How to Make Side Hustle Money Selling and Buying Websites in Kenya (Website Flipping Business)

the business of buying and selling websites for a profit

What is Website Flipping and How Does it Work?

Website flipping means buying and selling websites.

So what happens is that you will purchase an existing website and sell it at a price higher than you bought it for.

Once you buy the website, you will improve its quality, through maximising traffic, generating sales and revenue and improving the website’s search engine rankings so that you can sell it at a profit.

There are other website flippers who prefer to build their own website from scratch, add value to it and then sell it at a profit, which is a good thing if you want to cut down on costs.

So many businesses today are shifting to their activities online.

One of the ways they do this is by creating a website.

However, the major frustration that comes with this is that it is difficult to beat the numerous websites available and stand out from the online crowd.

Setting up a website from scratch can be hard because it requires a lot of time, effort, dedication and money.

But what if you can find established websites for these businesses and sell them at a cost?

A website flipping business is a good idea if you want to make money from this opportunity.

People are willing to buy an existing website so that they can focus their attention on other aspects of their business.

Have you no idea how to start a website flipping business?

In this article, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about website flipping.

I will also share some tips and advice on where to flip websites and how you can successfully run your website flipping business.

Is a Website Flipping Business Profitable?

Yes, if you are dedicated, committed and research to understand the market then you can make more than side hustle money with website flipping.

Website flipping gets confused with domain flipping.

You can make good money from flipping websites online.

Many people are starting a website flipping business to earn some extra income.

There are those who even make a decent living out of it. You can too.

Do you want to start a website flipping business as a side job or take it as a full-time job?

How Do I Start a Succesful Website Flipping Business?

There are two ways to start a website flipping business.

You can either build your website from scratch or find an existing website elsewhere and then you sell this website at a  price higher than you bought it at.

I’ll have to warn you though, building a website from scratch can be a bit tricky and if you want to see fast results, I recommend finding an existing website so that you can get your business rolling as soon as possible.

This is what you need to do to start your website flipping business. 

Build your website

Before you start buying websites and flipping them, you should first understand what it takes to build a website.

This is the first basic step for a beginner in website flipping.

You will do more than just flipping websites in your business.

When you first build your own website, you will learn the website dynamics, acquire and hone new skills that you will need when you want to improve a website. 

Look for a website that meets your needs

Following on, you have to find a suitable website that you want to flip.

Here, there are some factors you must consider for a suitable website (more on this later).

You do not want to flip websites that people do not want.

That’s why you should do your due diligence here.

For example, a good website must have the right kind of traffic, meet the required financial and daily operations. 

Buy this website

Once you have vetted this website, it is time for you to buy it.

Remember, you have to buy a website that fits your needs.

I will show you how to evaluate a good website so that you may not end up wasting your money on websites that are not worth a dime.

Keep reading to find out more. 

Add value to the website

It’s time to now enhance your site and improve your website.

You have to make changes that will increase traffic or income to your website before you flip them at a higher price.

This is very convenient for you if you want to attract buyers and make more profit.

You then have to calculate your new website’s value based on the improvements that you have made on it, so that you may know how much you will be selling it for.

Sell your website

Now you want to sell your website.

The value that you added to your website allows you to flip it at a higher price.

This can be up to 2 or 3 times the original cost of the website depending on the amount of work that you did. You can find your clients online and flip them to your websites.

Decide if this is what you want

Before you start a website flipping business, ask yourself if this is what you want.  If you are not sure, cultivate interest first.

Website flipping only becomes enjoyable if you find passion in what you do. This pretty much applies to every job out there. 

Learn the industry

Start your research and study the market.

What does website flipping entail?

What skills do I need to start website flipping?

What are the pros of getting into this business? What are its cons?

What is the future of the website flipping business?

This will give you a clear vision of what to expect when you start flipping websites. 

Train yourself

Once you have learnt how to build your own website, do not stop there.

