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Yes, it’s that time of the year when all we do is merry! Who likes to be left behind? No one. Sometimes, we are not all fortunate to have the graces of life in the fast lane. Surviving is the only other remedy we have for us. There are ways we can impact someone’s life, whether we think we have and those who believe or think they don’t have.

Share. Who said that Christmas is just about selves? It’s this time that we can spread the cheer we have been sulking inside since January. This is the time to give unto others. And you know me, when I say give, I don’t mean money. That hug, smile, praise, joy, energy, give others. Is it your wife you have been angry at? Is it your child or is it just life you are bored with or a loved one who cheated on you? Know what, you can return the favour now and smile, laugh and enjoy this time. Make this your life pattern, knowing well that whatever you choose or want your life to be is up to you!

Know your neighbour. Yes,  like sharing,  know who lives next to you in Milimani, Muthaiga, they may be your relative. Knock on that door and surprise your neighbour with cake on one hand and a hug on your body. Let them think you are crazy. Don’t just do it on another rich neighbour’s body, do it on another street urchin, they do need you, your love. Today, is the day to start that project, Hug Thy Friend. Know that Kenya is a global village, we need to acknowledge our neighbours and this is the day! Go on and declare. HUG THY FRIEND, even with that arch enemy.

Enjoy with family. What’s more to do if all the above you have finished? Talk with your family. I have but some are missing and it’s been very long since I ever talked to some. In my heart, I talk to them. Hope you do the same, talk to your family, who left and those who are with you.  Cook for them a surprise meal. Are you the wife who has been preparing the family meal from January? Surprise your hubby, take him out or cook a nice meal again. Or hubby, come home with that nice dinner or lunch. We dearly love that. Send a text message to your family. telling them how you love them. This is no time to drink, it’s time to seal deals, it’s time for family fun. Be near those who you love and love you back. Even that woman or man who has rejected you since time immemorial, it’s time to tell them what! Go on. it’s what family are for, right? Talk to, with them!

Know Kenya. What were your plans for the year? Sit and write, or get bored or work, I chose to work this time. I don’t know why, but, I just liked the idea. Being alone after having that lunch or supper, thanking God for the far He has brought you? That’s what you should do. Or explore your country. Stop letting the mzungu and the Indian men and women, Sudanese and Somalia know Kenya more than you. Keep going to places you have been wishing for since the beginning of the year. Was it the Bomas of Nakuru in Kabazi, The Shrine of Mary in Subukia to pray and give thanks. Is the rain forests skirted in the green highlands of Kenya? Bro, sis, you keep going until you feel nice. You know the terrorists were warned, right? Don’t be afraid to reach in Mombasa and it’s environs. Step in the deepest freshwater lake, Lake Victoria and learn some fishing. Okay? Because, you never know, after the holidays, you may discover a passion – tour guiding! Go, Go, Go, Kenya!

Play. Since the year started, if you can calculate the number of times you have laughed, you are doing a huge disfavour to your life and your future kids and family. Stop making you frown even after things ‘too small’, nothing is anyway. Laugh, smile, loosen up men, please. We always need the world to have more smiles, cheers, even if life is just . . . at our throats. Time to throw the suits away and make merry. Laugh with those near you, you can laugh alone, too.

Give thanks. It’s not the last point by the way. I just thought this should be the crown of it. How many have wished to see this day, they are in hospitals, dying and agonising. You are up, well and running. Say thank you, thank you, you have made us reach here. It wouldn’t have been possible without your help. You are great. Words like thank you, I am sorry, are too mouthful but gold more than gold. They are the words that can make a nation fight, and still bring peace. Where are you, for peace,  for war?

Put tribalism in the pocket. Don’t even think where you are, or who you are with. Forget for a moment and make it part of you, to forget so deeply our divisions. Our tribal affiliations. It’s what the holidays bring, it’s the joy of Christmas. It’s the joy of the birth, for those of you who believe. It’s time to unite in faith and peace and declare, We’re one. Being hypocritical is tossed, it’s where the chink and chank of our glasses make us know and believe, we are one, different parents. It’s when we come to the realisation that blood runs from all humans. Yours is never green because you come from tribe A or B. At the end of life, we belong to the ground, again. Why go on hating nani, love as much as you can. Say it as much and do it!

At the end of the day, remember that driving under the influence of alcohol will not only endanger your life but our relatives too. Please put that helmet on when driving. Again, don’t overspend, we don’t want to hear you crying about January budget. You never know. Don’t eat all you eggs before the chicks are hatched. The old chicken may not have eggs. If you think you need to overspend, then think about your kids. Smile, laugh and hug is the ultimate answer to the joy of  Christmas.  Giving as much thanks is just another understatement. Give sincerely and forgive too.

How do you celebrate your Christmas. Well, I would love to hear sincere giving answers. Others love to read what you write, too. And by the way, I will reply to all your messages, those genuine questions and answers, ONLY. DO TALK > > >




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