Interesting and Inspiring Ways Kenyan Kids Make Money Online Instantly

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When people hear of kids making an income online/offline, some adults become so jealous and begin criticising the parent.

As a Kenyan kid, realise that making money can be done from the comfort of your home using your parents’ resources like iPads, iPhones, laptops.

You earn money to take yourself to college or pay for vacations or splurge on an iPhone.

And those parents restricting their children from earning money in the digital age, that must be a wake-up call when you get stuck on school fees.

My child asked if I could start for her a lemonade stand when we moved to Mombasa. I said, ‘Wow this kid is taught right’. I said No because of other work commitments of my pillow business and writing career.

So, has your kid asked about starting a business? How did you respond? That it’d take a lot of time because of work commitments?.

There are businesses Kenyan kids can do from the comfort of their homes using your mobile phones and earn money completing tasks like data entry or taking a survey.

When encouraging kids to begin working online, ensure to enhance their security and monitor whatever it is they’re doing online. It’s important to check for child safety guidelines online. 

High-Paying Businesses Kenyan Kids Can Do Online for Big Bucks

The following are high-paying businesses Kenyan kids can do online and get paid a lot of money and they include the following: 

  1. Babysitting

This is a career which has been long available for kids since the world started. Older kids looking out for their younger ones.

My kid babysat her sister when I went to work at the pillow shop, sometimes, they followed me.

She enjoyed because I paid her good money.

You have to pay your kids good money so that they can enjoy money and feel the power of independence that money gives. While they handle money, it pays to talk about investing, giving freely.  

2. YouTube 

Since YouTube invention in the early 2000s, video marketing became the in thing.

See, Instagram couldn’t be left out! Let your child create videos of maybe things they enjoy, my child enjoys music, dance then let your kids share on YouTube/Instagram and monetise their channels.

As the channel grows, your child earns thousands of dollars or gets modelling gigs as my child does for fashion houses/designers. 

3. TikTok famous 

I don’t know what TikTok is all about, but I can see all the rave about it, again from my child. Use your TikTok account to bring viewers to your Instagram.

As of April 2020, you cannot monetise TikTok content, that’s how YouTube was until PSY broke the YouTube and a new world started.

When your child’s account grows in followers you can sell merch, raise awareness about a subject or help raise money for a cause. 

4. Instagram 

Instagram can be used by kids to make money when their accounts become famous.

Use social media for positive causes like fighting hunger and poverty and lack of education for some kids.

You can use Instagram to make money, check the list of businesses your child can do on Instagram. 

5. Make crafts 

What craft does your child enjoy?

Encourage them by letting them showcase the development of their art/craft by recording their progress on YouTube, Instagram or website.

There are many crafts kids can make and sell. My kid is talented in comics creation and writing. 

6. Pet sitting 

Many kids grow up liking animals. Before my child became 5 years old she asked for a puppy and fish.

I ran for the puppy because it was easier to keep rather than fish which I felt there was a lot to learn. Which animal does your child like?

Animals are great companions for kids and learning to take care of animals shows the kids that they have grown into responsible people. Your kid can keep rabbits, dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs, horses, chickens. 

7. Rent your stuff 

If your child has lots of exotic toys, rent them out to schools or homeschooling mums.

There are toys ranging up to thousands of dollars, rent them out to playgrounds. Toys like bouncing castles. 

8. Buy tools like Cricut, wire stripper or a button maker.

9. Rent your parent’s unused space as storage space 

Does your parent have extra space in their house or storage spaces somewhere you could rent out? Encourage them to make money off of the storage spaces. 

10. Create your own info products 

If you love calligraphy or writing quotes, you don’t have to know how to use Photoshop to convert your beautiful art into digital art.

These days, you can use Canva and still stand out as a graphic designer. Use your info products to educate other kids or their parents.

Or do you understand Numeracy better than other kids in the school?

Spread the news by creating play cards which are printable and other kids can use for learning or bettering their numeracy, literacy. 

11. Start a website 

I have seen many websites created by American, Swedish, UK kids bringing them significant incomes to them. You can choose to write about something you love or battle with like a teenage crisis, parents divorcing. 

12. Do surveys

I don’t even encourage adults to do surveys unless they have investigated them well.

You must also check for your child if the website is legit. Most survey websites take kids 13 and older but parents encourage their kids to fill in the surveys even if they are not 13.

Surveys are questions about products you use or enjoy using or can be a business finding out if their new product launch will succeed.

The reward could be Amazon gift cards, discount shopping on selected websites. 

13. Keep and sell animals

E.g puppies, rabbits,

As a kid, I didn’t like animals. Nowadays, I’d rather be near animals like horses, cats and furry puppies.

Encourage your kids to keep animals they love. Animals encourage responsibility while helping the child stay busy.

