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My blog has suffered for a while because of the recent updates to it… sorry about that. One of the 2018 promises was to blog on here like there’s no tomorrow.

Blog Updates , revamps isn’t my strong forte, so forgive me. I’m no Programmer but I hope it’s appealing so far.

It’s one of the goals of 2018 I haven’t achieved but I’m not giving up.

What I realised is that I have to write a letter to myself to ask some very critical questions.

Because, when the year started, I was full of aspirations, desires, goals and drive but as January became harder and harder, I heard people call it, ”Njaanuary”. A sigh of relief showed on faces when 31st January reached.

As the year keeps rolling, those became the ”moments”, anticipating for the end month, anticipating for when the salary will come.

And this becomes what 2018, 2030, 2050, 2080, rinse and repeat happens. No achievement, cries after cries about how your job sucks.

Cry after cry about how the world is full of thieves and how others are rich because they were born into wealth. You complain always and see no gratitude from any happenings in your life.

This year what did you want? 

  1. Additional income?
  2. A side hustle?
  3. Live Life and not Survive Life. 
  4. Travel more?
  5. New relationship?
  6. Experiment sexuality?
  7. ”Come out”
  8. Take a leap of those things you have always been afraid of?
  9. Financial Freedom? I know I’d love this, a lot!!!
  10. Wear a lot of makeup? I did want this and kept at it. 
  11. Be more on You Tube… I wanted to build a community, though I started in May, I’m glad for the strides I have taken. I overcame shyness and still faking it for vlogs.

Whatever it is you wanted but haven’t achieved and I haven’t listed here?

How did you want to achieve it?

  1. Work hard?
  2. Smart work?
  3. Actionable steps? Vision boards? Goals?

Working goals aren’t made over Christmas or Thanksgiving luncheons, they’re made NOW before the season’s hangovers clam your thoughts into oblivion and in 2019 disappeared.

PROVERBIAL VIBES: The early bird catches the worm, do you think those who said those words were wrong?

In fact, when you’re first to arrive you have the ability to tweak mistakes. Don’t leave last though.

Don’t beat yourself either if you haven’t achieved any of the goals you have set . You still have 90 days to tweak the goals and the timer starts- NOW. 

It can never be too late to achieve. Now stop reading after writing these critical questions down:

a). What is it that you achieved?

b). Can you work to change now?

c). What’s stopping you?

d). How do you plan on utilising October?

e). Why haven’t you achieved what you want yet?

f). Do you believe in yourself?


Go shine because you were meant to, NEVER GIVING UP  because if you do, who will do it for YOU?

Because in the end, YOU have YOURSELF to blame.




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