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The Cappuccinos. Want that khanga Moby wrap? Give me a call on my Facebook at Gertie’S Creations.

Our Kiddos are cute regardless. Fancy that tailor made blouse? You know it’s only 1500.

Mtwapa is a place to relish a lot of things. But, if you aren’t prepared for the beauty of Sodom and Gomorrah, My Friend.

Okay, I thought I had blogged about Mtwapa 101, like Part 1. No, of course, I didn’t.

I am for all humans to interact while living harmoniously. Mtwapians have surpassed interaction and harmonious. They are graciously spreading their wings globally. The number of interracial kids in this town, CAPPUCCINOS, is too high for any in Kenya.

These babies are cutest, the residents say. “I love cappuccinos because they are very beautiful”, another lady said to me. ” I believe all babies are cute, this is how branding starts early on without us knowing”, I said. “No, you don’t get it”.  She was already speaking of business before I asked her what she really meant.

Then it dawned on me, MONEY. It’s  all for the money. ” I date white men for money, I can’t struggle like you with a tailoring shop making peanuts while I’m used to having half a million monthly from wazungus”. ” Why do you work anyway?”. I felt this an insult because I’m used to working and my hubby isn’t an atm, he would tell you. He never gives money unless it’s  to a charity or I’m in a fix!. Then he would “support” noisily. Also, I believe in working. Those who don’t work don’t get to eat.

This convo kept on, I had a whole day as I was making her pillows and some repair clothes. Mzungus are good because they give money. Which African man gives money like that? That clicked something in me. ” I have always had freedom when I work, I don’t like to be bullied when it comes to finances. When a man’s money is incoming, I wouldn’t say no because who doesn’t need more? The lady thought for a while after I said, “Money you work for will be the sweetest ever satisfaction as a woman, the others just make you feel useless and small. Still she thought I was a joke because after all, how did I meet my mzungu husband? If not somewhere in Kilifi, Mtwapa? She may be thinking.

In broad daybreak, you see very beautiful lasses. Well clad, faces well lit with cakes of makeup well manicured on their lawns. Others have “skin tanned” to be more visible. Don’t forget the men here have well chiseled chests and muscles which scream, “Baby, nishike please, nakutamani”.

Forever looking 21, forever looking manicured. It was a big surprise for them to see me, more than plain Jane, two matutas ( cornrows, lines) and walking as if I live at the beach each day in my flip flops. Darling, no one gives a damn when you look weird, unkempt and a tailor.

They even offer suggestions for my hair, nails, shoes and makeup.

Want to hear more of my tales? Life in Mtwapa isn’t coming to an end soon for me, until … .

YOU STOP READING, MTWAPA is fascinating.




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