For years I struggled with what I was gifted at.

I suffered joblessness because I didn’t know what I was good at or what I was skilled at.

In fact, I didn’t even know that writing was a skill that could pay off until I started checking online.

And even after finding work online or a workplace online, I wrote for the sake of money.

Writing became a joy when I quit freelance writing to work on this blog.

Finding something you love to do can be fulfilling but not everyone finds what they’re good at.

Every person in the world has unique traits and special skills that set them apart from other people.

Take an example of a cheetah, which despite its similarities to a leopard, is known as the fastest animal in the animal kingdom. 

In the same way, as humans, we have very special and unique skills.

However, not everyone can find what they are skilled at as some do.

This may make us think that we are somewhat just ordinary people when in the actual sense we are not.

We often do what we do without even taking the time to appreciate our skills.

If there is something you do that makes you feel powerful, outstanding and important, then it is probably what you are skilled at.

Most people derive their skills from what they are passionate about.

Sometimes your passions do not align with your skills.

Knowing what you are capable of is necessary for guaranteed success.

Once you have found your skill, keep on practising and improving on it to become an expert. 

What is a Skill?

A skill is a trait that you gain through your learning phase of development.

A skill is something you earn or master over time. 

There are many people, sites and places you can acquire your skills from.

To discover your skill, you have to have a very strong passion. You have to know what excites you and build your skills around this.

Explore your talents, likes, dislikes and interests and hone your skills.

Finding what you are skilled at is especially important when choosing a career or when you have an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Always seek assistance if you are unsure about your abilities and skills. 

Examples of Skills

There are two broad classifications of skills.

These are hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills are those skills that are technical and are usually learned. For example computer skills, financial management skills, sales and marketing skills etc.

Soft skills are interpersonal skills that an individual may possess. For example, patience, problem-solving skills, communication skills etc.

All these skills are quite unique on their own.

How to Find What You are Skilled at

If you question yourself about having the necessary skills to start and run a business, you may need to do a thorough evaluation of yourself and use all available resources to discover what it is that you really excel in.

Here are ways to find what you are skilled at.

Be open

Have you ever heard of the phrase, be true to yourself?

Done properly, this can give you a good vantage point of where your skills lie.

When you are by yourself, take time to think about all your passions, talents, likes and hobbies.

What do you do really well?

What do you enjoy doing?

What are the specific traits that people applaud you for and tell you it’s unique from others?

Do not force your mind to cheat you into a skill that you do not have.

Even if you do not lay a finger on one skill, do not be discouraged.

It happens to the best of us.

Openness is one of the first steps in finding where your power lies.

If you are lucky enough, you may discover your skills in this soul search.

Write them down

After you have finished your self-introspection and evaluation, it is time to pen down all your thoughts.

From any skill that just happened to pass across your mind in a flash to those that keep gnawing at your heart.

Do not ignore either.

Writing your potential skills down will help you in crossing out those which you believe aren’t of much value to you and prioritising those which you think are highly significant in your life.

After you have reviewed your work, you can make a fresh list and stick to the skills that you have seen working for you. 

Look for patterns

Have you ever gotten so many compliments after completing a specific task over and over successfully?

Do you have something that you always succeed at every time you get a shot?

Your skill could possibly be lost in these tasks.

If you are commended every time you deliver information to your colleagues or boss, then it means you have excellent communication skills.

Once you find a pattern, it becomes easier to find what you are skilled at.

Take psychometric tests

A psychometric test is a test taken to discover what your strengths are.

There are numerous online behaviour tests available on the Internet to help you find what you are skilled at.

These tests give an unbiased, validated evaluation of your abilities.

However, it is important to use credible online sites for these kinds of tests to avoid putting your information on the Internet and be a victim of cyberbullying or fraudulent actions. 

Ask around

Leverage the social network to have and ask the people in your circle to tell you or help you identify what you are skilled at.

It is important that you have a set of honest and trustworthy friends who will not lead you on the wrong path and have you pursue what is not meant for you.

At best, talk to your parents or guardian who can give you a good bearing to find what you are skilled at.

Once you have listened to their opinions, take time to rethink all options before you decide to pursue a specific skill that stood out for them. 

Use a skilled mentor

A skilled mentor is someone who is trained to help identify a set of skills in an individual.

What a skilled mentor does is take you through a thorough assessment as well as thoroughly monitor your overall work or educational performance.

After that, they draw up a list of all the possible skills you are likely to have and guide you on what direction to take, depending on your strengths.

To find a skilled mentor, you can search on different websites, for example, LinkedIn.

Bear in mind that you are going to be charged before services are rendered.

Use a job description model

A job description basically lists a set of skills and duties that are required to do a certain job.

If you find yourself particularly drawn to jobs that require the same specific skills, chances are that is where your skill is at.

Examine all your options before settling for a job.

Always go for a job you are skilled in so that you do not end up wasting your time on something you do not love.

FAQs How to Find What You’re Skilled At

  1. How do I identify your strength?

Listen to feedback

What are your passions?

When are you most productive?

Ask others

Seek out experiences to learn about yourself better

2. How to know you’re good at something

Get paid

Receive compliments

Comes easy to you

People seek you/your talent

Write down

What/where you spend money

Look for talent in others help you identify your talent/what you love

3. How do I discover my hidden talents?

What’s easy?

Listen to yourself ]What do you enjoy?

4. What are the essential skills for adults?


Critical thinking

Decision making

Creative thinking




5. What do I do if I have no talent?

Believe in yourself

Respect your time

Have a positive attitude

What’s your passion?

Be prepared

Keep learning about yourself

6. What are some weird talents?

Stacking dice with cups

Fast reading

Eyebrow dancing

Talking backwards

7. What qualifies as a skill?

Skills are the expertise/talent needed to complete a task or job

8. What are skills needed for success?



Critical thinking


Teamwork and delegation

Research and analysis

9. What are basic life skills?

Cleaning and organisation

Taking care of self

Managing time

Getting a job

Managing money

Renting vs buying

Doing laundry

10. What does natural talent mean?

A natural talent means an innate or inborn gift used for a specific activity.

11. Can talent be lost?

Yes, a talent that doesn’t get nurtured gets lost/dies.

12. What are the most profitable skills?

Selling and Communication

Investing Money







Digital Marketing

13. What can be a talent?






14. How can I develop my talent?

Find your WHY

What’s your strength/weakness

Take advice but not permission

Do the work

Celebrate progress

Then ask what are the consequences of not using your talent

15. Do we all have talents?

YES, some discover their talents others don’t. Others discover their talents but never use them.

16. Where in the Bible does it talk about talents?

Matthew 25: 14 – 30

17. How do you use your talent to serve God?

Praise God

Obey God’s word

Seek good in others


Live in peace

18. How do I discover my calling?

Notice your dreams and signs

Remove distractions

Try new things

What keeps coming back to you?

Pray for direction

Live with purpose/ a purpose-driven life.

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Finding what you are skilled at can be a daunting task.

Oftentimes, we end up settling to do something that does not make us any happy because we think we will never really know what our purpose is. 

Take time to evaluate yourself and when you find what your skills are, focus on improving and sharpening them.

When you apply these skills to any part of your life, you will be excited to see how far it takes you.

Remember, there is no value in finding what your skill is.

Value is gained when you put your skill into use.

Do you know what your skills are?





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