Keep learning what websites flip for the best profit, how to market the websites or yourself as a website flipper.

The more you know about website flipping, the better the income.

Get quality domains

If you are not building your own website from scratch, you have to get quality domains if you want to achieve success in your business.

You must go for websites that meet your set standards and needs.

You do not want to choose websites that buyers do not want. 

Fair pricing

Price your websites fairly if you want to be successful in this business.

Do not set your prices too high because you will send away buyers, or too low that you cannot make any profit from your website flipping business. 

Vet your websites before flipping

You also want to get your websites to make sure that they are of high quality before you flip them.

You can use to help you establish that.

Vetting your websites properly increases your chances of flipping them successfully. 

Promote yourself and your business

As you start your website flipping business, you need to think about good marketing strategies if you want to find clients online.

You do not want to start your business without buyers. Making yourself known is one way to be successful in this business. 

Things to Consider When Flipping Websites

When you want to start flipping websites online, there are things you need to evaluate on a website and be aware of:

  1. Niche. As you start flipping websites, you have to look at the niche you are going for. Already established websites were under specific content, for example, food, travel or business. You have to choose what niche of websites you want to get into before you start flipping. 
  1. Traffic. Make sure your websites have the right number of people visiting it at a time. If people are not visiting your website regularly, you may not be able to convince buyers to flip with you.
  1. Google penalties. Check what penalties Google has for a particular website before you start flipping. You do not want your website to be rejected for failure of being in the clear with Google.
  1. Financials. Make sure that the website you want to flip is getting the right amount of income, if not more, from customers who are using it to purchase items.
  1. Daily operations. A good website should have the maximum number of activities that can take place in a day, from engagements with clients who are using it.
  1. SEO. You have to build in your SEO skills in order to optimise your websites. This will make it easier for people to find your website from a quick Google search. Use backlinks that are of high quality.

Best Places to Flip Websites for a Profit

Here are some of the best sites to find your websites and flip them. 

  • Flippa
  • After nic
  • Trademysite
  • Digital Point Forum
  • Website Broker
  • Web Hosting Talk
  • Freemarket

What are My Roles as a Website Flipper?

There are certain things you will be doing on any day in your website flipping business.

You have to know what they are so that you do not run short in managing your website flipping business activities.

  • Finding websites
  • Vetting the websites.
  • Buying the websites 
  • Adding quality to the websites by making any necessary changes
  • Calculating your website’s worth 
  • Selling your websites to interested clients 

The Tools You Need to Start a Website Flipping Business

This is what you need to start a website flipping business. 

  • A customer/desktop
  • A phone
  • WiFi Connection 
  • A website 

What are the Expenses for Starting a Website Flipping Business?

When you are starting a website flipping business, you have to know the initial startup costs and the ongoing expenses that you will incur.

You do not want to end up falling short in your startup budget.

  1. Cost of equipment 
  1. Internet fees
  1. Cost of a website
  1. Labour costs if you need to get expert opinion and help
  1. Marketing expenses 

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Website Flipping Business?

Do you want to know how much you need to start a website flipping business?

It will depend on the type of websites you are going for.

If you are building your own website, you have to part away with some money.

If you are purchasing a website, you will also incur these costs especially if you are going for either basic or high-end websites.

Moreover, if you work with any professional or experts to help you improve a website, you will incur these costs.

If you want to learn any new skills and you may want to take any courses or training about website flipping, then you should include that in your budget too.

How Do I Make Money Flipping Websites?

You will be making money in your website flipping business through flipping websites.

You buy a website that is valuable and has good qualities for a low price, improve it and then sell it for a higher price.

That is the basic dynamic for making money in this business. You can sell the website for a fixed rate or do an auction on it.

How Much Should I Charge My Customers?

When it comes to setting a price for your website, the amount of money you charge your customers will depend on the following factors.

