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One thing that businesses want to achieve today is excellent customer service.

With the many businesses competing with similar products, customer service becomes the only differentiating factor.

That and the fact that you have to deliver excellent customer service so that you can keep your customers.

When you walk into any enterprise, you will notice that they have their own way of doing things to make sure that all your needs are met and that you are happy.

If you have a staff and don’t operate your business solo, you have to train your employees on how to deliver excellent customer service to your customers.

Customer service doesn’t have to be complicated.

Before starting your business ensure that you love your customers and attend to your customers’ needs.

What is Excellent Customer Service?

Excellent customer service is a situation where you want to create a meaningful and long-standing relationship with your customers by supporting and advocating for them in their use of your product or service.

Good business owners know that customer service can make or break your business.

Your business cannot exist without customers.

It doesn’t matter that you were able to land your first few customers without really paying attention to excellent customer service.

Not providing excellent customer excellence means your business will suffer losses that will force your business to shut down.

Excellent customer service dictates that you should be able to understand your customers, meet their expectations and leave them satisfied.

What are the Examples of Excellent Customer Service?

There are some things that will speak for your business when you have quality customer service.

These traits are very exceptional and attractive. Here are some excellent customer service that you can use in your business. 

  1. Paying attention to detail. Being keen on what your customers want, their needs, their problems and their desired solutions to the challenges they faced in your business is one example of excellent customer service.
  1. Identifying and resolving problems quickly. This is another great example of excellent customer service. Your customers are able to get their issues tabled and handled in a timely fashion. 
  1. Responding within appropriate time. Excellent customer service dictates that you give 24/7 support to your customers in case they need to ask questions, give reviews or make a complaint. 
  1. Having good knowledge of business. Knowing what your business is all about, including your products and services shows true and excellent customer service.
  1. Personalizing interactions. Staying some few seasons with your customers to talk about your best dish from the restaurant is another example of excellent customer service.
  1. Being open minded. When you can actively listen and accept a customer’s input into your business, you show excellent customer service.
  1. Fulfilling your business promises. Many businesses usually have missions and visions and slogans that they sometimes cannot live up to. Do not just have a slogan that entices people. When you can deliver what you promise, then you show excellent customer service.
  1. Using customer feedback to improve. Take customer feedback about your business as constructive criticism and see what you can do to improve your customer service skills from these honest reviews.
  1. Trusting your customers. Being the person who is comfortable with your customers using your products unsupervised shows that you trust them. Customers don’t like it when they are followed around by employees for fear that they will break or steal stuff.

What are My Responsibilities in Customer Service?

These are the roles you will be playing in customer service. You need to know how you will perform efficiently in these tasks so that you can achieve excellent customer service. 

  • Answering customer’s questions 
  • Building and nurturing customer relationships 
  • Resolving issues with care and empathy
  • Improving brand credibility 

Why is Excellent Customer Service Important?

Every business wants to know it has achieved top-notch customer service. That’s why they are always on an endless cycle of trying to get customer feedback or improving their customer service culture. Here are some reasons why excellent customer service is important.

  1. Satisfied customers. When you practice excellent customer service, all your customers’ needs are taken care of. This makes them feel content with your business.
  1. Building a good reputation. A customer who has had a good experience from your excellent customer service skills will most definitely leave a positive review behind or give you 5 stars on social media. They may also talk about your business to other people and this builds a good reputation.
  1. Employee morale. Employees who practice excellent customer service skills are able to foster good relationships with customers and management. This not only builds their morale, but also creates a healthy business environment. 
  1. Gaining new customers and retaining old ones. People only want good things so your old customers will be visiting your premises soon because of your excellent customer service skills. They will also tag along their friends through referrals or word of mouth. 
  1. Increased profits. When you start getting more customers, you will be having more sales conversions which in turn means more profit for your business.
  1. High market share. Your excellent customer service skills sets you apart from your competitors. This is one of the best differentiating factors that competing industries can use to beat competition.

What are the Skills of Excellent Customer Service?

These are the skills and qualities you need to have to deliver excellent customer service to your customers.

  1. Time management skills. Time management is an important skill for excellent customer service. When your customers order items or need your feedback, you should be able to do timely deliveries or respond to their questions in a 24 hour period.
  1. Communication skills. Communication goes a long way in customer service. It involves being an active listener, paying attention to detail, understanding the customer’s needs and responding accurately to their information. You need to master this craft if you want to achieve excellent customer skills.
  1. Problem solving skills. Oftentimes you will be faced by challenges or a complaint by an employer. You should be able to think on your feet and give favorable solutions to your customers. 
  1. Product and service knowledge. You have to have in-depth knowledge of the products and services you are working on so that you do not give incorrect information and end up misleading your clients.
  1. Empathy. When faced with a difficult customer, you need to master the art of genuinely putting yourself in their shoes and viewing things from their perspective so that you can see how you can improve your customer service skills and serve them better.
  1. Self control. Again, on the point of finding a difficult customer, you must learn to control your emotions and not be tempted to escalate the situation by snapping at them or by retaliating.
  1. Resilience. You need to be resilient when faced with a difficult situation or a difficult customer. Once you learn how to do this, your customer service skills become excellent. 
  1. Accountability. Learn to take ownership, admit mistakes and work around them. Do not play any blame games and be ready to take full responsibility in case of anything. This shows excellent customer service. 
  1. Humility. Always remember that the customer is and that he is always right. You are meant to serve him so do that to the best of your ability. Playing ego games does not really go well with achieving excellent customer service.
  1. Patience. Be patient when you are handling a difficult customer or when you are feeling overwhelmed. Do not delay on providing solutions, but also learn to listen so that your customers may feel valued. 

