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So you want to make $30/3000 shillings a day online in Kenya? 

Guaranteed Job Ideas to Make You $30/3,000 Shillings a Day Online in Kenya in 2021

Why do you need $30/3000 a day?

To pay off the mortgage?

 Money for travelling?

Pay off debts?

Emergency funds 

Or building your retirement savings?

These are valid reasons for wanting 3000 shillings every day. I know I could use 3000 shillings daily.

It’s attainable and a great way to begin an online business as a Kenyan. The question is, do you have a plan to make 3000 shillings?

Or are you thinking about it and will do it someday? We have dreams but dreams without executions are useless.

Figure out what your skills are, talents, passions and interests. What and how can you use your interests to make money daily?

For example, what are people looking for as a service online that I could offer?

How much are people willing to pay for the service and why?

Who are the predecessors in this service I want to offer and how much do they charge and why? Are they making a profit?

What are the reviews saying about them? Where are the people reviewing/using the services living?

Do they travel that far to get this service?

How can I make this service unique with my personality by bringing it online and how will I attract the customers/users to my service? 

After answering questions about the services, ask again, if not service what are the products these people looking for?

Can I provide it for them and why?

Are the products available in the country and customers could use them or do I  have to ship?

Will my customers afford the products I want to ship?

Are they going to pay?

How will I deliver the products to them?

Do they know that they need this product and service and how much will they pay for it?

Don’t ask questions to customers without asking yourself.

Are you ready to offer the best service and product there is in the market? What will you do to stand out in the competition?

How will you provide the best customer service and satisfaction to customers?

How will I market my service or product to potential customers?

Do they know they need this service or product?

Why aren’t they buying it? Is it because there’s no information about it, enough information? 

Now, according to the answers you gather, it’s time to make a financial earning plan. How are you going to earn 3,000 shillings daily online? 

How to Make Money Daily in Kenya ($30/3,000 Shillings a Day Online)

How does a Kenyan in Kenya make money daily and online? $30/3,000 shillings seem like a small achievable amount but without a strategy, you can make $1 online or offline.

In order to earn 3000 shillings daily, you must come up with a


In the plan, ask yourself, what do I need to sell or what are people looking for that is affordable and I can sell to them online as a service or product? Will they buy the product?

Where are the customers who want to buy my product? Is this product or service relevant in their lives and is it going to change their lives? Why?

If the information or service is available online, why are the customers not buying the product or service?

Don’t they know of the product’s existence? Why are they ignoring it? What will you do to make customers come back for that product? 

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Have a computer with internet, of course, you want to earn money online

This is an internet venture, so you must invest in a computer(s) or the internet or a good smartphone.

I will create a product review page for everything electronic in Kenya so you learn what you need as a beginner, intermediate, advanced in every business we talk about online. 

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Consistency = time, effort, persistence and resilience 

Yes, no matter how much money you want to make online, ensure, you have the stamina to take in the rejection.

A passion to see your product/service sell and improve on it.

You have to put in the effort – you cannot make 1 dollar or 100 dollar or 30 dollars without effort.

Effort involves learning, tweaking, keeping on no matter what happens to you today.

You have to keep persevering, so how bad do you want to pay for your house? Your debts? I know lots of Kenyans wallow in debt, including me.

If you want money daily bad enough, you will hang on tight and learn all there is in the online working world. 

Best Businesses Making 3, 000 Shillings Daily Online in Kenya

The following businesses and work from home jobs are guaranteed ways to earn 3000 daily or 90k side hustle money daily in Kenya and they include:

1. Delivery food 

Starting a delivery business boomed in 2020. Glovo, Jumia Foods saw an upward in the customer base.

You couldn’t go out, some still cannot in October.

More people worked from home but the need for food, groceries delivery increased.

Let’s admit, it was confusing, yet fun and enjoyable for some businesses.

See, starting a delivery business doesn’t mean you copy Glovo or another delivery company you see.

Look around your area, if you live in Nairobi, don’t ask how to serve over 5 million people in Nairobi.

Ask, in Kahawa West, do they have a service to deliver their foods and grocery to their doorstep?

Are these people in Kahawa West in need a food delivery service or is it just in my head?

Do the people in Kahawa West have small kiosks which they depend upon? Do they need supermarket-quality products?

Research your market thoroughly leaving no question unanswered.

Thorough market research doesn’t leave you guessing.

You get the answers you need and it becomes easier to create marketing messages to your customers.

