a diagram showing what SEO is about in summary

Your presence online needs to make money for your business by reaching your potential customers.

An SEO consultant helps with SEO – building a site attractive for users, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Your position on Google is based on a quality score, for example, the content in your site, site layout, SEO, mobile site, speed of your site and internal links you use.

Making sure your page ranks on the first 2 pages of Google search results is crucial for success.

Getting on Google’s first two pages is achieved by quality site content, inbound links which help you build your site’s domain authority and increase your search engine rankings.

SEO is an ongoing process – takes time to see results, keep up with Google’s changing algorithms or risk losing organic rankings.

SEO is vital for your online marketing budget.

The Internet is a very competitive online space for businesses. From trying to get customers and maintaining visibility,

SEO is an important tool in ensuring that businesses don’t get lost in the online crowd.

SEO consultants make sure businesses rank top of the search engine.

If you are in how Google works a business as an SEO consultant from home and make money.

Is Starting a Business as an SEO Consultant Profitable?

Yes, starting a business as an SEO consultant is very profitable.

You can make a lot of money from this business.

There are high-profit margins involved in this industry and you get to serve a wide customer base.

There is a growing number of people who need SEO consultants and the demand for these services are high.

You can start your business as an SEO consultant and work part-time or full time as you make money.

Starting a business as an SEO consultant is the best thing you can do today, especially with the current rise.

If you are still wallowing in doubts about whether or not to start a business as an SEO consultant, this is your cue to start. Keep reading to find out more!

What is SEO Consultancy and How Does it Work?

An SEO consultant is a person who is in charge of a client’s business websites and works on improving business visibility on the search engines.

As an SEO consultant, you will provide knowledge and unique strategies to your clients on how they can improve their SEO.

You will not be in charge of undertaking these steps for them, but you will only be in charge of the consulting services.

What happens is that you will meet with your clients, examine their websites and look for any issues that need to be addressed in order to meet business needs.

Your clients will then pay you for your SEO consulting services.

How Do I Start a Business as an SEO Consultant?

You can start as a freelancer and get hired to offer your services or you can run your own SEO consultancy business.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can start a business as an SEO consultant. 

Learn SEO

Before you start a business as an SEO consultant, you need to learn SEO. If you have no prior experience in SEO, don’t worry.

You can start with YouTube to get the basic SEO tutorials that you need to start your business as an SEO consultant. You can also take an online course that deals with SEO and get certified.

Certification is important if you want to hold your consulting business credibility.

You have to bu8ld your skills here and hone them if you want a successful business as an SEO consultant. 

Build your website

The next thing you want is to create your first website and optimise it for SEO.

Building your first website allows you to exercise the skills that you have gotten and also drive traffic.

If you have a good website that ranks top on Google’s search engine, then it becomes easier for people to trust you for your SEO consulting services. 

Pick a niche

You have to find a niche when you are starting your business as an SEO consultant.

There are different niches you can give consulting services.

Niching down is important for any beginner because it allows you to focus on your area of expertise.

There are many niches you can pick from starting with on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO or keyword SEO. Do your research and find out which one sparks your interest.

Look for clients

If you want your business to kick-off, you have to look for clients.

Your clients are mostly online. You can find them on social media, freelancing sites or drive this traffic to your website with content marketing.

Know your audience

As you are offering your SEO consulting services, you have to know the needs of both your clients and the target audience.

This will allow you to come up with some of the best techniques to win your clients over.

Set goals

As an SEO consultant, you need to set clear goals and objectives of what you want to achieve at the end of your consulting services.

This could be to boost traffic, increase visibility or improve the daily operations of a website.

Achieving these goals proves your value to your clients as an SEO consultant.

 Educate your clients

It is important to efficiently equip your clients with all the techniques and strategies that they need to improve their SEO.

Give good advice and provide unique strategies that will help them best their competitors in the online crowd. Build good rapport.

Make sure you understand what your clients want so that you may not inconvenience them by rendering SEO consulting services that they are not looking for.

Encourage execution

You can follow up on the strategies that you have put in place for your clients and make sure that they execute them.

Encouraging execution is one way to build trust with your clients.

Choose the right tools

Get the right tools for your SEO consulting services.

