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Funny enough we talk about the digital migration in Kenya for televisions but not for jobs.

If you want to begin working online as a Kenyan, the information on the websites/blogs don’t explain how to get started or what you will need.

You will learn pretty early on that the information is limited to writing, transcription and data entry jobs.

While these are hot and on-demand jobs online, the information about the number of jobs or side hustles a Kenyan can begin online aren’t clear.

Plus most Kenyans aren’t advised to start working online by choosing a niche or an area of specialising. So, they end up earning dismal amounts of money from hot and on-demand jobs.

In fact, some bloggers claim that you have to pay them money in order for them to show you how to begin work online.

Working online is free and you don’t need to pay anyone a dime when getting started. In fact, you only invest in courses when you want to develop your skills in order to increase your income.

Also, there are questions you have to ask before beginning work online in Kenya, what are your skills?

Why do you want to work online?

Is there a market for the service you want to offer online?

How will you let others know you work online and will it take time to educate them on how the online world of making money works?

You’re also going to educate yourself on the importance of branding your online business in order to increase the income. 

Million-Dollar Strategies of Making Money Working From Home in Kenya You Must Use 

The following strategies will enable you to make money quickly while working online as a Kenyan and the million-dollar strategies include the following: 

  1. Determine Your Why 

I lacked a job after university and the feelings of a failure crowded me. I vowed to myself I won’t get employed with these buffoons ever because they don’t even pay.

But what business can I do? I asked myself or what job am I great at?

I knew how to read and write. I soon realised university and school were a part of ‘classical conditioning’ which if you have no idea of your way, you will feel stomped like you wasted an entire lifetime learning to come out with nothing.

I also realised I felt more comfortable working for myself rather with someone breathing down my neck with bad breaths.

Whenever I gave suggestions to places I worked for, for no money or little pay, I was told to keep my opinion to myself or ‘what do you know?’.

I also wanted freedom. And freedom to me is expressing myself freely without restrictions, without cutting or faking it. I like to run my mouth. I wanted to see the world because who has seen enough of the world?

I knew the best was coming for me because even then I always dreamt big and got everything I dreamt about.

I also needed work where the employer wouldn’t focus so much on my education/academic level but on my strengths and the talents I was bringing to the company.

Most employers don’t get it. Some people with so much education just need a job to get a job, to pay the bills, then there are those with less education who would go up and down to make more than money from you.

They want to see your business prosper, honestly, I’ll choose less education, the determination at any time. 

So, why do you want to work online? Is it because you had there’s good money to be made online?

Remember, there’s good money for people who are ready to show the world the skills they are made of.

There’s no shortcut online where they tell you to click the link and get the money. You have to go the old route, ‘sow and reap’.

You have to ask yourself, what am I good at? How can I improve on what I am good at to become great or excellent? 

2. Determine the Essentials You Need to Work from Home 

Many Kenyans have fallen for scams or people not explaining to them how to make money wisely online.

You need to prioritise your goals. I found out that one pretty early on as a freelancer. You don’t have to begin by paying $100 or $60 for the internet, you can begin by purchasing a wifi dongle.

At least Kenya has improved since the days I began working online. Remember, this is a business, you need to reinvest all your funds and save a lot.

I bought a solar panel to deal with blackouts and blackouts stopped in my area.

Mind you, the electricity went out like once in a blue moon. You don’t have to be extreme like me by investing in a solar system.

Take advantage of the advancements in Kenya these days. You’re working on an internet business, your internet will be the major priority.

Don’t tell me you cannot afford it, that’s enough to tell me you won’t eat because you never got work.

You also need a laptop or computer. Again, there are refurbished laptops all over Kenya, just be careful to purchase from trusted dealers. You can always upgrade as you earn more money.

Don’t be in a rush for shiny big objects, those ones come after the hard work.

You need to create space. Before affording space to create a home office, I always worked on my laps until I had a Skype interview, then, I would move everything to a corner and make the space as organised as possible.

Even the bulbs in the house were the dull reddish and not the fluorescent bulbs but I flourished.

3. Assess Your Skills, Interests and Hobbies 

When I started looking for the possibility of creating an income online I didn’t think about the skills, hobbies, passions or interests in my life.

I thought, ‘the money I will make will surpass my engineer sister’s income in a month’. While my dreams were great I forgot about a crucial factor, what were my skills soft, hard, transferable or interpersonal?

And how am I going to use my skills to win a job online? I knew I loved to read and write and nothing more so being a writer would be a perfect fit.

That’s not how it works. It took me two years of repeated tweaking and learning.

I don’t want you to learn while in the job because there are bills to pay and a life to live without being a survivor.

You have to ask, what are you great at? Be honest and write all the passions, interests, hobbies and skills you have.

After writing them down, ask yourself what job can I do for a whole year without getting paid and I will never regret it?

What are my skills and how can I profit from my skills? What am I interested in doing?

There are some easy jobs to do online including being a social media manager, it’s a hot job because clients are readily available, copywriting, businesses are coming online at a rapid speed and they need visibility on Google.

