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Freelance income isn’t so steady no matter how many clients you got. A Kenyan freelancer writer has to know how to invest in a side hustle income offline or online.

I have known broke, seasons of clients losses and seasons of lack as a freelancer.

Down the road, I learnt a valuable lesson, have a side hustle.

I got an Airbnb as a side-hustle and now I’m getting into blogging for business, tailoring pillows and writing ebooks for Kindle.

The following side-hustles aren’t outside the writer’s field, they’re within the field of writing.

There are side hustles for writers to help step away from writing but that’s a post for another day.

What side hustle do you as a Kenyan freelance writer get into to help increase or supplement your income? 

Top Online Side-Hustles for Kenyan Writers to Supplement The Income 

The following side hustles are the best for Kenyan writers to help supplement their income and they include the following: 

  1. Content marketing 

You know how to write content so you know what content sells and what doesn’t. A great content marketer knows how to create content headlines that readers click on. A content marketer knows what social media to use to help promote the client’s content, they help develop a company’s content marketing strategies. You need an understanding of Google Analytics to understand the content’s conversion rates and bounce rates and what they do. Knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation is critical for you as a content marketer. 

2. Blogging

For a long time, precisely 8 years, I never took my blog seriously. But I am determined to see its growth in 2020. Blogging isn’t hard or complicated as online courses depict. In fact, I have learnt something, blogging is the easiest passive income to develop as a writer. You get to choose what to write. To succeed and make a four-figure income as a Kenyan writer/blogger, The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers by Sally Miller. You’re going to learn one important aspect, what’s your blog’s message and target story? How much do you want to learn from your blog and how will you monetise your blog. I also have learnt that in the first few months, write 100 blog posts before launching your blog. Now launch your blog with instant traffic. Choose social media to help drive to your blog, you don’t have to work on all social media. Overall, have a blog goal and see your income increase. After all, blogging is creating billionaires like Linda Ikeji and Uche Pedro. They may have started early but blogging keeps creating a passive income, see, Adam Enfroy started his blog in December 2018 and has made over $200,000 in revenue last year. If others can do it and it’s your interest, you too can, no need to reinvent the wheel. Remember to be consistent with your posts as Google loves fresh content.  

3. Create online writing courses 

Courses changed the way we learn because courses are self-paced and you can do from the comfort of your home. Online course creators make 6-figure or more earnings each year from their courses. To sell a successful course as a Kenyan writer: know about your topic well, introduce new material to the course, don’t do the same old one-course content, have good classroom manners by responding to your students’ questions promptly or introduce a forum or discussion panel for you to connect with your students. A course taker wants to fill a teacher has taken them by their hand, provide that and go an extra mile for motivation. Though, an online course is self-paced, follow up with your students how the course is going. 

4. Speak at conferences 

Or become a speaking coach like Chimamanda. If you listen to Chimamanda’s Single Story you will learn why I love her to speak and she’s my greatest inspiration when it comes to speaking conferences. You have to hoodwink capture the audience’s attention before you begin to speak. You have to know how to break down information into easy to understand format. As a writer, you already know how to make material capture people’s attention by how you introduce your topics. The key to a successful speaking career is to watch notable speakers like on TEDx. what makes for a TEDx to have so many views? 

5. Freelance writing gigs 

There are freelance writing websites which I love a lot that I search their jobs board for careers daily. They include Pro Blogger, Freelance Writing Gigs. others like Writer’s Market list magazine related writing jobs, grab those jobs you qualify for as fast as possible. The Penny Hoarder also lists opportunities for making and saving money in unique ways and they pay up to $800 for a single unique idea. To get gigs on these websites, ensure that you are immersed in their content. Have a writing portfolio ready or a website where you contribute your writing. Employers want to know your writing prowess and style that’s why a portfolio is necessary. After working for so many years for free, there’s no need for you to work for free because you need to live. Create a website, start posting your content in a niche you love in your blog. Your blog is a powerful portfolio. 

6. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing when I first heard about it in 2010 got me so confused. I didn’t get the concept of recommending products to other people, products which I haven’t used. As a writer, you live your life researching for content and you know what content goes viral. Use your knowledge to create an affiliate marketing business. You don’t need a website but it’s important because making websites nowadays is easier. The key tip, recommend products you love or use. The other key tip: if using ShareASale to find merchants or products, find their reviews and let people know the good, bad and ugly. 

7. Coaching writers 

Everyone, online they are a writer, I have seen many people accusing each other of not being writers. A business is born from belief. So you have reached a level of success as a writer, help aspiring writers reach your level or surpass. You set up a consulting space for writers like a career coach would do. Find topics writers find difficulty in handling like for example, finding clients or getting high pay. 

8. Start an online library 

I had a great vision for starting an online library but didn’t know how to monetise or prevent book theft. I have a collection of over a million Kindle books in all genres and I keep collecting them. Recently, an idea jumped up, start a membership site where readers pay up an advance subscription per month or weekly to access the books. Membership sites grow when you advertise them or have a huge following. But when readers realise you have a decent amount of books, they pay you a lot. It also helps if you have other versions of the book, then create online spreads to help people have access to the book. A writer is a librarian, you help readers get books in all genres. 

9. Write product descriptions 

Writing product descriptions for e-commerce stores like Amazon helps you earn up to $100 dollars for a 1000 word article or more depending on your speed/expertise. Have knowledge of SEO writing and see how Amazon product descriptions get written to get the hang of it. 

10. Authorpreneurship 

I became intrigued after publishing my Airbnb ebook in May last year. It took a little while to write the book but many weeks to edit and re-edit. I didn’t learn how to market my ebook or my marketing wasn’t enough. Authorpreneurship gained popularity because of self-publishing with kindle. Learn how to be a Kindlepreneur by reading the blog Kindlepreneur. And how to choose your ebook title to marketing and selling on the book Authorpreneur Elite by Raza, your eyes will widen. 

11. Teacher 

Teachers are great writers, great writers are great teachers, that’s my belief. As a writer, you know how to research material, break the material in easy to understand format by your learners. Teach others any topic you like as a writer. Your research skill helps you have an edge. 

12. Copywriting 

Since hearing the word copywriting and the way copywriters earn a significant income, I became intrigued. I took a short free course on SEO Copywriting and was sold. Copywriting is advertisement writing. You have to know how to ‘hoodwink’ readers to click on your advertisement. Now, ask yourself, what advertisement was so well done and you clicked on it immediately? You don’t learn from the good, you also learn from the bad ads. I have learnt that a lot of copywriters are self-taught through books and online copywriting articles, my best one yet, Kopywriting Kourse By Neville. A good copywriter is a great email marketer. 

13. Corporate consultant 

If you write in the niches of finance, law, technology, education or any other rich niche, you may serve as a corporate consultant. It helps when you have established yourself as a guru in your niche through creating books, videos and blogs about your niche. Corporates invite gurus to help speak about saving or wealth management to their clients all the time. The earning potential? 7-figures or more. Always know your worth. 

14. Podcasting 

As an online course creator, you know what topics search for or what topics create for viral podcasts. To start a podcast, have a great microphone and headphones, at the very least. Monetise your podcast through affiliates or selling merchandise. And you can talk about the topic you like from newsworthy content right down to writing. 

15. Researcher 

Being a researcher comes easy to writers, why? You spend half your life learning materials from other niches/industries. You know how to find information others wouldn’t on a normal day. 

16. Email Marketer 

If you have great copywriting skills, email marketing comes easy to you. Email marketing thrives on knowing how to create clickable emails with high open rates. 

If you begin your life online as a writer and you get advised like I was that you were going to die poor as a writer, think again.

There are several side hustle writer-related which earn a lot of side-hustle income. When you are a writer, you become diversified in your niche.

A writer needs to think big and wide to help them make a great living online.

If you know how to monetise your talent, you get a passion from it and we all know money follows passion.

Which of these writing side hustles will you be pursuing as a Kenyan writer in 2020?  

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