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Podcasts are an exciting milestone for an online business.

But podcasts get challenging if you don’t know anything about audio and electronics.

You can choose to work full-time or part-time on your podcast; you need to record content in advance and edit as needed.

Podcasting gives you the convenience of working from home as a side hustle.

Podcasts can also be challenging because podcasters don’t understand how to monetise their podcasts.

Podcasts require you to bring in your storytelling skills because listening to anything can become boring very fast. That’s why people love watching videos than listening to something.

You also have to know your podcast audience. Who will you talk to and why?

What do you want to bring as a podcaster?

Do you want to speak about current news, entertain, educate, explore, or react?

Before starting a podcast questions like what type of microphone is the best for the podcast?

Is podcast profitable?

How do you make a podcast profitable?

Do I need a mixer; are these headphones good, crop up.

Determine what type of podcast you want to start in order to know what equipment to invest in.

Podcasts are popular because they’re multi-tasking tools and people can listen to podcasts while driving.

The podcaster can reuse/repurpose podcasts to make blog content, ebooks, Instagram, YouTube content to help make more money from various platforms.

Is Starting a Podcast Profitable?

Yes. Starting a podcast is a profitable business.

The number of podcasts being released keeps rising in Kenya due to the high demand.

More people are embracing the idea of listening to their favourite shows and artists while multitasking and there is no better way to do this than with podcasts.

Podcasts are convenient and reliable.

The high demand for podcasting services shows that there is high-income potential.

You can start a podcast as a side job or a full-time job and make money with it.

What is a Podcast and How Does It Work?

A podcast is a series of spoken articles and audio episodes of specific topics and themes that are meant to fit into the comment plans of websites and blogs.

Examples of these topics can be relationships, crime, documentaries or book and music reviews.

A podcast has listeners who stay tuned and listen to the content in their cars or with a smartphone.

These listeners subscribe to your content at a fee for which you will charge them either weekly, monthly or yearly. 

How Do I Start a Podcast and Make Money?

Starting a podcast is quite simple.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you are already in the game and you need to get things running.

Here are the steps you must follow to start a podcast today and make money.

Do market research

Study the industry and do a thorough analysis of your competitors and your target audience.

Who are your competitors?

What are they doing?

Are there any potential gaps?

What can I do to gain a competitive advantage over them?

You need to also know who your listeners are and what they need from your podcast.

What is the most common problem they are facing in other podcasts?

Understanding what your target audience wants is important to gain a clear perspective as you start your podcast.

Choose your niche

Identify the niche that you want to invest in.

It can be a book review podcast, a movie review podcast or a music review podcast.

It is important to choose a niche so that you may focus more and gain expertise in a particular area in your podcast.

For example, if you choose to go the movie way, you can analyse the latest movies and the actors.

Format your podcast

Formatting your podcast involves arranging your episodes and identifying how long it is going to last.

You do not want to drag on in your podcast or start one when you are not prepared.

You also have to decide if you are going to do the podcast solo, co-host, do an interview-style podcast or story tell.

Choose a name and create cover art for your podcast

The next thing you want to do is to choose a name for your podcast.

Pick a name that is catchy and memorable and one that is in line with what you will be talking about in your podcast.

You also have to create interesting cover art that is going to portray your podcast on different platforms.

Record and edit your podcast

Once you have chosen your niche and created the cover art, you can now start recording and editing your content.

Look out for any mistakes that you need to correct before you can post your podcast.

If you are doing an interview-style podcast, you can go live and air your content.

Have a unique introduction that is going to captivate your listeners and keep their attention. 

Start growing your podcast

You now want to start thinking about how you are going to grow your audience and get more listeners.

Have good promotion strategies that will put you on the map and help you stand out from other podcasters in the industry.

Good topic selection

Pick a good niche topic that will captivate and retain your listeners.

There are many popular topic ideas that you can choose from for your podcast.

Using good graphics

When you are designing the cover art for your podcast, use good graphics.

This is the first thing that gets your listener’s attention before they even listen to your podcast. 

Collecting subscriber emails

Make sure you collect the emails of your podcast listeners who subscribe to your podcast.

You will engage with them more and run a successful podcast this way.

Launching fast

Once you have all your equipment and content ready, do not wait any longer.

Growing a podcast takes time so you might want to start right away if you want to run a successful podcast and start making money.

Promoting your podcast

Just like any other business, you have to employ good marketing strategies if you want to see your podcast grow.

Using good audio equipment

Make sure that before you start your podcast, you invest in quality audio equipment so that your voice is not drowned out when you are recording yourself. 