Also, animals like horses are a part of therapy (equine therapy) which they say helps people deal with emotional problems or depressions, common symptoms of teenagehood. 

14. Sell a course 

E.grow to keep chickens 

If you grow or keep animals, help sell courses on how you have grown your chickens to 200 or more and how your chickens produce for you 50 trays of eggs a day or more.

In the course, talk about how you manage to care for them and what food you give your chickens.

You can make these into free YouTube school until your customers start asking questions like How do you make money for school fees or for designer clothes yet you’re only a 15-year-old kid?. When people begin asking HOW, then you begin making money.

Develop blogs, or books from your courses to help make more money. 

15. Photography 

Do you love the camera? My elder child does and she takes better photos than me!

Sell the photos online via your Instagram or YouTube channel. In fact, on YouTube, you can show other kids how to take great photos and what great photographers do to take such great photos.

You make money recommending cameras and phones best for taking photos for the kids. Sell your photos on stock photos like Adobe Shutterstock. 

16. Sell fruits, flowers, candy, gift boxes, subscription boxes 

Subscription boxes are the in-thing for online businesses these days and kids haven’t been left out.

Sell subscription boxes for candies, flowers and gift boxes. Kids must not lose their innocence when it comes to celebrating their birthdays.

Create a subscription-based website for candies, for example, then charge other kids an amount per month to get assorted candies at their doorstep, how sweet can it get? 

17. Cleaning

E.g windows, boats, furniture, house, camper cleaner, tile grout cleaning clean gutters, pest control, carpet cleaner

When kids and teens hear cleaning, they hide because they’d rather be messy.

Encourage kids to clean by helping you in your cleaning business, they’ll admit they’d rather be in a clean space in future.  

18. Handyman 

Handyman/woman services were left for the poor in Kenya. Instead of this being the trend, encourage your kids that the trades pay well when done right.

Start by learning how to repair plumbings in the house or electrical outlets. You can expand to carpentry and other trades. 

19. Shoeshiner 

The work of a shoeshiner was so prominent until the early 2000s when the trade started dying.

No, revive it by encouraging your child to earn money as a shoeshiner and repairer. I follow a YouTuber where the former repair men now earn six-figure income repairing old shoes.

It starts from a brush is like a classical saying for the dudes. 

20. Christmas tree disposal 

After Christmas is over some people don’t know how to dispose of their trees.

Help properly discard Christmas trees by either recycling them or reusing them for other crafts, if they are acrylic. 

21. Christmas tree planting and selling

Growing Christmas trees takes a long time to mature.  This a seasonal business when school is out. A small tree costs about 2k shillings while the larger ones can go up to 100k. 

22. Cooking 

What do you enjoy cooking when your parents leave you in the kitchen? I enjoy baking cookies, pizza and playing with spices.

Take one of the foods you love baking then do it over and over again, sell them alongside your lemonade stand or hotdog cart. Or sell the food you love to raise money to feed the hungry kids in your neighbour. 

23. Landscaping 

E.g lawn mowing, aerate lawns, weeding, tree and bush trimming, planting, yard maintenance, watering, fertilising, building sandboxes

Mowing lawns is an interesting way of caring for the environment.

Help mow lawns for money during the holidays or on the weekends.

Make sure you have all the lawn care tool from mowers, secateurs, shears. 

24. Recycling 

These days in Science, there’ a topic called reuse, recycle and reproduce. This means you have to know how to use products and reuse them to decrease carbon emission and preserve the environment.

You can make lots of money from recycling old electronics but copper and aluminium found in laptops or aluminium cans pay more. 

25. Car washing 

A car wash helps teenagers and kids stay busy while enjoying the outdoors and playing with water.

Don’t stop there, help kids learn how to car detail and learn simple car mechanics so that they appreciate the work of the manufacturer and mechanic. 

26. Movie editing 

E.g colouring, trimming 

When kids beginning posting their videos on YouTube, they learn how to edit, trim, add special effects to videos to enhance the video quality.

They can do these for their videos or for those businesses using videos as a marketing tool. 

27. Graphic designer 

Tshirts, mugs, greeting cards

After learning how to create greeting cards because I enjoy writing and sending them, I couldn’t resist sending out unique greeting cards.

The most common greeting cards bought throughout the year are birthdays.

So, you can encourage your kid to design 9-year-old birthday cards or newborn baby greeting cards.

They have to begin from a niche. Designing has never been easier with Canva for those who are beginner graphic designers.

And also, you don’t have to concentrate on greeting cards there are mugs, t-shirts and the trends for unique clothing grows each and every day.

You can use a print on demand service like Printify, Printful or Zazzle for greeting cards. 

28. Programming 

I know of a lady who offers to program for kids. You can sign up your child to learn to program.