  • The original cost of the website; you obviously have to flip your website at a markup of what you bought it for, if you want to make profit. 
  • The value addition costs you incurred; you have to factor in how much money it cost you to enhance this new website

For example, if you bought a website for, say, $50, sell it for $100 or more depending on the changes you made on the website.

How Much Money Can I Make With a Website Flipping Business?

As a website flipper, you can make a lot of money from this business.

You can make around $1000 per month from a website flipping business.

This business is a secret goldmine for anyone looking to make money online.

You just have to find the right websites and the right clients to make a lot of profit in this business.

What Skills Do I Need to Start a Website Flipping Business?

There are certain skills and qualities that you need to have if you want to crack the code in your website flipping business.

Honing these skills will make you a great website flipper.

  1. Web development and web design skills. Web development and web design is an important skill to have because it helps you improve your website to the desired quality for flipping. If you do not have these skills, you can work with an expert, but this will cost you money.
  1. Computer skills. As a website flipper, you will be using various website flipping platforms so you need to know how you will find your way through these platforms and make the best of them.
  1. Analytical skills. In website flipping, you will be analysing and evaluating the data on a given website for example it’s daily operations, traffic and the finances that the website receives. This will help you know which website is ready for flipping or not. 
  1. Marketing skills. Since you are starting a business, you need to promote yourself on various social media platforms so that businesses may find you. You have to build your client base if you want to grow your business and make more profit. 

Who Buys Websites and How Do I Find Them?

Your clients are mostly business owners or young entrepreneurs who want to create an online presence in their business.

This is how to attract buyers as a website flipper.


Go on your website and start a blog talking about your website flipping business or any relevant content related to this website. Optimise your website so that people will find you. This is a good way to generate leads by driving traffic to your website.

Email marketing

Run an email sequence on your prospective clients and understand their pain points. You can offer tips and advice on how they can improve their websites and also offer free educational services if you want to build trust and loyalty. 


Share links for your website flipping business on your social media platforms so that people may find you. When people click on these links, they are redirected to your site for business. 

Social media

Leverage the connections you have made on social media to talk about your website flipping business. You can send DMs to businesses that have a social media presence and flip websites with them.

Create backlinks.

Use backlinks on platforms such as YouTube if you want to get more clients for your website flipping business.

Advantages of Starting a Website Flipping Business

These are some of the benefits of starting a website flipping business.

  1. Start with a low budget. When you are starting a website flipping business, you can choose to create your own websites and then you flip.them, or go for low budget websites that you can afford.
  1. There are many website flipping sites. One thing about this business is that you will find different places to flip your websites. This means that you will be serving a wide online customer base. This is good for you.
  1. Sales valuations are favourable. It is easier to show a client how valuable your website is and flip them for a high profit. You do not want to charge too low on a website that meets all it’s necessary functions.
  1. Passive income. Starting a website flipping business allows you to work from home, meaning you can start this business as a job and earn passive income from flipping websites.

Disadvantages of Starting a Website Flipping Business 

These are the problems and challenges that you will face when you start a website flipping business. 

  1. Your site may decrease in value. This is particularly true if you are primarily depending on Google’s SEO to drive traffic to your site.
  1. Commission payouts may change. The amount of commission you get may change depending on the performances of your website. You may earn more or less than you expect at times.
  1. Difficult for beginners. Website flipping may be difficult to beginners who are looking for the best websites to flip. It is even more difficult to beat the competition that is already available in website flipping. 

Tips For Starting a Website Flipping Business

There are some common mistakes that most website flippers make that lead to their automatic business failure.

If you want to achieve success in this business, you have to know what these mistakes are so that you can avoid them.

Luckily, I have listed what these mistakes are, that even the most successful website flippers made.

I will also give you a few tips on how you can avoid these mistakes and run a successful website flipping business. 

Mistakes to Avoid in Flipping Websites 

There are some mistakes that you need to avoid when you start a website flipping business. I’ve listed them below.