What Will I Do in My Podcast?

There are certain things that you will be doing on any typical day in your podcast.

It is good to know what you will be handling so that you do not fall short in your podcasting activities.

  • Planning your content
  • Doing research on your audience and what they want to listen to
  • Planning your episodes
  • Editing your content 
  • Finding good music for your breaks
  • Listening to fan feedback
  • Handling podcasting software
  • Promoting yourself on social media 

Best Equipment for a Podcast

What Do I Need to Start a Podcast?

The following are the equipment needed to start a successful podcast and they include:

This is what you need to start a podcast and make money. 

I got this list of resources from ( Podcast Equipment: Everything You Need to Build Your Studio)

  • A microphone – no use of inbuilt computer camera/phone because they pick background noise. USB microphones are the best for beginner podcasters as you plug and go. XLR microphones offers flexibility.

  • Computer for use in audio capture, edting, exporting and publishing
  • Pop filter/windscreen – helps you capture great sounding vocals
  • Mic stands – has to be sturdy
  • Shock mount – absorbing vibrations like slamming hands on the table
  • Headphones – check/monitor audio quality and check for overlapping voices
  • Headphone amplifier – for maximising sound quality find one that accomodates more than one headphone jack
  • Audio interface – helps converts micrpphones audio signals into digital
  • Micer – helps improve audio like an audio interface
  • Cables – for use with everything
  • Digital audio recorder
  • Memory storage devices
  • Sound proofing materials
  • A reliable laptop
  • A microphone 
  • A headset
  • A good editing software 
  • A publishing software
  • A good website 
  • Internet connection 
  • Rental space 

What are the Expenses For Starting a Podcast?

It is very important that you know the initial startup costs and the ongoing expenses that you will incur when you start a podcast to make money.

The expenses include:

  1. Cost of podcasting equipment 
  1. Maintenance and repair expenses 
  1. Internet fees
  1. Rent expenses
  1. Software subscription fees
  1. Marketing and advertising costs

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Podcast?

Starting a podcast requires low startup fees.

You just need to get the right set of equipment to get things running and start making money.

Investing in high-quality equipment will cost you much more.

What’s your budget?

There are some podcast equipment like a microphone, editing and recording software that you cannot overlook.

You also need to consider the cost of soundproofing your room or renting or buying a recording studio.

How Do I Make Money With a Podcast?

With a podcast, you can make money in several ways.

Podcasts make money through sponsored content, advertisements, affiliate marketing, creating blog content.

You can create premium content and ask for your listeners to subscribe to listen.

Your podcasts have to be popular like crime documentaries with fanatic listeners.

How Much Should I Charge My Listeners?

The amount of money you charge your listeners will depend on the following factors.

  1. Competition. Look at what your competitors are charging and use that as the base for which you charge your listeners and price your podcasts. 
  2. Popularity.
  3. Type of content

How Much Money Can I Make With a Podcast?

The amount of money you make with a podcast will depend on how popular your podcast is.

You have to focus your effort on growing your podcast if you want to make more money.

The rest of your income will depend on your payment structure with your sponsors and the donations you receive.

Legal Requirements For Starting a Podcast

When you are starting a podcast, you have to make sure you are in full compliance with the law so that you will not end up paying heavy fines or get your podcasting business shut down.

These are the necessary permits and licences you need to start your podcast and make money.

  • Business licence 
  • Service contract 
  • Occupancy permit for your studio

What are the Best Skills to Have as a Podcaster?

There are some skills and qualities that you need to have to start a successful podcast and make money.

Successful podcasters usually have these traits and skills.

  1. Interpersonal skills. As a podcaster, you must be a people person. You need to know how to connect with your virtual audience, build rapport and keep them engaged with your content. 
  1. Communication skills. Having good oral skills is important if you are starting a podcast to make money. You have to know how to communicate with your audience with good spoken language. 
  1. Listening with empathy skills. Since you will be actively engaging your audience, you have to allow room for feedback and listen to what your audience has to say. This will help you make adjustments where necessary. 
  1. Technical skills. You have to know how to handle your podcasting equipment including the XLR recorder, headsets and microphones, if you want to run a smooth podcast. 
  1. Creativity. When you are choosing a niche to work on, you have to look for unique and creative topics and ideas that are going to capture your audience’s attention. 
  1. Marketing skills. You have to promote your podcast if you want to have more listeners and make more money. There are different marketing strategies you can use to promote your podcast.

7. Time management

8. Flexibility

9. Organisation/delegation

10. Growing an audience

11. Use your voice to convey emotions

Who Listens to Podcasts and How Do I Promote My Podcast?

