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How would you react when haters ”assault” you with words?

I see many YouTubers making reaction videos to their Haters.

In my mind, I say, ”Ignore them, don’t delete their comments, they love you”!.

quotes for Haters

We’re calmly minding our own business.

There was some chuckles coming from behind us we had just passed those three bitches!.

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Wow, that’s her mum? I thought they’re sisters?

They look so alike?

Why do women have the audacity to give birth when they’re really young?

She looks 16 like the she could be the older sister not the mum!

And they kept on about how pregnancy rates in Kenya have become skyrocketing.

How ladies must learn to keep it in the pants and how to use contraceptives because man, there isn’t enough sex education taught in Kenyan schools.

How nowadays ladies love to give birth early so that they don’t age that that’s the norm.

How we have promoted promiscuity in Kenya and encourage our kids to even have sponsors.

My God, those ladies completely made me angry.

Do you know how I managed to eavesdrop all these conversation?

I told my kids we should slow down, there’s something that needed fixing somewhere on the shoes, until our hurried pace went down.

We were in so much hurry.

Come to think of it, the ladies had seen us approaching from very far and maybe that’s when they decided to find something to talk.

Fortunately, before the dirt road winded down for us to go in different directions, I had successfully heard everything, like they were now openly talking to us, to me especially and not to themselves.

                                                            Story 2:

I’m, we’re in the hotel one day(2015) almost heavily pregnant at six months, showing visibly but not so much to others or others didn’t even know (just thought I was fat!)

Tip: Never ever think a lady is fat or even tell her, you’ll ruin relationships.

This woman follows us to the bathroom, they were two but one was meticulous in how she did, followed us, when I was taking ”my sister” to use the cloak room.

While I’m waiting for my sister, the woman comes out for some convo where she inquired if that child was my sister because we looked soo much alike.

When I told her she is my child, the woman didn’t finish washing her hands, she started educating me on how life is sweet at 40, I listened to her sermon as I always like to do then asked her, are you 40?

Is you sex life that annoying that mine pisses you off?

                                                                  Story 3:

As we’re going to the market a man on a bike approaches then asks, is that a mother and a daughter or a sister and a sister?.

The rider answered him despite him not knowing us, that’s someone and their child.

I don’t know how the conversation went because motorbikes ride at fairly high speeds than rally vans.

Why am I story telling today? I’m in the mood for stories because stories are the ones that you love to listen to.


  1. people will always talk behind your back.

  2. People will talk at your front.

  3. People will talk at your side.

  4. People will talk everywhere

  5. Learn how not to defensively answer them like I did in scenario 2.

  6. Have such a thick skin to listen in on people’s convo about you, because, well, it’s their problem not yours.

  7. If people find your situation so hard to deal with, don’t wonder for them, there’s a reason why the situation was given to you. To show them you’re a master of your game.

  8. Don’t let others talk of you make you shrink like the way the woman was trying to put me down.

She feels so down that there was a need to take her down with me.

  1. When people keep finding happiness in talking about you, create a story to keep them active because , well, they are not very occupied.

  2. Enjoy when others discuss you, your life is rather interesting.

  3. Create a blog, or some photos some videos to keep them in the know.


When you know how to deal with people who keep gossiping about you, you’ll develop very thick skin because some gossip can make you feel so agitated. 

How do you even keep sane when someone is belittling you? 

It’s easy to say: ”Ignore, don’t pay attention”. Well, it never is.

What I always say is, ”Talk positive or respond positively, sarcastically but gently. Never ever come off as defensive”.

And if you can do that, you’re preparing yourself for greatness. 

When you can deal with snide comments, see how we love to create wrath for our celebrities.

What do celebrities do? Some deal with the wrath others succumb. Never do as they wish!!

You can dare to go on with your great ideas which seem crazy.

Even if people talk, they do admire your courageous moves and ways of life.

Why do you think tabloids keep accusing The Kardashians of not having talent, using their beauty, beauty without brains while they mint in the billions( combined wealth)?.

Talk by people should serve as an encouragement for you to keep doing you.

One day they’ll realise the importance of being themselves and will strive to be you.

When people talk, they show a bit of themselves what they don’t like in themselves or what they admire in you that they don’t have.

You need to have STAMINA, extreme self-confidence.

Haters love to have an accountability team. Don’t fall in their team.

They want to bring another person down to feel as small as they are.

You can only know how to deal with haters after reading my Self- Confidence check-list.  




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