Don’t how to begin market research, check Facebook and type in, your area, using Kahawa West, example. Then ask Facebook, Kahawa West Food Delivery Companies/Services and see what comes up.

If you follow Facebook groups dedicated to certain areas you get an idea of what people are searching for.

When you see complaints, that’s an opportunity there – fill in the gap by asking, what can I do to help people in Kahawa West resolve this crisis?

If the delivery company isn’t doing as promised, ask, what services can I introduce to rival the other delivery company?

The answers to businesses we want are at your fingertips, do you want to know how to conduct market research that pays?

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Begin a High Paying Grocery Delivery Business in Kenya

2. Flipping clothes 

I love the idea of selling clothes. I don’t, preferring to give away my clothes/ new or old.

But, you can make money with your designer dresses or one-time worn dresses like wedding or prom dresses.

There are lots of places to sell your dresses online like Poshmark, eBay, Facebook Marketplace.

In order to sell your clothes online, you need to be a photographer.

Learn how to use your smartphone to take photos that convert.

There are classes on Skillshare and Udemy to help you with product photography.

Or scour YouTube and photography blogs to learn how to take better photos with your smartphone.

The clothes niche is super competitive, ask yourself, what’s the story with my dress?

How can I attract customers to buy this dress and why?

If it’s a prom dress, start on Google search, apart from prom, what other search terms are people using to search, second-hand coming of age party dresses/party accessories.

I recommend using a notebook for note-taking.

You want your dress to come up the first in the Facebook Marketplace, search lace for instance.

You want to rank for keywords that customers use. That’s how to sell online.

Then, don’t forget to take photos of you in the dress (es) to show how they drape.

People don’t buy dresses online for a reason.

Clothes boutique are over-saturated, with a handful making an income because those handfuls know how to use photos and videos to tell stories about their clothes and with their clothes.

You want to be the mock-up, learn to dress and accessorise your dresses/clothes. 

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Quality Tips for Taking Smart Photos With Your Phone for Your Online Boutique/Store in Kenya 

3. Retail arbitrage 

Like flipping but slightly different, eBay was/is known for arbitrage until Amazon took centre stage.

This involves finding a niche that customers go crazy about, for as cheap as possible.

Then converting reselling the product for profits.

For example, the kitchen industry is vast with items like crockery, cutlery, cabinets, storage ideas for the fridge, kitchen electronics selling a lot of products a year, no matter the economic situation.

Instead of vying for a space in the vast kitchen niche/industry, find a product, a hot selling product that sells, the best or according to research sells the best no matter what.

Last year and 2020 I saw a kitchen portable blender (I use it in the eCommerce niches as an example all the time) being the best-seller and big brand started on the craze.

You will see Black and Decker, portable blenders or Hotpoint portable blenders and other names outside of Kenya.

Narrowing down to a particular product, helps you establish yourself as a guru.

Customers will identify you as the go-to person and that’s what you want.

Customers give suggestions according to what they want to get enhanced in your product and what you come up with, is a unique product not found in the market. 

4. Lead generation 

I started selling lesbian t-shirts in 2019 after learning how to design on Canva. It was a crazy pass time for me.

Then I wanted to learn how to sell my t-shirts to not a handful of people but a million people.

I searched for people who could do lead generations for the t-shirt niches and gave up before letting the business take off.

I hate giving money as an excuse, but I got charged $5000 for getting leads and connections with lesbian influencers, I declined.

I learnt, if you want to sell something and that guy can do it for half a million shillings, you can do it! No, that’s a poor way of looking at it.

There are people who are business people, they can bring in your business more leads than you can do through their word of mouth marketing or simply recommendation.

Tech lead generators earn up to a million dollars a year, some more. Start small and learn how lead generation works.

Start from a niche, is it the travel or the hotel industry you love?

Strike a deal with the hotel owners and managers, if you bring X amount of leads and the customers you bring buy, the hotel or industry you choose agrees to pay you Y amount of money.

And if you do this consistently for a month, you get paid a certain amount per month, week or according to your contract.

I know some musicians who got started by composing music for others and when the stories leaked, they got ahead of the musicians they composed songs for.

That’s another kind of lead generation in the music industry!

5. Side-hustles 

I love the idea of side-hustles, I can earn money from working 2 hours a day in my dropshipping store.

I can earn 30 dollars from selling my non-fiction books to customers a day.

What side hustle, can you begin from your day job or because you love it or simply because you want to add to your income and make money?