Podcast listeners are varied.

What do you love listening to?

Your content should be targeted to a particular target market/ listening audience.

The following are ways to market/promote your target market and they include:

Make great content

Great content draws in an audience. That’s why it’s always wise to start with a particular agenda in mind. You can start a podcast to educate, entertain, oppose, react.

Know your audience

Who is your audience?

Knowing your audience brings in the right audience or those that understand your materials.

An audience that understands your content interacts with your content.

Remember knowing your audience takes time.

Do giveaways

I feel like giveaways should only be too loyal listeners of your podcast and aren’t a great way to promote your podcast.

But, if you know and love your audience, a giveaway can be a great way to promote your podcast.

Have a landing page on the website

A landing page is a sales page.

A page where podcast listeners land on when they come on your website searching for your podcast.

What do you want to sell to your listeners?

Could it be you want them to have a signup form or buy a book or a t-shirt or other kinds of merch?

Use social media to promote or share snippets of your podcast

You can choose to create TikTok videos, Instagram photos or doing Facebook Lives or create a whole show on YouTube to help promote your podcast.

Remember to tailor your podcast content to a particular social media.

Promote your podcast on social media

Encourage listeners to spread the word about your podcast.

Have a website

Your website’s blog should have good content about your podcast.


Connect with other podcasters. Popular podcasters want to know they will benefit from your audience and vice versa.

Before asking for collaborations ask how you’re going to benefit your fellow podcaster?

If you don’t have an answer of how beneficial you’re, keep building your platform.

Advantages of Starting a Podcast to Make Money 

These are some of the benefits of starting a podcast to make money.

  1. Lesser competition. Despite there being a growing number of podcasters in recent times, there is little competition when it comes to what you want to talk about in your podcast. 
  1. High audience engagement. Whether your podcast has a huge following or not, you stand the benefit of engaging with your listeners and sharing perspectives.
  1. Fast and cheap to start a podcast. Starting a podcast to make money requires little capital investment. You can save up and buy the equipment you need instead of borrowing money from anyone.
  1. High conversion rates. If you run a business and a podcast, there is a high chance to convert your listeners into active customers for your business through the promotions that you will be doing in your podcast.
  1. You can popularise your business. Podcasting is an ideal way to make your business known to a wider market and is very convenient if you have a side business that you need support on.

Disadvantages of Starting a Podcast to Make Money

These are the problems and challenges that you will face when you start a podcast to make money. 

  1. Content protection is difficult. Your content can be shared by people and this may reduce the number of people who want an active membership to listen to your content. 
  1. Difficult to access an audience. Finding an audience that wants to listen to your content can be a bit difficult to find. You can ask other podcasters or post on YouTube if you want to find your way.
  1. Keeping the audience engaged can be difficult. If you are working on the same content over and over again without switching up, your listeners may get bored.
  1. Maintenance and repair of equipment. Sometimes your microphone or your XLR recorder for your podcast may be damaged. You need to factor in the maintenance and repair costs or get a replacement all together. This can be costly.

Mistakes to Avoid to Take Your Podcasts to Make Money

These are some of the common mistakes you have to look out for and avoid when you are starting your podcast.

  1. Not having a plan.  A podcaster without a plan is not going to succeed. You need to come up with good content, arrange your episodes and prepare yourself well before you go on air.
  1. Using poor audio equipment. When you use poor equipment for your podcast, you will not be able to produce quality content to your listeners. Do your research and look for the best sound and audio equipment you can get before you start your podcast. 
  1. Not choosing a good niche. Do not go for topic niches that are too commonplace. Find a niche that is unique and in which you identify with. If you do what everyone else is doing, chances are you will end up disappearing in the crowd.
  1. Using amateur graphics. Human beings are quite visual. If your cover art graphics are of poor quality, people won’t click on your link to listen to your podcast. 
  1. Failure to market and promote your podcast. If you do not promote yourself and your podcast, you will not get the following that you want for a successful podcast. 
  1. Failure to collect subscriber’s emails. Always collect subscriber emails and work towards sending them newsletters so that you may keep them engaged on the content that will be available in your podcast.

How Do I Make a Podcast Go Viral?

The following are strategies to make your podcast go viral and they include:

Niche out – starting with a particular topic makes you get known. Having a focus also means further research and adding your spin to a topic and that brings in more podcast listeners which take your podcast viral.

Collaborate with others to make your podcasts go viral

Use social media to help market your podcast. Sharing your podcasts on platforms like TikTok means more listeners that didn’t know about you helping your videos go viral.