This includes doing thorough research and checking to see which tool is the best fit for you.

The right SEO tools will help you run a successful business as an SEO consultant. 

Do your research

Before you start any business, you have to do thorough research and get all the details about it.

Studying the industry allows you to determine what to expect when you go ahead with the idea.

This allows you to get a clear vision as you start your business as an SEO consultant. 

Take a course and get certified

You need to develop your skills if you want to start a business as an SEO consultant.

This includes taking an online course and honing your SEO skills.

You may also want to get certified if you want to operate a credible business as an SEO consultant. 

Find SEO tools that work for you

Choose the right SEO tools that are going to help you as you start your consulting business.

Some of these tools will be used for communication with clients, project management and digital marketing.

Check out Google Hangouts for communication, Trello for project management and Buffer for digital marketing. 

Test your SEO knowledge.

If you want to test your SEO knowledge and skills before you start a consulting business, you can try building a website or working for a small business.

This will allow you to know the level of skills as an SEO consultant.

You can always upgrade your skills as you see fit.

Grow your network

To become an SEO consultant, you need to grow your client base and find people who are looking to pay for your SEO consulting services.

You keep on promoting yourself and find good marketing strategies for your business as an SEO consultant. 

What Will I Do in My Business as an SEO Consultant 

The duties and roles of an SEO consultant include the following:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss the issues on their old websites 
  • Examining and analysing any issues that affect the client’s website.
  • Exploring and exposing issues that affect your client’s website.
  • Explain the real workings and ethical means of optimising websites for SEO.
  • Giving expert recommendations to help clients on how they can improve their SEO
  • Giving SEO techniques that will help clients build an authoritative website. 
  • Constant and consitent learning about Google, its algorithms, customer behaviour and anaysing data using tools like Google Analytics

What Do I Need to Start a Business as an SEO Consultant 

These are what you need to start a business as an SEO consultant. 

  • A reliable desktop/computer
  • A website
  • SEO tools
  • Google subscription tools
  • A business licence
  • An SEO certificate (optional)

What are the Expenses For Starting a Business as an SEO Consultant?

The following are the expenses for starting an SEO consulting business and they include:

  1. Cost of a new computer/ desktop 
  1. Website expenses 
  1. Subscription fees for the tools you are using. (Some tools are free)
  1. Certificate fees
  1. Internet fees
  1. Marketing expenses 

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Business as an SEO Consultant?

You do not need a lot of money to start a business as an SEO consultant.

You can start making money with a business as an SEO consultant without investing any money into it.

SEO needs a lot of training so if you cannot get access to paid online courses, you can access free content on YouTube.

Starting a business as an SEO consultant has low startup costs.

How Do I Make Money With a Business as an SEO Consultant?

When you start a business as an SEO consultant, you will make money from offering consulting services to clients on how they can improve their websites by managing their SEO.

An SEO consultant doesn’t manage a client’s website but is responsible for providing knowledge on the best skills and techniques your clients will use to improve SEO.

There are other profitable and unique ways you can make money when you start a business as an SEO consultant.

How Much Should I Charge My Clients?

The amount of money you charge your clients will depend on the following factors.

  • Skills and expertise. Clients working with SEO consultants want to work with experienced indivduals. Because it’s risky to employ someone that doesn’t understand how SEO works.
  • Competition. Look at what other SEO consultants are charging clients and use that as the base for which you will set your prices.
  • Amount of work. Minor simple SEO projects cost less than major complex one which require using a lot of resources. 

Price your services according to your skills and expertise.

Let clients know how long it takes before they see results – you can only give estimates and never actual numbers because every client’s needs and demand are different.

Don’t underprice your services. Your pricing is determined by your results, skills and expertise.

How Much Money Can I Make With a Business as an SEO Consultant?

The amount of money you can make with a business as an SEO consultant will depend on the number of clients you have.

Therefore, you have to channel all your efforts towards advertising and reaching new clients.

The more clients you get, the more money you make.

Legal Requirements For an SEO Consultancy Business

When you start a business as an SEO consultant, you have to make sure you are in full compliance with the law so that you will not end up paying heavy fines or get your business shut down.

These are the necessary permits and licences you need to start a business as an SEO consultant. 