A VA, often confused to be a jack of all trades, you have to find what area of a VA do you have strengths in, for example, do you enjoy working as a social media manager?

Other online easy jobs are online course creators, starting a niche e-commerce store and proofreading.

After seeing what jobs pay well online, the easy jobs, the most in-demand jobs, it’s time to decide whether you have to acquire a new skill. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

I have realised that these days, go where the opportunities are, then inject your personality. It’s what Steve Jobs did, he didn’t invent the smartphone, he re-imagined it.

It’s important to determine what your skills are so that you can win a job fast online, consider getting skills in digital marketing or IT which are in hot-demand always.

IT and digital marketing are the industries where jobs flow online. Writing is a very popular niche as well but you have to go where the writers earn money like in the tech or copywriting industries.

It takes as much as a week to learn a new skill with YouTube and other free online learning academies like Coursera where on Coursera you earn a certificate.

So, your determination and zeal to want to make a legit income online depend on YOU. 

4. Do I need to pay money working Online in Kenya?

NO, for the most part. That MUST be a scam alert, imagine the lights blinking.

But, if you’re signing up for websites like Flexjobs, get prepared to pay the subscription fees.

It is about $15 a month but less if you pay per year.

Also when you are starting a business, you have to pay for a domain name, the website, the advertisement and depending on buying the products. 

5. How does a Kenyan Prepare Themselves for a Work from Home?

An online job is an offline job and many Kenyans have a set myth that an online job doesn’t pay.

On the contrary, you will learn very early that there are no lazy days. In fact, the days and nights get quite shorter. It may not be a 9-5 but it’s a self-employment opportunity.

You’re building an income as a freelancer or contractor so you have to get organised about your time.

Remember to respect the deadlines and focus on your work. Don’t allow for your kids to call you all the time, or set time to work and play. If you don’t respect deadlines, the likelihood of succeeding dwindles to a zero.

I have talked about my translation job in 2010, it was the worst nightmare. I learnt a lot from an impatient yet cool boss.

He said to me, ‘Don’t take jobs which will take longer to accomplish or don’t promise what you cannot deliver’. There’s nothing that bites me like not delivering what I promised.

I hid for a few months. Working online involves learning the heck out of it. When I started there were no co-working spaces, unlike these days.

There’s no one to share your sorrows with or run your project by. You have to keep yourself in the loop or get lost.

You have to know the trends and tools used all the time to make work online efficient.

At first, it feels intimidating to even attend an interview, once you get it, you will look forward to talking with someone about your job.

I always insist, before working online, to know about your personality. Are you the self-driven person who thrives working alone or are you the one that needs a team to thrive?

At the beginning of my work online, I had so long hours and little time to laugh with my oldest kid who accused me of never having time to laugh with her.

I had to learn my roles and responsibilities which took a bit of time. Honestly, I learnt about my roles and responsibilities in 2018 when I decided writing was all I’ll do till death.

The other passion careers are for fun. You also have to be a self-motivated person, if you cannot create a winning morning routine for yourself or business, you won’t win.

I learnt that very early on as well. You must know how to get up, to stop and keep pressing on when the times get harder.

There are no supervisors especially when you are a freelancer, unlike contractors who could be working for companies/individuals/agencies. Remember freelancers, contractors are inter-related like everything else online.

You must have discipline because, without it, you’re going nowhere. Write down your goals including the income you want for the week, bi-week or month or per year then break it down in order to achieve the goals.

Don’t forget about your marketing strategy. I was told early on to market my skills on social media but I was too shy to try, I kept hiding.

You have to move forward and show the world what you’re doing behind the scenes. I mean, there’s no shame in telling/shouting. 

6. What are the Most on Demand Work at Home Jobs 

I have made videos and wrote about the most in-demand work at home jobs but the jobs keep changing or getting added up.

So, the most on-demand work at home jobs includes


technical customer service,



online tutoring,

UX/UI designer,

apps developer,

web designer/developer,



SEO consulting because all businesses want to rank on Google’s page 1. 

7. Can I earn $200 per day or in a week working Online as a Kenyan 

Yes, you can earn more than 20k a day working online. It depends on how you market your services/products and what business you run plus your years of experience.

I live for the day I’ll earn 3M a day/$30k!. You need to be patient, determined, resilient, dedicated to reaching this level. It may take years or months depending on your strategies.

I have seen a blogger go from 0 to 50k dollars a month, Adam Enfroy, I am an ardent reader of his blog, in just 3 months or less. 

8. Is working from home easy for Kenyans

No, and Yes, it all depends. I say these days if you are in for the long haul, it is easier working from home.

But if you’re in it because you saw someone earning millions and you thought it’d be easy, sorry, NO. You have to be willing to do the work, put in the effort to succeed.

When you hear of people becoming billionaires online you swallow saliva, the thing is, you haven’t seen what it takes or what happens behind the scenes.

The years of trial and error, tears, giving up and finally the breakthrough. So, prioritise, get your productivity in high gear and know when to stop.

