.

To take it a notch higher, you can teach how specific lessons work out for freelance writers or those that sit for too long. 

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26. Dropshipping 

The first time I discovered drop shipping, I felt elated because you don’t need inventory or fulfil customer’s orders.

Dropshipping is a great way to test the waters of e-commerce by understanding the buying needs of your customers.

Dropshipping means, adding products to your Shopify store using an App called Oberlo then when a customer places an order, you alert the supplier by paying them, then the supplier sends/fulfils the order on your behalf of the customer.

You don’t need to pay anyone to become a drop shipper.

A Shopify store is free for 14 days allowing you ample time to test how Shopify works and the Oberlo software is free. 

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27. SEO Specialist 

The first time I heard about SEO, I shrieked going on to pay for expensive services like SEMrush and Ahrefs in order to get targeted keywords and to appear in the search engines.

I discovered how useless my idea of SEO was just like the people complicating it. SEO is like FB ads, understanding and knowing what your customers want and providing that for them.

You don’t have to pay anyone or software money before understanding your role as an SEO specialist.

What do your customers want and how can your content on search engines/Google make the pain point of your customers go away? 

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28. Logo Designer 

Logos are becoming the cute thing to have for businesses. A logo helps identify or give identity to a brand/business. Apple, Nike have one of the most recognised logos in the world.

Logo designers don’t need to pay anyone any money, rather you will use your eye/visual experience to create or enable brands to get an identity.

Designers are problem solvers and problem-solvers need to have a portfolio that identifies or distinguishes them from others. 

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29. Greeting Card Designer 

I love greeting cards but when sorting supermarket aisles for greeting cards, I never get any with a message I love.

So, after learning Canva, I became a greeting card designer competing against Hallmark, big dreams. Greeting card designers aren’t just about making pretty cards but must be good writers.

You need to know how to write endearing messages on your cards. You can buy love messages, weddings or any message you want on sites like Fiverr.

Check the messages on greeting cards to understand what sells and what doesn’t. Know the greeting cards industry didn’t die it became bigger and competitive because of the printable greeting cards. 

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30. Voice Over Artists 

Ever heard of baritone voices that put you to sleep before listening to the message?

That’s what happens to me all the time when listening to true crime stories narrated by Peter Thomas, Gene Galusha.

A voice-over artist doesn’t need to have the voice alone but acting skills and equipment to enhance their jobs.

Voice over artists jobs gains popularity because of audiobooks that Amazon has a job board for voice-over artists where you can get started.

Before becoming a voice-over artist, it’s important to get a microphone and train your voice by, for example, recording yourself reading a children’s book like Harry Potter.

Then determine what needs changing. You also need to have a quiet soundproofed working space

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31. Digital Artist 

Digital art is art.

You need to learn the basics of art like shading because your iPad pro cannot teach you how to draw.

The only difference is that your drawing gets completed on a digital machine and you don’t need paper and pen/pencil.

You don’t pay anyone to draw anything online but you get to earn money with your drawings from your home.

You need to see what kinds of drawings sell before you get started and to get inspiration. 

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32. Digital Marketer 

Digital marketing includes SEO/M, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and advertising.

Digital marketing is marketing done digital or using online tools. So, what social media do you understand or know? Do you know how to bring traffic to a business/brand using search engines?

Do you understand the basics of mobile marketing?

Knowing one of the subbranches of digital marketing means offering your services without paying anyone rather a client pays you for your knowledge. 

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33. Website Flipper 

Have you owned your e-commerce site or blog for years, you have good traffic and feel like you don’t want to go on? It’s time to flip or sell your website for profits.

Before jumping in, ensure you have your traffic in order, how much money you make a month and the kinds of traffic you receive/origin of the traffic.

You also have to think of the domain or what you talk about or sell in your shop.

For example, traffic from the US or Cada, Australia, Japan gets you a lot of money/cost per click on your ads and depending on your niche you earn money or less.

If you want to make more money as a website flipper, you can join buying and selling groups on Facebook or check online to find out what sites are selling.

Also, to become a billionaire website flipping.

You have to develop or keep creating content for the niche you choose. Pay attention to the niche/industry because the niche determines how much money you make in the end.

You will invest the money as a website flipper, so, use your sense of judgement or do due diligence before making a purchase. 

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How to Make Money Online Without Paying for Anything by Working for Someone Else

There are ways of working online without paying anyone anything by working for someone else. This is the way most Kenyans including myself get started with online working online by working as freelance writers. You don’t have to work as a freelance writer, you can work as a




An employee – by a company. For example, you can work as a customer service employee for Hilton, Apple online from the comfort of your home. Or you can work for a company as their in-house graphic designer or writer or software developer.

Customer service representative

Search engine evaluator

FAQs About Making Money Online Without Paying Anything in 2021 in Kenya

How can I get free money online in Kenya?

There’s nothing like free money online.

Don’t get cheated by people saying, ‘Click this link to get paid fast online.

Online work life is like offline, the only difference you work from the comfort of your home without commuting. Plus, online there are hundreds of ways to earn your money legitimately. 

How can I earn money online in Kenya through legitimate ways? 

Become a freelance writer, 

Graphic designer, 


App developer, 

Software developer, 


Search for opportunities on Upwork. 

How can I earn money with my phone in Kenya? 

There are opportunities enabling you to earn money with your phone from home in Kenya, like 

Becoming a YouTuber/videographer, 


Life coach, 

Airbnb host/house guest owner, 

Virtual assistant, 

Taxi owner, 


Which is the best online business in Kenya?

The best online business is developed from your skill, so ask yourself, what skill do you have. To offer a guideline, the best and most popular jobs online include 

Freelance writing, 


Graphic designing, 



How much does online writing pay in Kenya?

Online writing in Kenya pays peanuts to millions of shillings per month/per year depending on your experience, the niche you write on and your zeal to become a better writer. 

How can I make 10k a day in Kenya? 

You can make 10k a day in Kenya by having an online business. Online businesses opened the avenue/freedom to earn as much or as little as one desires. 

Is it possible to earn money in Kenya without doing anything?

I don’t like instilling the mentality that there’s free money online or offline in Kenya or anywhere, because, there isn’t.

You have to find what your skills are and then ask, do your skills match your purpose and passion? Then, ask again, how do I make money from what I discovered about myself? 

You can make money online in Kenya without paying for anything if you discover what your purpose is and what your skills are.

It took me a while to realise that writing is a skill I deserve to get paid for.

And for years, I remained broke and thought, I ran online believing there are opportunities, how come nothing comes for me? I knew I could write but the moment I called myself a ‘professional writer’, no one hired me.

Every employer wanted to know how I could solve a problem with my writing and because I didn’t know writing was about solving problems, I remained penniless.

Along the way, I kept trying writing for different niches until I discovered my love for money.

And that’s why I started talking about making money online because no one talked about it or the few that did, didn’t talk about all the opportunities available online.

They talked about becoming writers and I knew not everyone is born a writer. 

So, what is your skill, you could be a customer service rep in your day job but wonder how to become a customer rep online. That’s what concerned me.

Don’t get concerned, you can work as a customer service at a call centre, online.

Or start advising/consulting companies on how to invest in their customer service. If call centres hire only in America, you can start working as a virtual assistant.

When working online, it’s best to have a combination of skills. For example, though you’re a specialised tech writer, why not learn about graphic design?

The more your knowledge, the easier you get hired online and the more money you make. Are you a beginner wondering how to make money online without paying for anything? 

Online Businesses / Online Work in Kenya