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How many true nightmares have you had since 2019 started?

Did you wake up feeling scathed for life or ready to tackle?

Day 18 of 365 Days of Planning emphasizes on Knowing your Fears, if you don’t list them all down.

There’s an exercise for dealing with fear that’s on the works. Read along to find out more. 


”A restful calming night was what I was looking forward to.

After about three hours of sleep I had the worst nightmare ever.

That I had been stabbed to death in the middle of my stomach and all the internal parts could be seen”.

I screamed so hard to awaken the neighbours but no one was around to help me cope.



Because of living in very dire conditions, I had no balcony when baking my mandazi( A Kenyan delicacy like donut), I’ll narrate to you this tale elsewhere.

My eyes refused to shut because I thought my roommate was trying to murder me.

As the night wore over, I felt so lazy, so weak and saw her coming to me with a machete and setting the house on fire.

I couldn’t continue to sleep!

I have always had a fear of heights every-time I look down on a tall building( cannot resist) looking, I cannot have peace the nightmare lingers. I think of my kids slipping and falling and me hearing the impact of their fall, ”smash”.

It scares me so much that I have stopped them climbing on roof tops or higher places.



If you call me I’ll make sure I avoid your calls then text you. In fact I feel so anxious with calls.

I feel like the world is coming to an end and someone is listening in our conversation.

I start wishing you’d have just texted or i’ll lack something to say and the line will go dead.

I fear having guests in the house ( uninvited) ones who pop in whenever they feel like and want

as if … .

If you knock on my door without telling me in advance, I’m never opening it.

I don’t like small talk, it wears me out. I don’t like phone conversations, it wears me out.

I don’t like malls because they’re too noisy and crowded and rowdy.

I love the peace and tranquility of myself. I want to make noise when I feel like I want to talk to myself louder.

I feel anxious whenever I see a group of people I start wondering, ”am I going to talk to all of them?”.

But I don’t fear talking to a gathering who we have common interest in, like public speaking.

But before I do talk, my heart pumps out of my chest, I have learnt to control that but I always have to keep training myself always.

Even a simple name introduction I have to rehearse in my brains for hours.

And I fear, have a phobia for frogs. Don’t even let me start!

Take note

Our fears holds us back.

We feel too small to achieve too small to do.

Our fears stop us right in the tracks.

I have been rejected severally for various jobs applications which I felt and knew I was qualified, some ended up telling me, ”I was too qualified and they were looking for entry level positions applicants”.

Yet in the applications they had said, ”Looking for professionals”. Others thought I was too simplistic of a writer!.

Yet, I remember when taking my English classes /lectures I was told to use a conversational tone a language that all my readers could understand.

What I need is a voice. My voice.

I became scared of sending in more applications because they’d be rejected anyway or I’d never hear from them again.

Or they’d throw my applications in the dumpster.

I became afraid to create because: who would read, who was interested.

I got discouraged.

That’s what fear can do.

But fear is good because when you learn to face your fear, you overcome.

It’s so easy to be told about facing a fear, isn’t it? I have been told that phone conversations are so awesome.

Then I try day 1 and that very same day, I cannot call anyone  or I switch off my phone.

My phone is for creating, the internet and taking or making videos not for receiving calls.

I know people who live by their phones and cannot text you those people exhaust me.

It’s never easy dealing with a fear but you can employ steps to enable you deal with it.

Baby steps are always the first step.

Then ask, why am I afraid?

  1. Is it because of the message on the other end?

2. Is it because you don’t like the one on the other end?

3. Or are you afraid you won’t hear them very well or are you afraid of them small talk?

When you identify your why, it brings clarity within yourself a clarity that enables you tackle that which is making your life hellish fearful.

How do you plan on overcoming this fear?

I remember another one of my fears, making videos.

I sat down and asked myself, ”how can I overcome this because I want to educate women on making money online in Kenya”.

How do I make my voice heard when I’m so scared.

I started with my phone, and made videos.

 I kept battling with my voice until I found something to work for the time being.

I convinced myself, ”no one is seeing me struggle with the videos, my sentences, they’re only seeing my final product, my edits.

                                                        Words of the Day:

And nowadays I have learnt another important fact, it’s even better when they watch you.

You know when vlogging was thought as a lunatic job till people started channeling in the six figures?

Okay, some people still get mesmerised  wondering if YouTube does pay, it does pay and pays good.

As always, figure a way and don’t do it for the money.

Sometimes, just finding a positive reaffirming sentence is the only weapon to overcoming your fear, find your sentence.

Take a bold step.

I love Eleanor Roosevelt because of one reason, she overcame her fear of giving speeches.

She overcame it by taking a step at a time.

Take a five minute break, make the video you so wanted.

Take a two minute break, receive that phone call and let your heart move away in the conversation.

Write down all your fears and find a strategy of how to overcome them.

There’s a printable i’m working on so you can boldly download, print and use the steps to make your fearful journey come to an end.

I say writing is powerful and writing in a piece of paper is even more.

Fear is good and fear is bad.

Fear becomes bad when it makes you lose business like I have.

Fear is good when you learn how to smile and deal with it.

When you take the small baby steps to conquer it.

Fear is all in the brain.

Fear should create a resilient you.

Fear should make you feel like a conqueror and fear should create a heart of stone within you.

Fear should make you keep moving and never stopped.

Because behind the fear, there’s something great.

Behind that fear there’s wisdom people are waiting for.

Behind that fear there’s an Eleanor!.

Fear should teach you how to push boundaries and obstacles.

You see when an untrained thief holds a gun the police are always scared because with the thief’s trembling fingers they can cause immense damage.

That’s what your fear should do.

Be so scared to fail that your fear pushes you beyond the limits.

Be so scared not to try because only when you’re on the other side of the cliff can you tell about your struggles.

Fear drives business men and women to take the initial step.

Everybody says fear is a bad thing, but your fear can be your hope.

The only way to explore your weakness or strengths.

Be happy you’re in tune with yourself to even know what you’re afraid of because that fear should be your drive and not setback.

Tackle your fear a day at a time in the end, there’ll be nothing to be afraid of.

Thank your will for appreciating that fear.

How to overcome fear printable planner is on its works.

Fear is a good servant!.


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