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Your father made me do this!.

You’re to blame for this!.

If I wasn’t with you, this wouldn’t have happened.

My life became a mess since we met.

You’re a horrible person to love.

If it wasn’t for the bad roads, I’d have delivered my goods so fast.

Sometimes I just wish life was a bit easier.

You know my life is so much worse when you’re here.

Add more blame phrases you use. 

Divorce is a hard thing and especially divorce dealing with a cheating spouse.

When all you tried to do was be good, stay good and make the house happy.

It pains the heart, makes the children confused and sometimes even blame themselves for what happened.

This is the time you take part in blaming your spouse for one mistake or the other.

Of accusing him or her of not being there for the family of belittling him or her.

Everyone else is going to take wrath than you.

Everyone else is going to take a fall. Before you know it, you are deep into depression and other health-related illnesses.

I wonder why life is so unfair when it comes to us dealing with situations hard for us. I wonder why.

On Day 20 of Planning for Abundance, we beg to ask, are you a victim?

Have you ever stood against yourself in any situation you’re in to blame yourself for participating in the cause that led to the problem?

Or do you find pleasure in taking it out on others?

When you live in the world, you begin to realise how easy it is to make another person feel bad.

You begin to see through them and see bad evil and dangerous manipulation.

The only question I ask you, is what part did you play in grooming the ”victim” or in this case, to make it easier, to blame that cheat of a man, that son of a bitch, that bitch?


For you to point out a flaw in someone else, remember it exists in you. It’s within you.

It’s one of your character flaws. I always tell my children, I’ll never ever sacrifice anything for them.

It’s too much to do anything for them but sacrifice?

If I want to have fun, I go out and have fun, if I want to have sex?

I go out and have sex, I mean, I live my life to the fullest.

Many victim blaming comes from families where the mother believes she contributed more than the father or vice versa.

Where the father thinks the house is too filthy and his wife is too fat.

Yet on looking at the mirror, the father is even fatter.

You know I always say, if you see a problem surrounding you, go change it.

If you feel the roads are bumpy, build new roads or contact the council.

If you feel the place is too quiet make it noisier and livelier.

Stop waiting onto another person to come create for you.

Stop waiting onto another person to come change for you.

Stop waiting for another person to come experience for you, in the end, you’ll be a grumpy old man or woman full of regrets, hopeless hope, and a blank wall stare.

I doubt anyone wants to retire with a blank stare.

                                                       Word of the Moment:

That’s how one starts living a destructed life, it’s the one where you feel like the rich are showing off and celebrities are a useless exaggeration of success.

It’s where you feel the class system is ineffective. In the end, you either get killed or kill yourself inside. You’re blank like the wall.

When you stop to take the blame you feel:

  1. Yes, I made a mistake and this is the mistake and I’m going to correct this mistake this way.

  2. You can see ahead, a path is created.

  3. You’re owning your life.

  4. You’re assuring yourself that life happens and only the brave ones are ready to face forward.

  5. You’re ready for new experiences.

  6. You’re ready to motivate yourself to achieve.

  7. You’re ready to unleash the giant that lies within you.

  8. You’re ready to remove the coal from your eyes see the mess, take the coal and light a fire.

  9. You feel new.

  10. You’ll respect yourself for failing and picking up the pieces.

I have a saying, everything happens for a reason.

And that reason, you must have attracted it before.

You must have wanted that you abhor now, you must have prayed for it, you must have yearned for it.

Look back and see where the blame started you’ll realise it came from you and what you had asked for.

You must have taken part in creating the problem.

Maybe you wanted a baby so much, maybe you wanted to be married so much maybe your spouse was already a married man. You knew it’d happen yet you went ahead.

A perfect example?

A woman who lays with a married man yet expects the man to marry her in the end, because the man said so in a steamy love escapade.

Then the man reflects upon his stupidity to only leave the woman hanging like a hopeless green apple.

Wake up honey, there’s no time or anyone to blame other than yourself and thank yourself for taking part in ruining a marriage.

Don’t look for all the bad, look for the best, and I mean always!.

You knew you ruined a marriage now you should be ready to lay in that bed and take the consequences, the pain and heartbreak not the blame.

How You Feel When You Blame Another Person:

You feel like a queen.

You feel like a saint.

You feel like a conqueror.

You’re a narcissist.

You didn’t really care.

It was and will always be about you.

You don’t feel.

You’ll be depressed, suffer and die a slow painful death.

You’ll never be happy.


So, take the blame but don’t dwell in it too.

Be courageous enough to say, Yes I made a hu-uge mistake and now I’m ready to start a whole new chapter in correcting my mistake, moving on and building more.

Yes, I made a mistake, I take the blame with my head held high and mighty.

Yes, I’m owning to my mistakes thank you very much.

Go take the blame and see your life improve.

Learn more about blame taking by hopping into my YOU Campaign: Go deep, Go within.

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