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Walking gives me a time to breathe and importantly a time to think. I feel rejuvenated when, while walking. I rarely do it but when I do it – making money comes to mind.

Ideas for making money in Kenya are endless. I walked in a supermarket wondering how I would make money as a supermarket ”dealer” if that is something that makes sense. But then I thought about quality cheap stuff. Yes.

I allowed myself to believe that that is something you would be interested in doing – some of you, of course.

I set myself on a mission to try how this business would work out and it did.

In this article, you will find:

  1. Things you need to know before becoming a reseller.
  2. Where to buy cheap quality stuff for reselling. 
  3. How to offer good service despite stiff and fierce competition.
  4. What’s popular in the reselling arena?
  5. How to find what’s popular for the reselling arena. 
  6. Start reselling with near nothing start-up costs. 
  7. Building an empire reselling. 
  8. Keeping sane 
  9. Tips and Tricks, as usual Gertie’S’ ideas. 
  10. Marketing. 

This is a guide on re-selling as is all the content on the blog lately.

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