Keeping your websites dormant

Whether you are flipping a website you built from scratch or buying an existing website to flip, you have to make sure that the website gets the right amount of engagements it’s supposed to have. This is in terms of traffic, daily operations and engagements. Write content and build on SEO to activate your website.

Selling at a lower price

If you bought a website for a higher price, it is only logical that you sell it at a markup. Do not undercharge your websites if you want to make a profit. Remember to also be fair when you are setting your prices if you want to flip more websites.

Buying unworthy domains

Always do your due diligence before you settle for any domain that you would want to flip.

Check on the traffic, daily operations, financials and SEO success of a website before you buy it for flipping. It will save you a lot of heartaches.

Starting large

Before you start the website flipping business, I’d advise you to start with your own website and see the results it will get.

I also advise anyone who is new in this business to start with low-end websites if you want to cut down on expenses. You will not incur heavy losses this way.

Lack of proper vetting

This circles back to buying unworthy domains. You just have to do a thorough inspection of the kind of website that you want and how you can get them.

If one website doesn’t match up to your standards, then it is probably not the best for flipping. 

an infographic on the business of buying and selling websites for profit in 4 steps

Website Flipping Business Ideas

As you start your own website flipping business, you have to make sure that you do not do what everyone else is doing.

There are unique and profitable niches you can venture in today with a website flipping business idea.

Remember, you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors if you want to have more clients and make more money.

I will give you other unique profitable business ideas you can start with website flipping. 

Profitable Website Flipping Business Ideas 

Here are some profitable website flipping business ideas you can try today.

  • Create a website flipping course
  • Start a website flipping blog
  • Build a website flipping platform
  • Web development 
  • Web design 

FAQs on Selling and Buying Websites for Profit

  1. Is website flipping profitable?

Website flipping is profitable if you understand valuation: traffic, monetisation, SEO.

2. How do I become a website flipper?

Choose a niche (what you understand you do better)

Choose a website

Evaluate growth by checking analytics


Put it up for sale

3. How much do website flippers make?

Website flippers make 2 to 3 times depending on the niche, marketing, selling and negotiation power.

4. How long does it take to flip a website?

Website flipping can take a few months to years before turning a profit.

5. How fast do domains sell?

Domains sell fast when they’re in a profitable niche then they become competitive.

6. What kind of websites are in demand?

Media and entertainment


Personal finance

Business websites

Tech sites

Non-profit /community work

Portfolio sites


Fashion and beauty

7. Difference between domain and website

A domain is the name of the site, for example, Kenya Review.

A website is the ‘facility’ holding the domain.

Resources Related to Selling and Buying Websites for Profit

Flip Websites on Flippa for Side Hustle Money as a Kenya

How to Make Money Domain Flipping in Kenya

The Most Profitable Blog Niche to Buy and Sell for a Profit in Kenya

Flippa is a marketplace like eBay where you can buy websites for cheap and sell for profit.

Website flipping has a great future because the number of people and businesses using websites is increasing rapidly.

With more businesses embracing online platforms, starting from a profitable niche(s) is crucial.

Niches like beauty and fashion, tech, making money online attract high demand therefore start with these profitable niches.

Even though the niches are profitable, it doesn’t mean the work ends there, in fact, your work as a website flipper begins.

Your work as a website flipper will involve, finding and creating content for the website, learning SEO and SEM marketing, digital marketing, updating HTML codes and more marketing.

The more you market, the more traffic you get and the more money you will earn during selling.

Website flipping is a side hustle or passive income method with the potential to make you a multi-millionaire or some pocket money for travel or adventure.

The number of hours in your website flipping depends on whether website flipping becomes a full or part-time hustle and that determines your earnings.

Were you thinking of starting a website flipping business but got confused about getting started?

Or are you a website flipper that wants to learn how to turn a profit fast buying and selling websites?

Share your experiences as a website flipper or tips beginner website flippers must learn.

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