What are the Characteristcs of Excellent Customer Service?

If you want to know if you have trained your employees well or if you are out here doing the correct thing, pay close attention to how you relate with your customers. There are certain features that excellent customer service will portray.

  1. Customer focus. Businesses that practice excellent customer service skills usually have their main focus on addressing customer needs, offering quality products and services and ensuring they meet customer expectations.
  1. Knowledge of business products and services. A business must know about the things they are trading in. This is useful when they want to respond to a customer’s questions about the business.
  1. Language skills. Excellent customer service skills are seen through body language, listening, speaking and writing. If there are exceptional language skills, then customer service is also top notch.
  1. Empathy. Being able to show some compassion and care for your customers when they bring their problems forward is also a great trait for excellent customer service.
  1. Patience. Excellent customer service practices patience. It is important to be patient when you are dealing with difficult customers so that you may give them time to recollect themselves or make up their mind about something. 

What are the Best Ways to Deliver Excellent Customer Service?

These are some of the ways to deliver excellent customer service to your customers if you want to increase your customer base and grow your business.

  1. Serve customers on time. Give on time deliveries and offer 24/7 support to your customers. Customers need to have their questions answered immediately and their deliveries brought earlier.
  1. Give them accurate information. When you are well knowledgeable about the product and services a business is offering, you are able to avoid any misinformation that may damage the business.
  1. Pay attention to their needs. Actively what your customers are saying and do not miss out on any of the complaints. Being keen on detail will give you an easy way to identify problems and respond to them.
  1. Admit your mistakes and resolve conflict. Take full responsibility for any problem that arises. I’m your business and be ready to resolve the issues before you move forward.
  1. Have good manners. Having good manners and etiquette is very important if you want to achieve excellent customer service. Do not stand too close to customers, pick your nose or sneeze right at them. It will piss them off so much.
  1. Fulfill your business promises to them. Live up to your business standards and give an exceptional customer service experience to your customers so that they might even come back.

What are the Advantages of Excellent Customer Service?

Here are some benefits of achieving excellent customer service.

  1. Customer loyalty.  Excellent customer service builds trust and loyalty with customers.Your customers know that you can fulfill their expectations and they will always seek you out for your services. 
  1. Increased profits. Once you start getting new clients from your excellent customer service skills, you will have more sales conversions and in turn, more profit. 
  1. Customer retention. When customers have a great experience from your business, they will stay with your brand and only seek you out to meet their needs.
  1. Gaining new customers.  More customers will hear about your business by word of mouth or through referrals and you will attract new customers this way.
  1. Building a good reputation. Having excellent customer service in your business will leave positive talk and good reviews about your business and thus builds a great image for you.
  1. Satisfied customers. When you give your customer service, they are content with your business. Satisfied customers are always happy.
  1. Healthy business environment. Positive relationships and interactions between employees and customers leads to a healthy environment that you can thrive in.
  1. Beating competition. You have high market share when you practice excellent customer service to your customers. This enables you to gain competitive advantage over your competitors in this field. 

How Can I Measure Customer Service Satisfaction?

As a business owner, you want to know if your customers are satisfied with how you handled them when they visited your enterprise.

Measuring customer satisfaction towards your services is important if you want to identify your mistakes and improve on them to grow your business.

The only way you can measure customer satisfaction is through getting and analysing their feedback.

You can do it in these ways.

  1. Survey questions. Ask your prospective customers questions about what they think about your customer service skills, their experience and how they think you should improve your craft.
  1. Going through reviews. Go online and read through reviews. Positive reviews means your customers were more satisfied by your customer service. Use negative reviews as constructive criticism and see how you can improve. 
  1. Visiting social media. Visit different social media platforms where your business is set up and read through the comments they leave about your business. You will know if they were satisfied or not.
  1. Paying attention to customer turnover. Check to see how many customers are coming back or if you are receiving any new and fresh faces. When you do not receive any customers, they are likely not satisfied.
  1. Looking at your sales conversions. How many customers are actually busting from you? This is a good indicator of how your customer service skills are affecting your profits.

What are the Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service?

You’ve already looked at top businesses that attract more customers than you and you have realised that the most talked-about aspect of their business is how they deliver excellent customer service. 

You can learn from them and improve your customer service skills if you want to grow your business.