  • Necessary certificates 
  • Business licence (if you are opening an SEO consulting agency)
  • Tax certificate

What Skills Do I Need to Start a Business as an SEO Consultant?

There are some skills and traits you need to have if you are starting a business as an SEO consultant. Successful SEO consultants usually have these traits and skills.

  1. Critical thinking. As an SEO consultant,  you need to be a person who thinks on their feet. You have to know how to identify any real issues affecting your clients websites and come up with clear solutions to address these problems. 
  1. Computer skills. You have to have the technical know how of managing and using the popular SEO subscription tools. This will help you avoid any incompetence that you can make.
  1. Project management skills. You need to know how to plan, execute and manage the SEO consulting projects that you will be undertaking effectively. Exercise good tasks, team, time and risk management efforts.
  1. Analytical skills. You need to know how to keep good analysis on the data that you are given concerning a client’s SEO. This will boost your business as an SEO consultant by a lot.
  1. Interpersonal skills. Practice great people skills and be able to connect with people from different walks of life in different ways. You will form good relationships this way.
  1. Communication skills. Communication goes a long way when you start your business as an SEO consultant. You will have to know how to build good rapport and also have exceptional writing skills for your business. 

How Do I Promote a Business as a SEO Consultant

Who are My Clients and How Do I Attract Them?

Your target audience is spread out. They can be individuals or businesses looking to improve their visibility in search engines.

The following are strategies for promoting your SEO consulting business and they include:

Use social media

Social media is a good space to sell yourself as an SEO consultant and talk about your business. Use the connections you have made on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get clients.

Go to freelancing sites

You can go to freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr and apply for jobs there. The people who hire you are your first clients. 

Ask for referrals

If your clients are satisfied with the work you are doing, you can ask them to refer someone else/other business to you for your consulting services.

Use cold calls and emails

You can identify small businesses and send cold emails or make cold calls to them and talk about how you can improve their SEO status. 

Create a website

You can create a website and start a blog that talks about your business as an SEO consultant. Content marketing is a good way to drive traffic to your business. 

Business listings and directories

Make your SEO consulting business available on sites such as Google so that people can find you online.

Create a business profile and ask for customer reviews if you want to make it in these directories.

Email marketing

Run an email sequence on your clients and offer solutions and tips to take care of their SEO pain points and answer their questions about SEO.

You can offer free resources or provide educational content if you want to build trust and authority with them.

This will also encourage lead generation. 

Advantages of Starting a Business as an SEO Consultant 

These are some of the benefits of starting a business as an SEO consultant. 

  1. You can work from home. This is one of the best things about starting a business as an SEO consultant. If you are introverted like me, or you would like to save on your expenses, this is  a good way to do just that and make money.
  1. High profit margins. You can easily charge your clients thousands of money for your SEO consulting services. You can make a living from this business or earn extra cash depending on how dedicated you will be. 
  1. Wide customer base. Since your customers are mostly online, you can find yourself working for people who are all the way across the globe. This means that your client base is not limited.
  1. Growing income potential. SEO is an ever changing industry so you stand a chance to grow and expand your business however you see fit.
  1. Meaningful connections. As you work for your clients, you get to create meaningful relationships with them beyond work. 

Disadvantages of Starting a Business as an SEO Consultant 

These are the problems and challenges that you will face when you start a business as an SEO consultant.

  1. Expensive. You can start out as an SEO consultant without any money, but if you want to have a good head start in this business, you will need to invest money in your training and the tools that you will be using. This can be expensive. 
  1. Highly competitive. The online space is very competitive. You will need to go against people who have been long in the game and prove your value of how your consulting services are a big deal. 
  1. SEO keeps changing. SEO keeps changing every time. You will need to upgrade your skills every so often to beat the competition. This can be quite hectic and tiresome if you ask me.

Mistakes to Avoid When Starting as an SEO Consultant

The following are mistakes to avoid as an SEO consultant and they include:

Using the wrong tools for SEO

Make sure you pick the correct tools for your business as an SEO consultant.

There are free tools that you can use but make sure they are convenient.

You do not want to build your business while using SEO tools that are not going to work for you. 

Failure to understand what the audience wants

You have to be aware of what your target audience wants from a website so that you can help your clients put out the right content to reach them. 

