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I love the tech industry because of the endless opportunities available within the tech industry.

It takes so many years of mastery to learn anything techie. There are so many Kenyan youths who tell themselves, I wish I got into the tech industry, there are so many vacancies.

But I wasn’t born with a computer in my mouth.

I am one of those people, I came across a computer when I was 14 years old which mesmerised me. The words that came out of the computer made me wonder where and how they came.

I used to see the typewriter.

A job in the tech industry requires self-motivation and near perfection, so you have to be a constant and consistent learner.

After the gruesome and gruelling education, you need to keep practising kind of like writing where practice makes perfect.

You have to be a life student. With planning and motivation, determination and persistent effort, you can land a role without being a techie person. 

How to Get Into the Tech Industry Without Experience in Kenya

Do you see yourself getting into the tech industry?

Do you often wonder how you will get 20 years of experience so you can get a dream job in the tech industry?

Here are some ideas of how to get a job in the tech industry without tech knowledge and they include:

1. Learn from free online schools list and find what kind of tech you want to get into. Is it software development, coding/programming?

Which programming language do you want to learn and why? Begin by learning from Udemy, CodeAcademy, YouTube, tech blogs.

I love online courses because you pace yourself. No rush.

Take your time to understand and every question you have if you ask Google well, the answers are provided.

If you are a willing learner, there are millions of willing teachers.

You can keep working in your job before you muster the courage to apply for new opportunities. 

2. Be kind to yourself 

You’re learning something new, congratulations.

Don’t start criticsing yourself or comparing yourself to others who worked in the tech industry for 50 years and are billionaires or multi-millionaires.

Take time to focus on why you decided to get into the tech industry. Realise everything takes time and a lot of learning.

You have to work your mind first before learning.

That’s why knowing your purpose is as important as deciding your career change.

Everything takes time when that period passes (the test), then it falls into place. Wait. 

3. It’s okay to say NO, but persist 

Before beginning any new venture, the excitement about it outweighs every nonsense or guru you listen to. You want to pursue the bling.

The question is are you learning about the tech industry for the long-term or for the money?

Did you do what your peers are doing to get there? You must have a made up mind that no matter how the times get, you will get going.

Yes, you can say no to learning something that makes you tired.

Or was sold as ‘easy’ but if you decided you were to be in the tech industry, step on that pedal and fuel away.

There’s no need of reaching retirement age and question, what if I’d have tried? What would have happened? Keep on moving forward. 

4. Take on related tasks at your job 

I often ask myself what would have happened if I kept working on HTML and Javascript languages?

Would I be a high-paid builder would I have pursued writing? Take tasks at your job related to the tech industry.

So if you department markets through a blog website, help them correct code or write code for the websites. 

5. Have and build a portfolio 

The tech industry is like the writing industry, have a portfolio ready or keep on building your portfolio for yourself and employers. 

6. Learn digital skills related to the tech industry 

A lot of people don’t realise digital marketing is important and a part of the tech industry.

Writing is a part of the tech industry.

At least you do some copying and pasting of some HTML Code within your WordPress site, right?

Know how to use Canva, Photoshop, Inkscape and GIMP for starters. Learn some basic HTML, CSS 

7. Identify your transferable skills 

Identifying your transferable skills enable you to know yourself and what skills you acquired over the years in an unrelated field.

And how to apply the acquired skill(s) in the tech industry.

For example, data analysis or multi-tasking skills are skills required in various industries and not the tech industry only.

Data analysis is used by marketers to gauge usage of a product/engagement, teachers use analysis to understand what topics student understood and what needs retaking/redoing. 

I struggled to find a job because I didn’t know what transferable skills I possessed.

Communication skills and psychology are used in customer service fields. Psychology and communication skills are taught in bachelor education classes.

I loved working in the hotel industry/hospitality, but getting a job proved harder.

What skills do you identify in your current career that can be used in the tech industry?

8. Network 

My father taught me when I was 13 that networking is important in this life. To not get ahead only but to advance your quality of life.