Here are some tips and advice on how you can improve your skills so that you can deliver excellent customer service. 

How to Improve Customer Service 

Here is how you can improve customer service in your business.

  1. Train employees. Find a way to train your employees to do what is required of them to achieve excellent customer service. Some employees lack this knowledge and when you include this in your business activities, they will know how to conduct themselves before customers. 
  1. Appreciate feedback. Not all negative feedback is bad feedback. Like I said, some are just constructive criticism. Take this feedback into account and see what areas you need to improve on.
  1. Adapt technology in your business. Use tools that improve efficiency and speed into your business so that you may avoid any unnecessary delays.
  1. Learn from top industry competitors. You can check to see what your competitors are doing to best you at your own game. Observe the customer service culture they have introduced into their business and see if you can learn a thing or two from them.
  1. Use automation. Automation of services allows you to handle different customers at the same time in  a timely fashion. 
  1. Have a clear escalation pathway for customers to address their problems. Your customers should know the process to their complaint being heard by management so that they do not end up stuck with a staff who cannot help them out.
  1. Know your products and services. Know the kind of product or service you are trading in and avoid misleading your customers.
  1. Practice active listening. Be a good listener and understand what your customers need before responding to them.
  1. Offer favorable solutions to customers. You should have good problem solving skills and be very decisive when you are solving a problem for your customers.  

What are Some Excellent Customer Service Ideas?

When you want to achieve customer service in this day and age, you have to understand that consumer behaviour and expectations change over time.

For that, you need to come up with new ideas that are going to keep up with the pace.

There are new trends every day that people are incorporating into their business in order to achieve excellent customer service.

I will talk about them below. 

Current Trends For Excellent Customer Service 

Here are some excellent customer service ideas you can use in your business if you want to build good relationships with your customers and grow your business. 

  1. Automation of services. Opt for service automation for example using automatic vending machines or offer a 24/7 support system to avoid any inconveniences or delays.
  1. Use of messaging platforms. There are many businesses today that have incorporated messaging platforms to send their comments or complaints. This is a good way to get customer feedback on your customer service skills so that you may know what to do. 
  1. Speeding up your digital timeline. This means your online interactive timeline support should not be jammed but you should speed it up to offer excellent customer service skills.
  1. Emphasis on agility. Businesses today are emphasising on the readiness to take any challenges and adapting to change. Your customer service skills should not be affected by your difficulty to adapt to change in  a business. 
  1. Customers expect companies to lead with their values. If you have a valuable company, then your customer service needs to be valuable and excellent too. 

What are Best Customer Service Companies and What to Learn From Them

Apple teaches how to pay attention to all customers’ concerns.

Zappos teaches that your customer must leave happier than they came.

Amazon teaches that empowering your customers with a variety of products is awesome. Assess the market and fill the market with the products that customers want.

Starbucks teaches that listening to your customers and acting on what you heard from your customers is crucial. Your prices may be unfavourable but customers will come back if you listen.

Virgin Atlantics teaches that you learn more from unhappy customers than happy ones.

FAQs on How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

  1. What are the important qualities of customer service?

Important qualities of customer service are:


A good communicator

Friendly attitude


Product/service knowledge

Strong time management

2. How do you deliver great client services?

To deliver great client services:

Have empathy

Make customers the centre of your business

Be genuinely helpful in solving customer’s problems

Personalise the experiences of the customers

Provide quick response to customers

Make it easy for customers to help themselves by having a list of frequently asked questions answered or having chatbots on your site for immediate response.

3. What is excellent customer service?

Excellent customer service is going beyond meeting customers’ needs; it’s making customers happy.

4. How do you handle difficult customers?

You handle difficult customers by:

Keep communication professional. Respect the difficult customer.

Speak softly

Actively listen to your customers

Give your customers time to vent/talk without interrupting

Assess the needs of your customers

Understand the customer’s viewpoint and why they’re complaining.

5. What are the 4 tips for making customers happy?

The four tips for making customers happy are:

Build relationships with the customers

Ask feedback

Ask what customers want then provide it to them.

Have products/services customers are looking for.

6. Why is customer service important?

Customer service is important because:

Of customer loyalty

Satisfied customers spend more money

Satisfied customers will spread the word about your business to their friends.

7. What’s customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is about making customers happy.

8. How can we improve service quality?

Evaluate regularly

Encourage feedback

Give best standards


9. How do you win a customer?

Study your competitors

Provide value

Know your target market

Have goals for your customers and keep evaluating them.

Study your competitors

10. What are the major components of customer satisfaction?

A perfect product/service

Deliver in a friendly manner good customer service

Deliver as customers want/ed.

Resources for Providing Excellent Customer Service in Kenya

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Customer service will never go out of fashion.

Treating people well is just basic human decency.

As a business, there’s no compromise on how customers must get treated.

The question to ask is why did you start a business?

Investing in excellent customer service is a basic requirement for any brand.

Always remember that customers remember bad over good. Treat your customers as King.

Learn every day and make sure your customers always get the best from your business.




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