Failure to educate clients

If you do not educate your clients well on why SEO is important and beneficial to their business, they will not trust your consulting services and they may pull away from working with you.

Having no clear objectives

Make sure you have clear goals and objectives of what you want to achieve for your clients.

A clear aim means understanding where your client is with their SEO game and helping them go to the next level.

Unique SEO Business Ideas

As you start your business as an SEO consultant, know that there are many unique and profitable niches that you can go into.

SEO is ever-evolving and changing therefore diversifying your services to cater to other SEO related services making more money for your business.

Profitable SEO Consultant Business Ideas 

Here are some profitable and unique businesses you can start as an SEO consultant. 

  • Social media SEO
  • Mobile- user SEO
  • Start an SEO blog like Moz, Search Engine Journal that educate potential customers on the importance of SEO
  • Create services like semRush, Ahrefs that help customers identify new keywords in their niches
  • content marketing 
  • Video SEO
  • Website SEO

FAQs on How to Become an SEO Consultant

  1. Is SEO a profitable business?

YES, SEO is profitable because SEO is a marketing strategy for any business now and in the future.

2. Can SEO make you rich?

YES, SEO can make you rich quickly because businesses are finding competent SEO consultants to help with ranking their businesses on Google.

3. What do SEO consultants do?

SEO consultants do the following:

Create a website then use SEO strategies based on search keyword volume and phrase to support your brand/products that customer searches.

They also promote and develop website authority that solves searchers’ intent.

Help website become attractive by delivering a better visitor experience by asking if the website delivers the visitor’s reason for searching?

4. What skills are needed for SEO?

The skills SEO consultants need include:


Speaking and writing


Social skills

Technical and programming


Drive, motivation


5. How many hours does SEO take?

It depends on how many hours you want to take. SEO takes a lot of hours and years to become a master.

6. Is SEO worth it?

YES, SEO is worth it for any business.

7. Are SEO jobs in demand?

YES, SEO jobs are in demand because businesses want a piece of the Google rankings and organic results.

Organic results help save businesses from paid advertisement.

8. Does SEO have a future?

YES, SEO has a future because the content is only getting bigger and better.

9. Will SEO exist in 5 years?

YES, SEO will exist in 5 years because social media and search engines are merging. Pinterest and Google, Twitter and Google, Facebook and Google this means even social media recognises the importance of Google rankings.

10. How to be on Google’s Page 1?

To be on Google’s page 1 do the following:

Write for people

Have a keyword strategy

Have the keywords in your content

Optimise/customise/make your site mobile friendly

Target locations/geotags are becoming the in-thing. Instead of Saying how to make money online in Kenya, say or write how to make money in Nairobi County.

Focus on PAA (People Also Ask) section or FAQs to help answer questions people are asking about what you teach.

11. What are the basics of SEO?

The basics of SEO include:



Image descriptions

Linking (Inbound)


Social media distribution

Search friendly URLs

Linking to high-quality content

12. Can I learn SEO by myself?

YES, you can learn SEO by yourself on YouTube or blogs online.

13. Difference between SEO vs Digital Marketing

SEO – digital marketing strategy involving all tactics to increase the ranking of your website/webpage in the search engine results pages

Digital Marketing = planning, strategising, implementing changes to improve brand visibility and recognition via online medium = puts you ahead of the competition.

SEO comes under digital marketing. SEO is a technique/strategy used for digital marketing.

14. Does SEO need coding?

NO, and YES.

No, you can start your business as an SEO consultant without coding knowledge.

YES, a sense of programming is a useful skill.

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SEO consulting is a growing industry because businesses are moving online.

When brands move online daily, there’s clamouring for visibility and keyword competition.

Your content is key in ensuring your brand ranks higher and the knowledge of SEO comes in.

Those who understand Google’s algorithms, the most popular search engine, win.

Instead of using paid advertising the best kind of traffic is organic which means a powerful knowledge of SEO.

As an SEO consultant, you won’t get limited on SEO discovering keywords but creating content or coming up with content marketing strategies, having the knowledge of programming/coding is a useful and highly desirable skill.

The goodness of SEO is that it evolves and develops therefore you don’t need a degree but constant learning to keep up with customers and algorithms.




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