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Even if Karl Marx’s reckoned,  ”religion is the opium of the masses”, not like this fellow Kenyans. Aren’t we best, aren’t we smart? If you really intend for your sins, sickness or a true miracle look for it in the power of the unseen.

The seen, like Kanyari and the like is no power, a terrible looking legitimate business deal, which devours the soul, mind and heart of the ”innocent”. Recently, I met a man, very genuine looking as charming as I can be, I laughed with him. He led me into the ‘woods’ unbeknownst to me, all I had was gone, gone! I felt stupid, my sane instincts told me, ”this are the con-men of Nakuru”, but I went on to laugh with the man.

I blame you, you and you. There are no laws to bring the conman to justice, is there? I stretched my hand willingly ‘M-pesaing’ my own cash from my own pocket, right? Him for extorting from the poor. Excuse me, I don’t blame him, the conman, I blame me, I accepted to give him, this heavily suited man coming in the Name of the Lord.

That’s not to say I love him, damn I hate him. His deeds made me sick, worried and nauseous, what to do? Then again I ask me, why should I get so nauseous I brought it upon me! If I come from an educated society and fell into the hands of the conman, what can we do to deal with the likes of Kanyari?

Education isn’t enough if there’s no knowledge and wisdom coupled with it, in fact, it’s far useless. Don’t just make someone rich use the money for your own sake. How to reach the general public, those who have in-access to computers and the internet? Tell them God in Heaven is the only true Witch-doctor, Nurse, Doctor, Healer, Provider. His power is unseen but His is the ultimate Medicine. Why you say there’s no God? Where did you come from? Block your ears from the naysayers, believe what you want but not a fellow human being who asks for money before he provides you with services. Be smart, easier to say about it, saves lots of headache.

Before you hand over your hand to the Kanyaris of the world, ask this basic stupid fundamental question, why I am giving him to help me? Isn’t it that I pay for the results and not before?

All in all, don’t expose your vulnerability to Kanyaris, go to the hospital, get checked then believe that God will heal you, the true God. May take years but believe, hope, persevere and wait. He loves these virtues.

Beware the many hawk-eyed Kanyaris who glower in the sky, hovering in the name of the Lord and using the masses’ illiteracy to deprive them. OH! KEEP WATCH!!!




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