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How does wireless phone charging work and how can I make money selling wireless phone chargers in Kenya?

Wireless phone charging was made popular by Apple in 2017 but the tech existed way before that.

Wireless phone charging is known as Qi technology or Qi charging, a method that uses a pad and power is transmitted to the phone through electromagnetic waves.

Wireless phone charging is charging of the phones without a charger – that’s the simplest easiest explanation.

Even though they call it wireless charging, it’s not entirely wireless because there is a plug-in (cords) needed.

This is a growing field and as a Kenyan enthusiastic about the tech industry/starting an e-commerce business, you can improve wireless charging to adapt it to modern needs.

AndroidCentral, in their article, What is wireless charging and how does it work? Computer World wireless charging explained: what is it and how does it work? Explain how wireless charging works. 

The Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers To Sell in Kenya in 2020 and Beyond 

Which are the best wireless chargers to sell in Kenya in 2020 and beyond? I give you a well-researched list of the wireless chargers I selected from Amazon. 

How I Selected the Top 10 Wireless Chargers to Feature in The List

I researched the chargers with great branding – even though, they get dropshipped from Alibaba or Aliexpress.

I made sure the chargers had an average of 4.7 and above in rating and the number of buyers was above 1,000. Note: Not all Amazon buyers leave reviews.

I read the reviews to see they went beyond generic sentences like, ‘Very good’.

I also checked that they answered all their questions. Remember, this is a guideline and not meant to be the ONLY list about wireless phone chargers to sell in Kenya.

You can, through, thorough research find a great wireless charger people know nothing about, brand it, market it and sell it.

The secret to a product business: always show the product in motion/at work. Give an honest review, feedback about the product, even if it’s yours, the pros, cons, the ugly, good and bad.

Explain your business model to your customers so that they connect with you. If, for example, you’re going to use dropshipping by Amazon or Aliexpress, explain how shipping works and how long it’ll take for the product to arrive in their destination.

Be detailed and get long-term customers. 

Before selecting a wireless charger to sell make sure you’re selecting from a reputable brand.

The blog Powermat, claims to be the first one to introduce 20th-century wireless charging to the world.

They have a wealth of resource on their blog about everything wireless charging. Read their article: Choosing a wireless charging for your business. 

Kindly Note: a lot of wireless phone chargers are iPhone chargers, I know, I’d love a wireless phone charger for my phone.

The reason for creating this blog.

A lot of Android users, I have a number of Android phones as well, from Samsung to Oppo phones, yes, I’m electronic-obsessed.

Know your market, who your ideal buyer is before you begin selling. 

Top 10 Best-Selling Wireless Phone Chargers to Sell in Kenya

The following are the best-selling wireless phone chargers to sell in Kenya and they include the following:

Yootech Wireless Charger – charges iPhone 11/11 pro. 

Fast wireless charger Nanami charges Nokia, Galaxy

Waitiee Wireless charger station for Apple watch series 5/4/3/2/1/

Lisen Phone charger for iPhone 11, Galaxy

Choetech wireless charger, 2 pack 

USB charging station, 8 ports multiple desktop chargers 

USB charger Anker Elite dual port 24W Wall charger, this is a best-seller

USB wall charger LUOATIP 

USB C charger AUKEY swift 30W 

Amoner Wall Charger Upgraded 2 pack 15W – compatible devices include MP3 players, tablets, cameras, game consoles, speakers. 

2020 New Update Wireless Charging Station, 3 in 1

LETSCOM ultraslim wireless charger, qi certified 15W max fast wireless charging pad 

Why Are Kenyans Getting Crazy About Wireless Charging 

The following are advantages of you selling wireless chargers in 2020 and beyond to Kenyans and they include the following: 

Fewer cords, of course

Even though it’s called wireless, doesn’t mean there are no wires/cords used. 


Most wireless phone chargers are able to charge not only iPhones but android phones. iPhones haven’t been made so popular in Kenya, due to their prices. 

No water or oxygen exposure

Have you ever by accident plunged your wire charger in the water?

Did it work? Wire charger gets moisture and sometimes may swell or blow up. 


A wireless charger is kept in one place, to charge only. A wire charger keeps getting moved from one place to another and is prone to damage. 

No overheating 

I have used a number of phones in my lifetime and the chargers keeping overheating and swelling.

I was told it’s because of excessive charging. That’s not the case with wireless chargers. 

Shuts off 

I love a charger that shuts itself off after charging, wire chargers don’t.

Wherever you plugged it, you’re going to find it on the wall, properly swollen.

Cons of Wireless Charging 

What has an advantage must have a disadvantage, that’s what humans determined. Nothing is flawless, what is designed by man. 

Not really wireless

Yes, there are wires needed. 

Slow charging 

A wireless charger charged my phone twice as much as my half an hour usual charge time. A little frustrating. Best for charging at night. 

Companies Leading the Way in Wireless Phone Charging 

There are companies, according to Scientific American that either pioneered the industry of wireless phone charging or at the forefront of ensuring the wireless phone chargers we get in the market are fast-charging chargers.

And these companies include the following: 






Tips for Building a Wireless Phone Charging Business in Kenya 

If you want to build a wireless phone charging business in Kenya, use the following tips

Have an innovative mind 

When searching for wireless phone chargers on Amazon, I realised there was a need for them.

You have to think in terms of creating a faster charging system.

Because the reviews all geared towards needing wireless chargers with fast charging. 

Keep in mind your wireless phone chargers have to have upgradeable software

Do you know why people love the iPhone and the Samsung phones a lot?

You don’t need an iPhone 12 pro if you have the 11Pro max, because mostly, the software can be upgraded and there’s not much difference.

Can you imagine if your wireless chargers have upgradeable software like speed charges, transmitter software being able to store information? 

Make your wireless chargers universally compatible with other devices

I saw devices like the Amoner wall charger, which isn’t even a wireless charger, capable of charging devices like speakers and Mp3s wirelessly, and that was cool. 

Let your wireless charger be waterproof

We eat with our phones next to our faces therefore spillage doesn’t come as a surprise. Create waterproof devices which take water, soup, coffee spills. 

Get a reputable manufacturer

The best way is not to cut costs by running to the beginners in the industry of wireless phone charging.

Get seasoned manufacturers with a great name/review. I find it best to go with quality than quantity 

Focus on design 

I have learnt this from Steve Jobs of Apple, focus on design. It’s important to have a frugal yet classy-looking design and let others copy.

I have also heard from Bernard Arnault that quality is greater than quantity and decided to focus on the quality of blog posts than quantity.

Meaning taking your time and tweaking your designs to fit you, because you must be your business’ first customer. 

Don’t forget about branding 

You may be dropshipping wireless chargers or decided to manufacture your own.

Don’t forget to talk about your story, mission and vision all that makes for a good brand.

What motivated you to start a wireless phone charging business? What’s your drive?

What do you aim to achieve and why? Always start with your WHY?

Wireless phone charging may be a new concept or fairly new but I believe it has great growth potential.

You will have to take time educating your customers what wireless phone chargers are and why they’re the best?

You may have to market why it’s crucial to have a wireless charger, is it because sockets are contaminated.

When you develop your brand’s mission why it becomes to market to your customers and even identify them.

Whether a dropshipping or wanting to sell wireless chargers from your website, establishing a brand – where you’re the go-to person is a plus for all businesses.

See, Apple leads and others follow, have you seen the latest Oppo smartwatch? 

Will you be selling wireless phone chargers in Kenya anytime in 2020 or beyond? 




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