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Those who are 30 and below mostly. Above that means that person, maybe, is channeling his or her way to full potential. What is full potential then? A thief, burglar or mugger can say they have reached full potential. A Professor, doctor, a pregnant teen or drug addict can say they have maximised their full potentials.  Actualisation depends with you and how you set your goals. What keeps driving you, what makes you tick. I won’t use actualisation the way theorists of self-actualisation used it, in reaching maximum potential. But like them, I believe we all have an innate drive to succeed. What if that innate drive settles in deviancy, truancy, vagrancy or professionalism?

The Youth of Kenya make for a huge percentage, I don’t know exactly but say 70? We have to keep being reminded and encouraged that all hope is alive, isn’t lost, be smart, strive and keep striving for actualisation.  Who will tell us if our own leaders have turned ‘eaters?’ We have been given youth fund, those who benefit are above 50 years, whose youthfulness faded, who are hanging on self-esteem, with fat egos in foreign banks. Yet, us, who were the intended beneficiaries languish in agony and silence and pain, we resort to stealing. To what end? instead of productivity? We are wrong, there are ways in which we can add some spice to our life.

I am preparing sukumawiki but it’s all bland and tasteless. I want to add the next best thing, salt, still, the sukuma tastes awful. Not because I am allergic to sukuma but, I am missing something, I am missing some mursik, or even some ginger to make it more appealing to my buds. Can’t we do that to life? Let’s examine how.

1.  Self Belief.  I have been wounded many a time, losing my esteem more times than I would have ever thought. There’s a time while in college, an accountant told me, ”You shouldn’t have come to this school if you knew you don’t have potentials to pay the fees”. I looked at him like a rabbit waiting to hear him say the next word, not moving an inch, I pressed my eyes deep in his soul. I figured he had some personal issues which he was taking with me. Then I walked out with such slumped shoulders two large water gourds would fit in , left and right. I began rehearsing to myself how poor I am, how little my life is, how I would leave school because Mr. so and so told me. I lost all hope of a better education because he told me. Lost. This is the world we live in, lost. We listen too much instead of hearing too much. We have to ignore what we hear, don’t understand bad negativity, hear, carry your bags, go to class prove the man wrong. Show them how motivations of no money make you feel charged like a battery. Show it to yourself mostly that no matter the obstacle, this dream will come true. Stop taking flight, I did, it’s what most of us do!

2.  Love challenges. How many can function without money? Many ask, can you? Yes and No. There is a time I did, but slept hungry. Then I got it. I wasn’t happy, where did I fail? I saw my challenge as a way to better life’s goals. Until now I work towards achieving that potential, that goal. Those times, if a challenge came my way, fretting, curling, crying like there’s no tomorrow became order.  Break of dawn didn’t help matters, I would hold my chin tiredly imagining how big I wanted to be and so forth. I missed the point, hold that chin as you walk through that challenge, take it with all your might and go, go, go. Life without a challenge . . .    .

3.  Find your passion. This is getting rather boring, it’s not. What would you do whether you make money or not. Whether you love your job or not? I would write all day, I would spend a day imagining things like how to write a spy fiction, the next Harry series or the next Nora Roberts. Whether it’s on this computer or a piece of notebook I keep handy. It’s my therapy whether I am paid for it or not. Many have turned passions and interests into million dollar ventures. Now don’t go on salivating, of course,  it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes the step of Belief, Motivation and Drive.  Do you have it? If yes, what are you waiting for? If not, now is the time to stop reading, don’t, anyway. Actualise!

4.  Engage higher powers. Sometimes, when the way seems too narrow to pass or stagnant, un-fulfilling, we ask someone not our equal to help us. I don’t know about you that’s my way of doing it. Meditation can also help one seek their inner selves, solving conflicts that arise throughout our life times. Find a quiet place to do, every day you live. The small still answers that occur within us,  are always the answers we have been waiting for. Listen to your heart, there lies the answer and it’s from the Al Mighty.

5. Never give up. No matter how many times you fall, never say that was never meant for me. Oh yes, it was meant for us to fail, did you forget?. But how do you dust off? Do you run like I did, or go forth, forth and forth? Keep using new strategies, perfect old tricks, make strides, drive you,  love what it is you are pursuing because, you will reach there. If the road was too smooth all of us would be very rich, the bumps there should make you want to go for it that you love, tirelessly.

What can we do for the Kenyan Youth to become the citizens of the world? Aren’t we trying? We have to try even smarter! Give some tips to your fellows … here … .




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