Have a website to help market your podcast – podcasts aren’t Google-friendly content but having a blog where you create to share your podcast notes helps your content go viral because of using SEO/keyword marketing.

Searches for podcasts begin on Google and creating content around them promotes virality.

Transcribe audio to get an SEO boost. Transcripts get used as blog posts to your show. Include a lead/landing page form.

Content in a blog post form is easier to share than in a podcast format. Blog posts from show transcripts can go viral than audio.

Be a podcast guest and in the show, promote your podcast.

Submit your podcast to other platforms like Podcatcher which is a podcast hosting site.

Become known on iTunes by publishing regularly.

How Do Podcasts Make Money?

The following are ways podcasts make money and they include:

Affiliate marketing


Creating courses

Offer services – advertise your skills

Sell physical products like t-shirts, clothes

Sell books

Speaking gigs



Ask for donations

Offer premium content that brings in subscription to access

How Do I Start a Podcast With No Money?

The following are ways to start a podcast with no money and they include:

Ask why you want to start a podcast

Start talking/advertising your podcast

Find apps that support the podcast

Get chea[ recording equipment only a microphone

Download audio editing software and learn how to use

Name your podcast

Brand to stand out from the crowd

Have a website for advertising your podcast topic

Start with a niche so that it’s easier to market on Google using SEO marketing

Establish or know what you want to talk about – education. valuable, make a difference, entertaining.

Unique Podcast Topic Ideas to Make More Money

These are some of the most popular and profitable podcasting topic ideas you can try today and make money.

  • Business
  • Tech reviews
  • Life hacks
  • Travel
  • History
  • Movie or TV shows recommendations 
  • Podcast about podcasts 
  • Product reviews
  • Short stories
  • How-to podcasts
  • Documentaries
  • Psychology 
  • Celebrity interviews 

FAQs on Starting a Successful Podcast From Home

  1. What type of podcast are there?

Podcasts vary in complexity i.e single host a traditional podcast, elaborate interview format, podcast with multiple hosts, news reporting podcasts, storytelling podcasts, educational webinar podcasts.

2. Can I start a podcast with your phone?

YES, you can start a podcast with your phone.

3. Can anyone be a podcaster?

Anyone with an internet connection, inexpensive audio equipment can produce and avail a podcast online.

4. Are podcasts free?

YES, podcasts are free.

5. How long should podcasts be?

Podcasts should be 20 minutes but deliver on the title and serve the audience.

6. What are the pros of podcasts?

The pros of podcasts are:

A multitasking kind of content – you can repurpose your podcast to blog posts, ebooks, t-shirts/print on demand merch.

You can also listen to podcasts while driving, cooking, writing, doing house chores.

You can playback.

7. What’s a podcast?

Like radio; I love simplifying what a podcast is but unlike radio, you can download it to your phone to listen to at any time/anywhere.

A podcast can be a talk show, interview, lecture, story.

You get suggestions for what to listen to, unlike radio.

Some podcasts are niche topics and can only listen to them if you want to improve in your trade.

Others have general topics and talk/discuss by themselves or with a panel about current events.

Some podcasters publish weekly, others daily. You can subscribe to channels to get a notification when a new p[odcast episode comes out.

8. Where can I post a podcast?

The most popular places to post your podcast include


Google Pods







Podcast Addict






9. What are the tools for podcasters?

Facebook Live





Calendly – scheduler

10. What are the best podcast editing software?

The following are podcast editing features you should check for and they include:

Recording and editing are different features of your podcast. Sometimes, you can use recording and editing software.

Some recording software comes with editing capabilities.

Good support – software have resources you can turn to in case you run into a problem when editing.

Save files – including your raw recordings and edited versions and if recording multiple people software has split-track recording allowing you to save separate audio files of each podcast participant.

Price – if on a budget, how much can you afford until payday.

Pro Podcast Tip: There are some tools you can use for free, but quality demands money.

Best Podcast Editing Software Include:

Hindenburg Journalist

Adobe Audition

Garage Band

Logi Pro


Pro X

Apple Logic – podcasts that want to record straight from smartphones can be used on IOS and Android devices.

NOTE: I’ll research more on apps for mobile/smartphones.



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The internet has provided a big platform for creatives to share their content and ideas in many forms.

The number of podcasts keeps increasing.

Many people prefer to listen to podcasts today because of how convenient they are; a great multi-tasking.

You can start a podcast today and make a lot of money.

You have to channel your efforts towards providing good content to your audience and growing your following.

Do you want to start a podcast for your brand?

How do you intend on monetising your podcast?




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