Naming your business can be a long and tedious task.

Business names require a crafted approach and a lot of creativity.

When starting a new business, you need a brilliant idea, a great business plan and a good customer base.

A business name is part of the business planning process. 

When coming up with a business name, it is always the hope of the business owner to find a catchy name that will ring at the back of the customers head and make them remember that the business exists.

Most business owners start out with a skewed and twisted approach when they are coming up with a business name.

A catchy business name is important so that it does not wear off within days of establishing your business.

In order to make your business name less corny and cheesy and more catchy, attractive and memorable, there is a slow step by step process that can help you come up with the best name for your business. 

These tips ease out the business naming process and give you the best results on what you are looking for.

What’s in a Business Name?


A business name is a name under which a business conducts its activities. 

Through business names, businesses get to be known.

A business name tells your customers who you are and what you are doing.

Business names should be as catchy as possible to remind your customers and employees who you are and what it is that you do.

How Do I Come Up With a Powerful Brand Name Like Apple?

Metaphors are used as a symbolic representation of what is referred to. This makes a business name catchy and unique. For example, Starbucks or Hive.

Use puns

Puns are a great way to play with language to boost the recall value of customers.

When people can ask and joke around with your business name, it means that there will be more talks and online searches on your business.

For example, a company dealing in car spare parts can name its business Tiresome.

Use acronyms

If you are going with a series of names for your business, use an acronym instead of the full names.

A lot of businesses use this approach. For example, Kentucky Fried Chicken goes by KFC.

Use your own name

If you do not believe in yourself being as creative or have fun ideas to name your business, you can as well use your name followed by what your business is about. 

Some people tend to remember people’s names quickly.

This mostly works for retail stores and restaurants.

For example, McDonald’s, Nando’s Pizza or Lily’s Diner.

Use two or more words

You can find two words that compliment your business idea and activities and make them catchy. For example, Wake N Bake.

Create mashups

When creating a mashup, think of two or three words that are meaningful and can be joined to get a name that is acceptable.

You can either join these two words as a whole or break them into pieces. For example, TripAdvisor or Netflix ( Internet and flicks)

Use a symbol

Use a symbol to draw up your business name.

For example, a business can be named Infinity out of the infinity symbol to show that they operate round the clock.

Use a foreign language

A non-native language as a business name is not only catchy and memorable but also quite exotic.

If you are establishing a business that deals with imported products, you can tie your business name to the language of this particular country.

For example, Zelssy if you are dealing with Indian products. 

Use a map

A map can help you give a catchy geographical name for your business that will remind potential visitors of your existence once they have been to your business.

For example, Nairobi Street Kitchen reminds a person that the business was located in Nairobi.

Amazon is also another example. 

Leverage nicknames

  If you have a catchy nickname for yourself or one that is unique for a family member, you can use that to come up with your business name.

For example, Mercedes was named after the daughter of the car’s founder.

Include the names of company founders

If you are partnering with someone or merging with another company, you can include both your names in your overall business name. For example,  Dave N Busters or Ben & Jerry’s.

Use literature and mythology

Get inspiration from mythological stories and literature to establish a catchy brand name.

For example Nike. If you are starting a beauty store, you can name your business Venus, the goddess of beauty in ancient times. 

Make it descriptive

What best describes your business? As you think about this, write down all the valid explanations and build your business name out of this.

For example, a business that sells goods at prices below a dollar can be called a Dollar Store.


A business name shouldn’t be too long. Shorten the words so that they can be more catchy and memorable. For example, Cisco, from San Francisco. 

Twist the spellings

You can take a word and then tweak it a little to make it unique.  For example, Tumblr from Tumbler.

Use a dictionary

If all else fails, use a dictionary to get inspiration on catchy words or phrases that you can use for your business name. For example, Hangout. 

Look at your product from another angle

When you examine your product, what does it remind you of, is it a person or another brand name. For example, Apple is a phone company’s brand name. If your grocery store is selling fruits, you can name it Apples.

Use Latin

Latin is one of the most unique languages in the world. The words are catchy and exotic.

Talk about what you believe in

Use your business name to remind your customers what you believe in, for example, SheTravels is used to inspire women to be all about adventure and travel.

Tell your story

If your business has a story behind it, use it to get your business name

Use social media

Get inspiration from the social media handles of other businesses and see how you can derive a name from them.

Social media platforms, like Instagram, will also help you to identify what business names are available so that you do not settle for a name that already exists. 

Change, add or remove letters from keywords

Use letters or numbers to your business name to make it unique and catchy. For example, Forever 21

Use a single word

Using a word that is outstanding and unique for your business attracts customers to your business. 

What To Do When Naming Your Business

Don’t pick a name that’s similar to your competitors

Choose a name that’s easy to pronounce

Be memorable

Pick a name consistent with your brand

Don’t limit yourself

How Do I Name My Small Business?

Take your time before naming

What’s your business and what’s your offer?

Keep it short and simple

Don’t use your name unless

Use a business name generator

Search if the domain name is available

Confirm on social media with your target customers

What’s the future of your business?

What are Some Most Recognised Brand Names in the World?


















When coming up with the name for this blog, I thought about it for days.

I decided because I want to write and review my country, let’s name the blog, Kenya Review.

There was no dot com so I settled for dot net.

These days I tell myself, I should have taken a bit of time in naming this blog.

A name follows you, either restrict you or grows with you.

Finding a catchy business name that is memorable to customers and employees can be a daunting task.

It may seem to defeat at some point.

Do not give up.

Always bear in mind that in order for your business to lift off at a good pace, then a business name is one way to help you with that.

Know your niche.

Write down elements of your specific industry.

Study the names of industry leaders to get inspiration.

Brainstorm a bunch of carefully thought out names.

Shortlist the names which sound catchy to you and ensure to run this list through a company name checker to ensure authenticity and that the name you have chosen is available.

If you have any troubles tapping into your creativity or looking for a business name, consider hiring a naming agency to get a name that is new, industry-relevant and untrademarked.

Once you have decided on a business name, apply for a trademark and secure your name. 

You can place your business name on business cards or postcards to create a customer experience that is on-brand from start to end.

You can, in future, decide to change the name of your business to reflect your current offering like what Facebook did.

But, be careful because customers are used to your previous name it may be hard for them to relate to your new name.

For example, I find it hard to call Facebook Metaverse. Are you finding it easy to call Facebook Metaverse?

Your customers may take time to relate with your new brand name always choose your business name wisely.

In the early stages of your business, you are allowed to play with your business name just don’t change the name too often.

Also when choosing a business name, choose one that’s easy for Google to remember.

For instance, don’t add hyphens in your business name, hyphens aren’t memorable.

Are you battling how to choose a business name for your business?




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