Are you wondering what kinds of side-hustles pay? I created lots of articles for side-hustles the most viral ones include 

Trending and evergreen products to sell 

Side hustle for writers

Side hustle for career coaches 

Side hustles for mums 

Freelancer side hustles in Kenya 

I mean most of the ideas in my blog can turn into side hustles!

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If you know me, freelancing is where my earnings cme from. I love freelance writing. I see all the crimes newbie and seasoned freelancers commit and want to change that with this blog. Freelancing online doesn’t have to stop at freelance writing, though, if youw ant to become a freelance writer, you can read how to get started on the article, 0-500K Shillings With an Online Writing Job in Kenya

The other freelancing jobs you can online to enable you earn 3000 shillings daily include 

Social media manager 

What social media do you engage with the most? Which one do you love the best? Use your love for one social media to manage social media pages posting comments, creating content daily. 

Voice over artist 

Voice over artists of Fiverr, some of them earn a six figure income, that’s millions of shillings per year voice acting. Do people tell you that your voice is sexy? Don’t stick on Fiverr, there are opportunities on Amazon to narrate audio books called, ACX, narrate books and get paid 3000 daily and with experience, even more. 


I flanked my transcription exam on Gotranscript, REV, all which serve customers worldwide and I knew quickly that transcriptions isn’t for me. You have to be an attentive to detail person, and all have microphones or noise cancelling headphones to get started. You will take lots of tests to test your competency. Start and keep learning, there are lots of transcription opportunities available worldwide. 


The day I heard about copywriting, i felt, not again, Must I keep learning about something new every single day as an online worker? Copywriting is simply, advertisement writing, the art of hoodwinking people. Some people would call it, clickbiating, makes sense because you have to make people click on your headlines, stay and waiti for your advertisements and not clicking away. Remember the FAIMBA ad? Copywriters beginners earn up to 3000 shillings an hour online writing ads or copy for clients. You learn copywriting by practice as with everything writing. You have to love polishing your work too. 


I wondered for a long time before Cnva how doodles get produced. It was frustrating to put out good content out there because software services were expernsie. These days anyone interested can be an illustrator with tools like Doodly or Builderall. Learn all there is about these services and help businesses create stories or illustrations, for their brands. 

Logo designer 

Have you been on a Facebook business page recently to see how crazy the logo designers and small business owners want one? Start a logo creation business. Begin from a niche like travel, I love travel industry and hospitality, before you spread yourself out too much to capture everyone in the market. Or, research what customers want then create as many sample logos as possible. 

Web developer/designer 

Businesses want to get seen, it’s your work as a web designer to make it easy for businesses to get seen. Help design website enviable design layouts for busiesses. For example,, I badly need a website redesign from an expert without losing a lot of details on my site. You must have great customer service and communication skills. Web design you won’t earn 3000 but more. 

Virtual assistant 

Sell photos 

I have over a thousand photos or a million photos, not kidding of photos of places we travelled to. I didn’t know I could sell them online until recently. Sell your photos on websites like Shutterstock, your websites. Selling photos online requires you to have SEO knowledge – user intent – simple meaning, what are customers looking for and how can you offer it to them? 

See, freelancing doesn’t stop with freelancing writing, there are other high-paying freelancing opportunities available online to enable you earn 3,000 shillings a day online. 

Create and sell printables 

I discovered the world of pritnables in October 2018, when I vested my time on Instagram and learning about Instagram. Printables are digital downloads and they include:ebooks, greeting cards, wall arts, planners. I love printables which got me crazy about them in 2018, the reason for being on Instagram. You don’t ship anything to anyone. Customers download your printables for a lifetime. If you’re not a graphic designer you may need to purchase cliparts, read the licences of cliparts sellers so as not to risk copyright issues. Printables are priced at $2 – 100 depending on your offering. And it’s easier to earn 3000 shillings a day. Learn how to market your downloads whether you sell them through Etsy, social media like Instagram or your website. 

