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 Programmes are for computers or so you thought!

Day 5 of 365 Days of Planning, Questions We Have Dared To Ask And Answer: How to Maximise Your Year, Tune your Mind to Achieving Success, Happiness, Abundance, Confidence, Purpose, Manifestation, Motivation.

Programmes are for humans, don’t you know we’re programmed a certain way too?

Programmes do change, others lose memory, others get stuck, other programmes simply aren’t ready, some programmes lose value over time, others keep getting juicier and fruitier daily – like fine wine.

In one of your programmes, what were you told you could do? What were you told you couldn’t do?

Once in your life you’ve been told that you’re useless and you believed!

While some people don’t take insults some of us live on insults – I mean, insults made me weak until recently.

I started to realise I should do what I have always been saying, as long as you insult me but don’t touch me, I’m fine.

QUESTION TO PONDER: Is something you were told long ago still stuck in your mind?

I was told I’m not a ”lucky child” or I won’t amount to anything especially after getting pregnant out of wedlock – that my life was over.

 I was also told that because I’m a writer I’ll forever be poor. 

And I told myself, ” I’d never overcome anything”.

Don’t listen to them!  Which position are you in that you were told you couldn’t overcome?

Are you stuck in the memories of the past of cannot do, or has something so traumatic affected you to the extent of losing faith in yourself? I have.

Yes, I love everything mindset because been there, done that.

I lost faith in myself because every job search turned up nothing, every rejection taught me to be fearful and negative.

Every failure made me hate myself more and the more I hated myself the more I became a dependent.

I have borrowed money from my significant other because I knew I couldn’t achieve a thing. I felt my life wasn’t enough, I couldn’t do.

Every time I needed money, I quickly rushed to ”fulfill” money needs by begging.

I fixated myself on borrowing money as time went by I kept realising how bad of a habit I have formed.

My fear for rejection made me: disbelieve, cringe into a space, fear fear, sad, depressed, agonise, deprive name them.

I started asking myself when it all started.

I asked myself why I put myself into a position of asking, begging and ”needing” a ”fix”.

I even sometimes wondered if it’s because I have a generous man behind me that I was taking advantage – no I lost faith in my life, I felt hopeless.

Instead of the numerous rejections making me feel like I wanted to achieve, I felt like the world should stop – just end.

What events have happened in your life that have made you discouraged? Made you feel so hopeless?

                                                           Word of the Day:

You see these events that make you feel hopeless are the ones that should build you as a brick wall.

You should learn how to climb back up after a major fall – those who stay down fearing to rise up will have to learn how to tune their minds before they can rise again. 

Or just stay down if you so desire.

Those events that happen also are meant to see how bad you want things in your life.

Challenges also happen so you appreciate everything you have in life.

Love those challenges and always look forward nothing fazing you.

Take Note: What are the challenges, situations in life that rendered you hopeless, helpless? If you’d love to share privately, please email me or subscribe to our mailing list.

365 Days of Planning, Questions we have dared to ask and answer: How to Maximise Your Year, Tune your Mind to Achieving Success, Happiness, Abundance, Confidence, Purpose, Manifestation, Motivation. 

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