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The Airbnb marketplace in Kenya remains with untapped business potential. With hosts charging 50 dollars a night, finding a niche will help you move your Airbnb from side hustle to your main project. 

Kenyans are travelling more and more with the entrance of Airbnb. Unlike hotels which get quite expensive charging per night per person rates, Airbnb doesn’t.

Depending on the bed capacity, you can call Airbnb the ‘space for frugal/budget travellers’. With Airbnb, travelling has increased. The main competition in setting up an Airbnb is in fact hotels.

Take, for example, you live down in the Coast region of Kenya, how will you convert a guy from going to a five-star restaurant to come to your house?. How sure are they that they’ll get the same level of treatment, services, adventure from your house?. 

For this reason, the purpose of finding and creating your niche. 

What’s an Airbnb Niche?

An Airbnb niche aims to get as specific as possible. You know they always say riches are in the niches. 

Choosing a niche market requires you to do proper research on your market. That means knowing what industry needs you’d love to satisfy. Remember not everyone is your customer. The fastest and surest way to die is to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. 

How are you going to fulfil the need or the gap for your guest?. 

Let’s say you have chosen the niche of luxury gay Airbnb, what’s lux and what will the pay per night include?. And is the pay per night equals to the services provided? Will you do airport transfers in what cars?.

Or will you take your guests for kitesurfing or deep-sea fishing?. And the most important one what makes your house a very unique location that requires your guests to pay for premium packages?.

Will you be catering to gay dads or single gay men or solo travellers?. When you become specific about your market, you open doors. You answer questions other Airbnb hosts haven’t. 

Another way to find an Airbnb niche is through your passion and skills. What do you live for? What are the activities that make you tick? Create Airbnb experiences surrounding

What Are The Untapped Airbnb Markets in Kenya?

  1. Backpacking 

A backpacker doesn’t mean poor services or a bed full of bedbugs. It means having the whole world in the backpack, searching for great locations to visit.

Backpackers love to refer other backpackers because not many backpacking paradises provide for great quality services. 


The gay/lesbian/transgender Airbnb niche is non-existent in Kenya because of homophobia. What if you cater to this niche that regularly travels instead of judging them.

Spend time creating materials for this market. And start from this article about travelling in homophobia Kenya. Read more about this unique travel industry from the travels of Adam, a solo gay travel blog and have your eyes open.  

3. Luxury 

How many luxury Airbnb niches have you seen in Kenya? Those that cater to only high-end clients. These guests look for exotic and unique experiences and are not worried about the price.

Make sure to keep your Airbnb clean and tidy all the time. And also include luxury fixtures as home decors, have an eye for decoration and don’t spare the coins. 

4. Budget, Frugal Travellers

Frugality doesn’t mean cheap and bedbug or dust infested Airbnb. In fact, some frugal travellers are so expensive and are willing to spend thousands of dollars a night in your Airbnb.

Budget travellers mostly mean keeping away from the touristic sites and exploring other areas within the country which remain unexplored.  

5. Solos Can Be Gay or Not. 

There are some solo female, solo male or solo LGBTQ travellers exploring the world on their own. These are people who relish the comfort of themselves while also enjoying to meet people from all over the world.

Most solo travellers are open to adventure and are not choosy. Research on this Airbnb niche to know how to please them. 

6. Single Parent Families 

The ‘’complete’’ family is coming to a quick extinct like the white giraffe/rhino. It’s important to know that how a complete family travels isn’t the way one from a single parent will.

Because the single-parent family would want to have nannies and creche nearby. Is your Airbnb nanny and creche ready? If not, what are you going to do to make the travel for the single parent as easy as possible

7. Green Travellers 

Green travellers are passionate about the environment and prefer staying in places with absolute care to the environment. They prefer energy-saving spaces where solar energy or windmills are the main sources. They also love no wifis among other things. How is your Airbnb green travel prepared? 

8. Nature Travellers

These are people who enjoy the outdoors more than anything else. They love to hike, go up mountains and see the world from nature’s point of view. How is your Airbnb nature prepped? What nature travelling activities do you have for your guests. 

Some nature travel ideas include

Mountain climbing, 

Tree planting,

Animal conversancy. 

9. University Professor Tours 

Educational tours like Airbnb place prepared. These means do you have ideas for places you can take your guests to. How would they benefit from researching your vineyard for example? Make sure to include amenities a university professor loves. 

10. Industry Tours, 

As an Airbnb host, it critical to take your guests for industry meetings as part of the experience. You can ask the companies around you to accommodate you for a number of days.

And that your students will leave the environment as tidy as the found it. And while in the company not to touch any electricals or tamper with them, 

11. Adventure/ Leisure

Those travellers who travel for fun. Here you can include fun activities ranging from water sports to field sports and have your guests have a blast. These type of guests are open to anything that sounds like fun and is most likely not choosy. 

 12. Wholistic Travellers

An Airbnb that accommodates yogis and transformational coaches. You can make your Airbnb like a retreat sorta location to achieve this effect. Pack the Airbnb with yoga mats, books, scents and energy. 

13. Craft Travellers

Craft guests are those artists, sewists or tailors, painters who travel from one location to the other. Prepare your Airbnb with a place for painters with a lot of paintbrushes and canvases option.

Or if it’s tailors have sewing machines and exotic fabrics which your guests pay a premium for to access. Be creative and utilise the crafters as much as possible.

14. World Travellers 

An airbnb catering to those guests travelling the whole year and non-stop. These guests are looking for an Airbnb that becomes home for a certain period of time before moving on to another location.

Because travelling around the world ii a lifestyle, make sure to provide top-notch service so that the guests can refer to other guests. Remember word of mouth marketing is power. 

When hunting for an Airbnb niche, make sure to have enough space for the lined activities. Also, make sure to make your guests get adequate support as possible. An Airbnb is a hotel, and the hotel industry is very competitive. Make your Airbnb competitive to make sure you beat the test of time by remaining relevant. 

If you want to make money with airbnb find a niche and grow the niche to the status you want. Airbnb isn’t about hosting and leaving the house clean and tidy for another guest, it’s making connections and establishing ourself as an industry guru.

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