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Become a blogger 

I started my blog as a way of epressing my feelings. My feelings of motherhood and raising girls. I wanted to talk about more issues. After a while, I decided I wanted to review products, and everything about and in Kenya. It felt amazing. I didn’t know how to write on WordPress which depressed me – it was a huge learning curve. At the time, there weren’t many blogs as there are today. When creating a blog in 2020, focus on bringing value. Don’t generalise or start a lifestyle blog as I wanted to in 2018. I was still learning about what I wanted to talk about because I felt not an expert to speak about making money online. If it’s a parenting niche, don’t speak about parenting in general. Focus on your life and centre parenting topics about you and your child(ren). You want to stand out. Ensure you know something about SEO, which is writing for Google. Writing for Google doesn’t mean you focus on Google, focus on creating value. It means, writing what people are searching for. I’m learning that the very hard way. You cannot write what pops up your mind, ask, is there an audience for your topic? Learn how to carve headlines which attract attention – another lesson I’m learning. But not clickbait titles which offer nothing but useless information. I see lots of high-ranking Kenyan sites with barely anything concrete in their posts. I’m not advising that, gear to educate by writing well-researched information. Readers reward value and so does Google. Don’t focus on your design so much, I made this mistake in 2018 and regretted. Instead, I got frustrated because I’m not a designer. After earning money from your site, reinvest it on the design and a team. 

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Sell crafts learn about starting a DIY business or a crochet business 

I love crafts and anything DIY. creatives don’t know how to price for their products. I suffered this dilemma in my pillow empire. Some creatives give their hardwork for free to others, not that it’s bad, but you must know how to make money from your crafts. If you decide to DIY for proits, you must begin by a mindset shift – simple, are you ready to get paid without feeling guilty about it? Are you ready to market your business not only family and friends but strangers? You spend lots of money in your hobby, wouldn’t it be better to get paid? After settling the mindset issues, now, it’s time to determine how you price your products for profits. Are your DIY items available in Kenya? How much are your customers willing to pay for the items? Do you know where majority of your customers live and how you will convery the marketing messages to them? It’s easy to make 3,000 shillings online daily or more with a DIY item. Decide what customers are buying and make it for them. You must conduct a serious market research to understand customer’s intent. 

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How to Begin a DIY Craft Business Bringing in 500k Monthly in Kenya

Food stall or business 

Food stalls are associated with dirt and dirty environment. Most food stalls in Kenya don’t have water or toilet facilities and are in dirty parts of the cities and counties. What if you consstrut a food kiosk like a hotel, all the liecences from the city(county) council taken care of? There are profits to be made with food. Food is a basic need and busy people cannot cook for themselves daily. Now, determine what food you want to cook. I read in business daily recently that Kenyans buy fried chicken and pizza a lot. What if you begin a pizza stall, don’t sell anything else at first. Become a Kenyan reknowed pizza chef. Perfect the art of pizza crazy Kenyans, – market your pizzaz on Instagram showing various toppings or how to make pizza at home. A lot of Kenyan entrepreneurs have scarcity mentality – they don’t like oversharing – but ‘oversharing’ is a business. Customers who see how well you cook your pizzas, will stop baking it themselves and come to you. As you expand, increase your offerings, like smoothies or fizzy drinks to down the pizza. A food stall is a challenging business, like any other but a pizza costs, 1000, if you get 10 or 20 orders a day, can you see how much you will make in profits a month? 

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What are the best 30 dollar electronic accessories to sell in Kenya for a profit? 

Kenyans love elevtronics, and we flaunt our gadgets everywhere we go. A fun fact, have you seen how people with iPhones and Samsungs carry their phones in Kenya? Now, ask yourself, what accessories, can I sell and Kenyans with iPhones will buy? Or Kenyans with a smartphone will buy? There are lots of phonecases from china in Kenya costing $6 or less dollars. What if you target the iPhone users or the Samsung users? Don’t stop at phonecases, there are car-accessories for iPhone users or any electronic accessory you might see profitable. Use the dropshipping model to find what electronic accessories you can sell as a Kenyan. Most accessroies on Alibaba or Aliepress cost $1 – 10 dollars. Search for products with low cost, brand them for longevity then sell them at maxed out profits to Kenyans. Trick is find accessories not in the Kenyan market. 

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In conclusion, 30 dollars or 3000 shillings seems like a measly amount. You have to start from 1 to get to 9, right? There’s no minimum in earning money whether you earn a dollar or a million dollars daily. The game is what strategy do you have? What are your plans to get to that place where you earn 3000 shillings or $30 daily? If you don’t have a strategy, then it won’t be easy to make it. In this article, I outlined those business ideas which I believe will earn you $30/3,000 daily, if you put in the work. Just because a business is on this list doesn’t mean you will earn this money. You must put in the effort. It may take time to reach where you earn daily, don’t give up. Never ever give up. 

Which of the businesses earning money daily/$30 or 3,000 shillings, will you pursue as a Kenyan in 2020/2021 and why?  




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