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Living online or having an online business in Kenya is no mean fete because, nothing’s easy, hahaha.


With the right mindset, tools and resources, strategy creating a life online isn’t hard. Just find the right mentors and inspiration from both freedom lifestylers and offline business gurus.

You also have to learn to invest in yourself, one thing that even I find most unsettling. Unsettling that I’m paying for information that is free online?

If you’re to begin in on an online life and this is what you believe that you don’t need courses, mentors, then you’re in the wrong field.



That’s one reason I failed so many times to even make a dime online. You have to find just one mentor, someone who you not only look up to but is teaching you how to do it. 

And as always, you have to keep abreast with this online business as well. Learn and find info about the field you’re interested in.

There are a few questions I asked for you to ponder on? Example,

  1. Why online? Do you love the freedom to travel at any time while you make money?
  2. You have to define what online really means? I mean, is it flexible in terms of a job but you’ll still be working like a donkey or does it mean flexible in terms of how much money to earn or does it mean the commuting days are over? Define what online means and do it really well. 

3. Keep watching all the tips I left there for you to examine or ask yourself about, because those tips will guide you into choosing the business that you want.

I’ll now be providing courses from others I have taken for free and others you pay for you to grow your business or freedom online.

Mine is a beginner’s step to online businesses and how they work, I learn from the gurus, translate them from my experiences then forward them to you.

Learn a lot from the gurus because they’re trusted industry leaders and are always happy to help.

Remember, you have to be in it to win it, be committed, no shortcuts, it’s blood, sweat and tears then victory, freedom and luxury.


My Optin Form is in the works, so hold on tight.

There’s money to be made online in Kenya and many women must join in.




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