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There is over a billion  trash in Kenya littered by you, you and you. One day, I’m nibbling on a sweet, candy,  plastic-wrapped to satisfy my sweet tooth. I throw away the wrapper as I walk along. My child quickly bends, I stop her, ”please, put the trash down, there’s no candy in there”. She laughs, ”mummy, have you forgotten our policy?”. She curiously looks at me, those searching eyes waiting for a no. I told her, ”of course, I don’t remember what you’re talking about darling”. She says, ”Oh mummy, how dare you forget something you started, is that even possible?”. ” I’m serious darling, I don’t remember a thing!”. What did you say about trash, what have you been saying about trash?. ”Oh, that?”.

How many are guilty of throwing trash anyhow? I’m guessing many. We got so much clutter in our homes. How to reduce it you wonder, I do too. But, we cannot wait for the goverment to come do everything for us, can we? I have been thinking of how to keep my environment clean. So, I am starting a revolution project within myself then my compound, then I am sure I can Keep Kenya Clean.

By self I mean, clean out the junk in your house. I am guilty of junk. Actually, I am the mama junk of my house. I keep toilet paper rolls, soda bottles, plastic bags, eggs shavings, food scraps, etc. I make sure to store them until my creative self can spring to life to create something. I have stored over a thousand soda bottles, thinking of what to do with them, I came across over a million ideas of how to reuse soda bottles, the easiest one, a garden. I have never planted my garden yet because of one two three issues, but, it’s coming soon.

Toilet paper rolls, I mainly use them as my pen holders, rubber, cable holders. I got lots of electric cords strewn all over the floor. You can trip and fall. I came up with this idea, just had to polish it by doing a little research on the net.

On the eggs. During breakfast one morning, I asked myself. What can I do with all these eggs rather egg shells? Oh, I thought, if I give them to the chicken, they may start feeding on the eggs, what about the ducks? Then, there came a powerful force inside of me, google master may have an idea. Yes, indeed the master had. The garden. A garden can have so much calcium from eggshells. So, next time you are nibbling on your boiled eggs or want to fry some, think about what those shells can do for your animals, shamba.

Paper bags. I have so many of them with numerous trips to Mama Duka, Supermarket and the market. In the market they sell paper bags or plastic bags and small sacks or mini version of the usual 90 kilogramme sack. I use the mini version of sacks which are normally very loosely fixed but workable. This is my concern, walk Kenya, there’s no place one passes without seeing plastic wrappings. We like to air our dirty linen in public. We air our food for others to see, candies and even our intimate moments stuff. Kids love to blow air in them claiming they are balloons. Now, I want us to start a revolution to please our mother earth 2016. In support and vision with Earth Day,  22nd April 2016.

Refuse plastic bag for wrappers, or use plarn, combination of plastic bags to make yarn. To make plarn bags to save our environment. In my effort to check around to see what kind of bags I can make for sale to our shopping supermarket I came across plarn and thought, what might this be. Let’s use that. Carry your market bag or plarn bag every time you know it’s grocery shopping. These bags are so stylish you can actually carry them around, whether man or woman for use during grocery. Are you with me in the revolution? I will upload photos of me with the bags in the next two weeks, I will use my bags for sale and spread news on mother earth.

What are you doing for your environment wherever you are? Oh and about the candy wrapping. I make sure to carry my wrapping everywhere, come and dispose it when I am home. I like to throw my trash in my home not in public places where the world sees what I am disposing. From today, start by you, don’t throw trash any how, in the next disposing bin, hide it away there. Not pizza boxes everywhere, chips or french fries bags any how. Take heed, look at your neighbour, warn them. Ask them to think of their kids, their kids and their kids.

Think of the environment with trees. I look around where I live, all I see is houses, structures, houses. There’s no trees because the area is covered with residential living. I ask me, what if there were trees in every compound? It doesn’t matter whether your house, or a rental place. I say, a rental is yours as much because you take care of it. So, do as much to make it a home and a home starts by having a tree. You can plant or buy a tree in a container, a flower tree think of it that way. What do you use your balcony for? Bring to life your balcony with hydrangeas, peaches, tomatoes, parsley, carrots. Aren’t those trees in their own right? Accentuating your balcony with ”little food trees”? Grow them in the soda bottles, those bottles you toss away? Those ones.

On plastic bags, I have a woman friend who needs them. Those very clear ones used for wrapping mandazis? She and her women group use them for making jewellry. She started the project, an idea from South Africa. This makes an income for the women in the group. So, next time you’re throwing away a mandazi wrapper, think again.

To ponder think Wangari Maathai:

” It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference. My little thing is planting trees”.

Do you think or believe the world would be a much better place if we reused what we have? Would it make a difference in our nation? I will include so many segments of what we can recycle, how to recycle them, how recycling  can create jobs for the jobless Kenyan youths and getting a market for your recycled goods.

Stay tuned, this will be a series blog.

Can’t wait to hear from you though. Gives me the heads up to continue!.

Oh and also leave comments on environment conservation. Just like Prof. Maathai, I will show off my tree, start a championing of environment where all the waste goes. What inspires you to keep the environment better than yesterday? I can’t wait to hear you speak.

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