What’s networking? Forming a connection with like-minded people, people who think like you and are in the same stage of life as you.

Don’t jump for people who don’t advance your quality of life or aren’t in the same place you are.

Look around your circle, who do you hang out the most with?

Drug addicts, people who say, I don’t care what happens to me because, after all, I will die or people who want to better their lives and are vested in improving their lives?

When you walk with a thief, you become a thief, is something that’s true.

You want people who recommend you to their peers, ”Ooh, I know someone who could do a better job and you can trust, Amani is amazing”.

That’s what networking is about. Join groups and events in your area, there are a lot of tech events happening in cities around the world.

Get in the know on Google News, Google Search or Facebook Search to find out the locations.

While there, ensure you know what you want to get out of the networking event. 

9. There’s no crime in checking around freelancing websites if you want to get into tech 

Starting out as a freelancer online, information is confusing, you may drown in the information market while shopping.

So, check freelancing websites, yes, they have cheap clients/employers who want to use your knowledge for free, yes, there’s competition.

But in the same freelancing sites, there are multi-millionaire freelancers who started like you.

The key, know what you want to offer.

Apply for beginner tech opportunities you over-qualify for so you do an excellent job.

Building your reputation is important on freelancing websites and for future high-paying tech opportunities. 

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10. Start from the very bottom 

After being a CEO in a company, can you imagine downgrading your role to that of a starter?

That’s what the tech industry does to you.

You have to start from the very beginning.

Entry-level jobs/opportunities offer you a space for enhancing your tech skills and roles can open into more quality jobs. 

11. Take time restructuring your Linkedin Profile 

Linkedin is a social media for networking and connections.

Take time on your Linkedin profile by adding new skills you acquired, the level of competency, your transferable skills and how they will solve problems for the new job you are eyeing.

Add the relevant skills, volunteers and member societies related to the tech job you are involved. 

12. Volunteer 

You learnt a new tech skill recently and got a certificate.

Volunteering makes you use the skill you learnt, plus it’s powerful to give back.

You get to meet lots of people and get recommendations for high-paying positions. 

13. Do an internship 

It’s hard to learn something and not get paid for it.

Some internships do pay, those are highly competitive and almost unavailable.

Why not take time to do an internship, unpaid, in a company you see yourself working at or a similar one?

Working your butt off at an internship makes you get recognition and placement in the company when an employee resigns or sadly, dies. 

14. Start a side hustle in the tech industry 

These days with the advancement in tech, customers are distributed everywhere.

You need the hyping 1000 customers.

So, begin a YouTube channel employing the skills you learnt a few months ago or years, show the beginners how it’s done, the mistakes you made while learning, and what they can do to quickly master the subject.

When you teach, you learn.

The questions others ask, make you get deeper into the subject and that’s how experts get made.

You get to earn money in the side-gig, by creating, for example, beginner classes for those learning the Javascript language.

A side gig also helps you know what you enjoy so you can keep working in the industry or not. 

INSIDER QUICK NOTE AND TIP IN THE TECH INDUSTRY: There are other tech industry branches which don’t require you to learn to program.

Cybersecurity, Project management and software testing are the best examples.

It’s better to know beginner coding languages in HTML, Javascript to help you understand how coding works.

Coding/programming may not be necessary for some tech fields like project management, but, it’s important to learn.  

15. Attend coding boot-camps

I see maths boot-camps, WordPress writers boot-camps.

In boot-camps, you get deeper into understanding your skill and what others in your level did to get to where they are.

You hear success stories, network and in some cases, get jobs.

Find a boot camp near you or google search for more information and join a virtual boot camp.

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Do you want to get into the tech industry as a Kenyan working online? Why does the tech industry intrigue you?

Because of the income or is it because the tech industry offers more flexibility for those who want to work from home?

Did you believe that tech requires you to have a decade-plus experience and beginners aren’t allowed?

Which of the tips to get into tech without experience as a Kenyan working online will you apply?




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