For how long have you dreamt?

Five years, ten, fifteen? Well, dreams are unconscious, subconscious thoughts.

Should we start examining why dreaming for too long is bad?

Picture this:

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Your dreams seem easy to reach until you have dreamt for far too long.

I’m a victim of such endless nightmares.

Yes, when you dream for too long it becomes a nightmare that never ends.

It makes you turn and toss in bed, your dreams in this case.

In the end, we have a sad case of a wrinkled man or woman wallowing in sorrow, self-pity, aggression, anguish and sometimes suicide.

For example, I know you love to know – I have been dreaming of increasing my income to 8 figures or nine figures year in year out.

I have over 1000 and 1 ways of making money no wonder I believe in myself that much.

I have failed horribly because every-time I got confronted with the idea of living my comfort zone, I felt jittery and squirmish.

I just believed that everything would fall into place finally.

As the years crept by, I came to the full realisation that I’m just a naive lazy coward who wants things the easy way.

The easy way seems appealing always and it’s the way of the dead, it’s the way that many of us live unfulfilled lives.

It’s what I wanted and I was living the life, don’t get me wrong, I had more than enough but my blank stare in the wall couldn’t stop.

I wondered why opportunities kept passing me by; why everyone around me kept making big boss moves while I lingered in the horizon.

I wasn’t prepared, in fact, I was lazy and having a lot of wishful thoughts.

Let’s just say I was pushed to the brick wall and the intense pain was too much to bear.

I have always wanted things which were either out of reach for me or things which were unavailable to me.

How mistaken I was to just sit there believing all would work. 

It doesn’t work that way, NEVER KID YOURSELF.

If you want someone so bad go for them but be the change, write down the qualities you’d love in them.

You have to want the same things, if it’s a relationship, for example.

Never short-change yourself to ”fit in”.

And decide how you’ll work the relationship if your paths are too different.

You cannot wish or want a married man or woman because, they’re already taken.

You have to make them divorce.

Keep realising that some things NEVER work for the best.

What we want so bad is sometimes not good enough.

So, again find your good enough story.

You cannot want something when you’re not that something.

Money is the stressor of all humans and they say it’s never enough, it’s us who are never satisfied.

I have wanted my ideas to go big but when it reaches time for doing the job like answering phone calls or cold calling I’d get choked, fear.

Always start with baby steps – baby steps build into toddler, kid tween and you know what I mean.

I have got opportunities which required or disguised themselves as great challenges yet I ran away from them.

I have limited myself always from reaching my goals.

Or in some cases, I have reached my goal then slumped away because I got too lazy, created my not stories, excuses.

Enough is enough you have to decide.

You have to make your mind up that you want your dream as bad as you dreamt it, feel it, envision it.

You can plan all you want but if you don’t implement the crucial steps, you can keep planning because you aren’t ready.

                                              WORDS OF THE DAY:

If you want your dreams to come true, manifestation only isn’t enough, vision boards aren’t visual enough without action.

Take action, fearless action because those actions are steps to realising your goals.

Never stop dreaming.

Just actualise the dream.

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