You know the digital skills are the booming industries right now for anyone in the online space and willing to work for more.

Your kids can design websites, develop websites, create mobile apps like Airbnb, Glovo and Canva or develop software that solves problems like click funnels, or Katra, Shopify. 

29. Digital pictures 

The art of making your photos digital is simple, use software like Canva or Photoshop then make it available for download over and over again. 

30. Scrapbooking 

E.g use Shutterfly 

Scrapbooking is the preservation of memories. Help preserve memories of others and of yourself through software like Shutterfly. 

31. Computer/laptop mechanic 

If you love computers or laptops, help repair them for your parents. Simple rebooting processes can be confusing for parents even if they are digital parents. 

32. Rent video games

How many video games for you have? Rent them out for a profit. Remember, renting out stuff is a risky business, provide quality, charge higher prices. 

33. Farming 

E.g sitting, growing produce, sell eggs, milk, goat milk, camel milk, horses, pigs

34. Have a lemonade stand 

Eg organise baking sales, hot chocolate, face painting, popcorns, movies, cartoon portraits, 

35. Play musical instruments 

Eg sing, acrobats, puppet shows

36. Repair books

Paper books get torn all the time because of over-use. Help repair books for a profit. 

37. Tutors

If you have completed high school, help tutor the younger ones coming after you. 

38. Run errands for others 

Become an errand girl or boy in your neighbourhood.

39. House sitting 

If your parents travel a lot, the house sits for a fee and ask them about other parents in their circle who travel a lot.

Tips for Succeeding to Make Money as a Kenyan Kid 

Set a goal 

Make sure you have a goal. A goal is a plan, if you don’t have a plan you won’t have direction. 

Find ideas/research 

Research what ideas work best. 


Some kids have great business ideas but get stopped because of their parents’ lack of co-operation or lack of money to invest.

Find a way to start a business you want that encourages parents to find ways to help support you. 

How will people buy 

A businessman/woman/kid doesn’t need to be told that customers make the business.

If you don’t determine how people will buy then don’t sell anything. Will the buyers buy from online portals?

Will they know you’re selling? Determine how they will reach you and vice versa. 

Go door to door 

You’re a kid and kid don’t have deep-seated issues within them to stop them.

In fact, they say, if you want to sell anything, start a business begin from a child-like approach’.

Children are innocent, daring, persistent. That’s why they don’t stop until they sit, stand and walk.

Move from door to door, business owners don’t do that anymore because dogs will be let out and you have to jump a fence.

You’re a kid when a homeowner sees you approaching they don’t let dogs out. 

Your kids are watching you

Your kids are your watchdogs, they keep an eye on you.

When I told my daughter that I couldn’t balance her business mine and writing for clients, for a few months she used the excuse that I cannot do anything because I’m too busy.

Kids know how to test their parents, always sit down with them and explain the situation at hand in blue and black, you don’t want to raise kids who give excuses of why they aren’t reaching their destinies. 

Put up flyers and posters

Advertising is the centre of any business. Apart from going door to door make sure you put up posters in your neighbourhood.

Explore all options for self-marketing and promoting to get your business out there.

After all, it costs nothing to put posters up, I see the posters on KPLC poles all the time.

A Tip for success: Don’t put your posters up where others will rip them off, ask business owners if you can put posters and flyers in their door windows. If they agree, give them a cut, or for them to agree some will need a cut.

Set up a stand 

Find a convenient location in your neighbourhood and set up a stand so that buyers know you exist. Always have sanitation means close by, especially if you have a food joint. 

Create eye-grabbing FB/Insta posts 

Advertising is free these days with social media. Use the power of influencers in your niche/industry to market your products or services.

If using influencers, ensure the influencer doesn’t buy fake followers but is real. Create a rapport with them before partnering with them.

It helps when the influencer is in your niche.

Also, learn how to use Canva so that you can create eye-grabbing social media posts. People are drawn by the content and design as well. 

Email or text a friend to get the message 

Make sure to tell all your friends and family about your business. See, all those you held grudges against, tell them what you do.

But always remember, your friends and family aren’t the first people who will support you in your business, they will doubt and discourage you.

Only listen to those with your best interests at heart. 

In conclusion, starting a business as a Kenyan kid can be quite hectic if you haven’t learnt the ropes of starting or growing a business.

It takes a heart of steel and rock to start and business, but it takes a diamond heart to keep persevering to sustain your business.

Remember most businesses doing the best were started with kids like Zappos, Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb, Wish.

Were all started by ambitious zealous kids who had a dream and went for it to create their lives’ reality.

So, think of your idea then brand it, have a business mindset and above all, keep working for your dream.

Which of these interesting and fun ways of making online fast will you as a Kenyan kid use to create an income for you? 

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