Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude

You have heard about cloth diapers from me for a long time. The cloth diaper craze is not yet here in Kenya, but, soon it will catch up. I know you are wondering how you will compete against the disposable ones as many ”modern mammas” would rather pass.

That’s why we are sewing to sell these cloth diapers. I will talk about finding reputable fabrics that you are sure your clients, customers will buy.

Having been a cloth diapering mummy and a sewing enthusiast for these new inventions, I am sure I have some wealth to share. It’s always free, so pull a chair, make the tea, coffee and wait for mamma earth.

A lot of juice is coming up, can’t wait either!

Would you love to know how to use cloth diapers? Would it be a fantastic option if your love makes money for you?

Well, hop in and talk please.





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