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If you want to maximise on the holiday shopping frenzy as a Kenyan online business owner, this is for you. 

The holiday season is not only a time to relax but shop. Take advantage of shoppers thronging your online business as a business owner. 

What are the strategies you need to holiday-proof your online business as a Kenyan entrepreneur? 

The following strategies will help you maximise on your profits holiday-proof your online business. They include

Start Now 

September is the best month to begin marketing your online business for the upcoming season. but if marketing your business for Halloween as a Kenyan business owner, you need to start in July of every year. 

The earlier you start marketing the better your customers will find out about you. If you start too late shoppers will be checking other places to shop.

You’ll also be overwhelmed with attempting to fulfil orders. Because shipping takes longer and delays occur due to the post’s burden of processing goods. 

Start early to save on the headache of last-minute rush and competition. You also will position yourself as an expert in your field if you start advertising early.

Customers love to be kept in the loop on the brand’s progress throughout the year. If you disappear for long, then customers forget about you. 

2. Start a Blog 

A blog is a valuable product for holiday-proofing your online business.

Creating consistent content and working on your blog as a day job puts your products and brand out there.

Plus you connect a lot with your customers through strategies like email marketing. Making your brand personable and memorable. 

A blog is also an additional source of income

3. Create Gift Guides 

Gift guides are attractive and display so beautifully on your blog.

Gift guides are a charming way of telling the world you know what gift-giving is all about.

Choose gifts accordingly and categorise them into groups. For example, a holiday gift guide for newlyweds, holiday gift guide for children under 5 years and so on.

Add printable downloadable greeting cards to enable people to click the downloads and increase your blog’s traffic. 

4. Hire Extra Hand 

The holiday season gets marked with high store visits, a great time and opportunity to hire extra hand in your shop.

Make sure the extra hand are well-equipped with the running of your business.

For example, if it’s a secretarty ensure that they know how to handle office duties like computers and answering emails. 

5. Learn How To Sell 

Many business owners have great products but don’t know how to sell.

The art of selling is as simple as being confident in your products and believing there are customers out there made to purchase your products.

Learning how to sell is an art that needs mastering.

Take a lot of online marketing/sales courses and also learn about copywriting.

This is a learnable skill according to Dan Lok, a Marketing Guru. 

6. Make Your Business Memorable 

During the holiday season in Kenya, we strive to shop, strive to make your customers remember your shop for the longest time possible.

To make your shop memorable, have the greatest offers and discounts, provide kickass customer service and have the most unique products in your shop.

Don’t be like everyone else selling the trendiest same item without a personal spin.

Always aim to stand out. And you can use animated videos or cartoons to enhance your videos or messages.

Make sure to be the best black Friday deal or Halloween deals shop.

Educate your customers what Halloween is and why it matters for example.

Stand out, there are a lot of strategies to help you stand out as a business, take advantage of the strategies. 

7. Learn the Art of SEO 

Seo is everywhere and it’s not going anywhere.

And for your online business, this means researching keywords that people are asking google services.

Then creating content around that pain topic by giving in-depth information.

SEO isn’t only about keyword research it’s also about knowing how to use related keywords and synonyms and inserting them throughout your content.

How to use google console to know which keywords you already rank for. And applying SEO friendly titles and keeping your keyword in the first 100 words in your content.

Want to know more about SEO, I took a course on the basics of SEO from the University of California Davis, and let the course because I didn’t understand.

What I learnt I applied and in a few weeks, m daycare topic, virtual assistant ranked number one on google.

I’m back again to learning about SEO and if you want to learn to, make sure to leave your email address with me by subscribing to my youtube and email list. 

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8. The Art of Copywriting 

Have you ever wondered why some advertisement make you click on them while others don’t make you move a finger?

It’s because of embracing the art or concept of copywriting.

When you know how to write copywriting for your business during the holiday season, you’re not only making them click on your content but telling them what to do after the click.

On YouTube, Dan Lok teaches how to be a great copywriter and also Neville Medhora in his Kopywriting Kourse. 

9. Learn about Facebook Ads 

How many of your business owners in Kenya know how to use facebook ads not for likes but for purchases?.

During the holiday season, the CPC increases significantly because advertisers are willing to pay a lot of money to have their website have the most visitors.

Take a facebook ads course and get into the know about getting your products page does not like but conversion or ROI. 

10. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is where to begin for your online business.

No one wants to walk in a business premise and get out without excellent service.

You want to receive the best treatment and leave with a smile.

How many business owners gear towards having their customer service the best ever?.

Ever walked into a Kenyan business and wanted to slap the muffin out the attendant’s face.

Customer service is the pinnacle of your online business to ensure the customer service has trained attendants during the holiday season. 

11. Collect Emails for Email Marketing 

When having an online business, it’s essential to learn the basics of email marketing and what email marketing is about.

Collect your customer’s emails so you cater to them by staying in touch with them.

And also responding to their questions about your service/product questions.

And also to keep in touch with them during the launch of your products. 

12. Is Your Site Loading Fast 

When having an online business, it’s great to have an online store that loads faster.

Make sure to include jpg and not png pics for faster loading of your website.

A faster loading website offers great customer experience and your aim for the holiday is to hoodwink customers to stay on your site for as long as possible. 

During the holiday season, it’s time to make your online business be in the mind of your target audience.

As a Kenyan business owner, how do you intend on positioning your business/brand as an expert to bring in more sales?




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