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Dear Kenyan Youths,

I salute you in the name of Kenya, the motherland we have known. The motherland we have come to love and adore. The motherland we treasure. It’s been a very long time since I said hello, so, ”HELLO, Kenya and Kenyan Youths”.

We ushered the New Year with ululations, clubbing or partying or whatever you like. With expectations as pregnant as . . . . But, I am scared, so scared.

”Why?”, you asked. ”Because, I am scared and the reasons are varied”.

1.  Transport woes. 

Have you ever travelled upcountry or to your rural home during the festivities? Woe unto you if you are ‘found’ by the festivities still extending or waiting for New Year. Sorry, you have to travel the second week of January or the third or please. Delayed public transport, hiked fares, uncaring conductors, stolen bags and goods … too many to list! And imagine majority of us walala hois depend on matatus for transport. Aargh, forgot to mention bad roads in some parts . . . especially the rural villages.

2.  Schools Opening. 

Yes, the festivities period comes and goes . . . school’s boring! I want to facebook, to tweet and to take more kaselfie on Instagram.

3. Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and Secondary Education Results.  These ones we have been doing for years now . . . before Christmas, the Primary results are released nationwide, after, the Secondary. Then, what?

4.  Kenya si moja.

We’re the same old Kenyans, with so much discrimination in us. Ati Kenya Moja, that happens when it’s the rich burning like in Westgate Massacre, not when people in Soweto, SokoHuru or whatever that unknown slum is called. Always forgotten.

5.  Kenya remains unchanged.

Same old Kenya, year in year out. Corruption, tribalism, nepotism, name it. Do we change as the years change? NO, we’re just us. Mapendeleo and so on. Don’t we tire?

6.  Hate Speech.

Hate, left and right. Brothers are turning on brothers and sisters on sisters. Politicians are propagating what we have been trying tirelessly to eradicate . . . not so tirelessly though . . . hate for another tribe or her people or whatever. Hate Speech is our Ugali.

7.  Sustainable Development Goals?

These goals were called Millennium Development Goals, (MDGs), suddenly, they changed name with the turn of the ‘Millennium’ 2015. Same old – hunger, poverty, famine, unemployment, over reliance on donor funds.

8.  Vision 2030?

Vision 2030, good roads, rural electrification, poverty eradication, income per house increase. Now, where’s that? We thought 2030 is too far. No, it’s so near , 14 years is too less for development. There’s room for improvement.

9.  Devolved?

2012/13 brought a new Majimbo System, or devolved governments. What have we seen instead, tears, cry . . . oh, corrupt Governor so and so, oh nepotism. And we believed these vices would be done away with.

10. ELections!.

2017 is coming or so we had thought it’s too far. What will we see this year . . . ”promising leaders of development”. What do they do, promise, pay us, we vote for them then same old problem recycle!

Why don’t we change? Why dwell in the same old things? Is this the cause of us being underdeveloped? Can changing tactics help? Why else are you not going to make resolution? Do you believe in resolutions in stagnation? Do we give up on Kenya?

Do you make resolutions? Talk to me.




Joann · 16 October 2016 at 6:55 AM

This blog is really cool. I have bookmarked it. Do you allow guest posting on your blog ?
I can provide hi quality posts for you. Let me know.

    stephanie · 25 March 2019 at 7:40 AM

    Hello Joann, yes I do allow guest posting.

    Pitch me the story on gertrudeatgmaildotcom

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