Learn to outsource roles you don’t care for like marketing or writing content, focus on your strengths nobody cares for what you cannot do, they all want to see results and so do you.

Learn to be your own driver because no one will tell you it’s time for lunch, go home, market, cook, stretch, self-care, it all depends on you. 

10. Can I find work at home from anywhere as a Kenyan?

Of course, I have worked with employers from all over the world and that’s my biggest joy of employment online some have become my Airbnb guests and some have become my friends.

You must learn to form friendships and relationships with your employers so your freelance work doesn’t dry up.

Plus with companies like Flexjobs advertising for positions and companies hiring remote workers what could go wrong?

The world of working online has never been easier. I also made a list of companies who hire worldwide, the jobs are quite competitive, but so are you!

11. Best websites to search for Work at Home Jobs  

There are blogs, online jobs board that advertise work from home jobs among my favourite include real ways to earn money online, freelance writing gigs, pro-blogger jobs board, rat race rebellion, the penny hoarder, dream home-based work, WAHM, work at home woman blogs.

The resources to find and get educated on work from home keep expanding, sign up for all the newsletters on these blogs.

Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter for jobs board so you are notified when new positions need to get filled, PRE-SELECTED FOR KENYANS ONLY. 

12. What side hustles are the best for those willing to work at home in Kenya?

The side hustles to begin are a million-plus. There are emerging markets like bitcoin or crypto trading, but you have to learn at a time.

Then there are the old side hustles since the internet started like selling/flipping clothes, shoes, jewellery.

Then there are side hustles emerging due to necessity like social media marketers or digital marketers.

Side hustles are found within all niches and I make a lot of blog posts and videos on them.  

13. I don’t have money to invest to begin working from home as a Kenyan, what to do?

You don’t need to invest any money unless you want to buy domains or websites.

You only need to invest in courses, which you can take for free on YouTube or Coursera or Udemy.

And if you don’t have one you can invest in a laptop and depending on your niche, a camera and microphones.

Otherwise, the biggest investment you need to make to begin working online is in yourself. Honestly, you have to know what you are the best at.

Then you have to be willing to keep learning to help improve yourself because the online world changes like the tides in the ocean.

If you’re not ready to learn, you won’t last three weeks online. 

14. I’m broke and need to make money fast online. What MUST I do?

Don’t be deceived honey, the ones telling you about fast online cash by clicking on links are scam artists.

I educate Kenyans every day that there’s no one ready to give you 1k not even talk of 20k by clicking on a link! Beware, a scam alert.

You must be willing to go the old fashioned route of sow and reap.

Nobody ever gave me anything for free online for a decade and I’m a big believer of things lining themselves.

I had to sweat for them and sometimes give up then decide NO, I’m ready again the following day to work for it.

I borrowed money for years before seeing any money and sometimes do when the tide’s hot. 

15. I don’t know what I am good at, can I still work at home?

YES, I started knowing that I’m a writer who will make a million shilling per month. I was a bit unrealistic, I learnt a bit early on, I had to narrow down to my expertise and skills.

I had to ask myself what am I perfect at?

And how can I market my writing skills, customer service skills to businesses?

I also realised that what I did offline mattered a lot but it was a learning curve to even set up some computer features.

I spent time googling how Skype worked and how to set it up than writing. I realised faster that social media was a tool if used well for an online worker is a gem free marketing tool.

I also figured very fast that a dark lit environment away from the light won’t cut it for some employers, they needed to see my face.

Shyness wasn’t going to help me if I needed the job. I’m saying, to get a steady flowing income you have to learn to adjust and be flexible. 

16. I am a stay at home parent. Can I earn money working from home? And if yes, what are the best jobs for stay at home parents in Kenya?

I have made a video and blog post about the best work from home job for stay at home parents and the jobs include 

Business consulting

VA services but niche out, please 





Network marketing 

Affiliate marketing among other roles which you can read here. 

Just because you’re a stay at home parent doesn’t mean you care for children without working or getting paid. Money in the pocket has never hurt anyone. 

17. I don’t have time to search for online jobs, what should I do?

You have two options: create a side-hustle and join our YouTube channel or this blog’s newsletter to get notified when I come up with ideas for working from home and earning legit money as Kenyans. 

In conclusion, to earn money instantly online as a Kenyan requires for one to begin from determining why they want to work online. If it’s because you want to work in your pyjamas, you couldn’t be so wrong.

You have to know what your skills are because it’s the skills that matter online and how they can help the employer.

You have to determine if you’re coming to work online as an employer or employee, are you starting from owning a business or from getting employed?

Know that working online requires for you to invest in yourself more than anything else, taking courses, researches to determine what you are great at.

You must have the basics like internet connection and a laptop to get started.

Get prepared to take online courses to help familiarise you with how the online working space works. You can never make fast cash online.

And if you aren’t prepared to keep learning, like the ocean, you will remain in a sandy place.

Are you as a Kenyan determined to begin working online and earn money instantly? Then follow the million-dollar strategies to begin.




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