Dog breeds in Kenya: Selling Pet Accessories and Making 100k Shillings a Month Online

In Kenya these days, the number of dog owners keeps growing.

A pet accessory business isn’t about stocking dog accessories only because not all Kenyans own dogs as pets.

One of the hot-selling and evergreen product to sell online in Kenya in 2020 and beyond is pet accessories. 

How to Sell Pet Accessories Online in Kenya and Cash In Fast

How do you sell pet accessories online in Kenya and cash in fast on the pet-craze Kenyans?

I show you the strategies in making money selling pet accessories in Kenya and they include:

1. Video marketing is essential to show your accessory on the go 

Many Kenyans haven’t embraced video marketing in their businesses, even big businesses/brands.

You’re a big business selling pet accessories.

Get on your phone and create content around your accessories.

You want dog owners to see how the accessories you sell look on your pets.

Customers, many of them are visual buyers and they like to see goods on the move. How they drape.

Plus, when you video market your content is more likely to feature on Google’s page one – that means organic traffic and buyers interested in your products.

I love video marketing, it helps you form a bond with your customers as they realise the kind of person you’re.

Your personality reveals itself on video no matter how many edits you do. 

2. Mind about your accessory pricing 

The one thing that many shop owners face is how to correctly price their goods for buyers.

The sweet spot for pricing is between $10 -50 this price point encourages impulse buying. It’s cheap, affordable and achievable for many of your customers.

A customer won’t feel much guilty spending $10 for a pet accessory but they’d feel so guilty spending 10k shillings. 

Do your research to determine how much your customers are willing to pay.

3. Use social media for your pet accessories to be seen

Types of pet carriers to sell online for dog owners in Kenya

Facebook and Instagram are the best for doing business if you understand how they work.

Give yourself some few minutes or hours a day to study how these two wildly popular social media work.

I’d recommend you to use one, for example, Facebook but don’t use ads before learning how Facebook ads work.

Join as many pet Facebook groups as possible and like as many pages as possible.

Remember to use your pet business name for branding and not your name while creating a Facebook cover.

Use one of the pictures of your pet or one you pick from a graphic design website like Canva to create a Facebook cover that tells a story.

A Facebook cover/picture will be what customers/buyers connect with when visiting your page.

Now, share the page across all social media or other Facebook groups you’re on.

On Instagram, use a different approach. Instagram is about showing off, so, show how you take your pet for a walk and take so many pictures.

You can walk/teach others how-to groom a particular breed of dog.

Film your dog doing some funny dog stuff like scratching, playing with a cat, sniffing or anything dogs do that entertain you.

I saw a YouTube channel dedicated to a dog with millions of followers, find content ideas from dog owners with YouTube/Instagram accounts and those are so many.

Talk about pet products you love and why. Also, share very cute and cool photos of you and your pet. Instagram is all about showing off. 

Use the show-off tactic to build a powerful brand about your dog/pet accessories business.

4. Have a website 

Take your dog to work day Kenya

A website for your business.

Some people will advise a website isn’t necessary, it’s a waste of time. Or maintaining a website is so hard.

A website helps customers reach directly to you.

A website helps you get known in this ever-expanding Google world. You create a force in the pet industry.

Your customers can write testimonials about you and the service they received from your business through your website.

A website makes you earn more than pet accessory money through affiliate links through content creation before the first customer arrives.

Who doesn’t want an extra source of income?

It’s easier to add more products/scale your business when you have a website.

Use your website to test products as you receive them through dropshipping or shop on other pet supplies shops.   

5. Determine who your target customer is – the number one question you must ask

An entrepreneur does a bit of research to determine who their ideal client is and what they can afford.

An entrepreneur is a problem-solver, you seek the answers to questions customers have and gear towards answering them effectively.

And you get to learn all the time because customers have interesting questions.

Therefore, ask what pet does my customer have and why?

Do they accessorise their pets? How much do these accessories cost?

Can my customers find these accessories in the local shop nearby and buy them for cheaper prices?

Where does my target customer live and what kind of pets do others living in the area keep and why?

How much does my ideal customer earn and how much are they willing to pay for a pet accessory?

When you have a general idea of your client, it becomes easier to market to them.

You get clear on the message/achievement you want your accessory to achieve for your customer’s pet and for the customer. 

6. Learn from the mistakes of others and yourself 

There’s something powerful in learning from others and that’s learning from their mistakes as well as failures.

People tend to learn from the successes of others but learn from the failures because you get to avoid what the previous entrepreneur did wrong.

What made their business go under?. In most success stories, the truth behind what brought the success isn’t always revealed.

You don’t get to see the entrepreneur cry or give up, you see the glamourous side and wonder why you aren’t achieving glamour soon enough.

7. Provide exceptional service and experience 

Every business whether run by robots or humans needs to have exceptional customer service.

When you provide unforgettable experience customers bring others and your business acumen spreads like a bushfire, with the word of mouth marketing.

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing there is out there.

How does a pet accessory business owner provide the best service you may ask, especially when running the business online?

Simple, know everything about your product, the pros, cons, the good, bad and ugly and the best.

Share your opinion truthfully without pushing for sales and fake reviews.

Your honesty is what makes customers come back and that’s excellent customer service and experience.

Know everything there is to know under the sun about your pet accessories business.

When customers know you know a lot about your products, they become as passionate as you are in spreading the goodness of your pet accessories to others. 

8. Solve a problem 

Why are you selling a pet accessory?

Why did you start your business?

I started selling pillows for the simple reason I love how squishy they are and how decorative pillows can be.

I have had a deep connection with pillows for a long time.

Your why can be a passion like mine or it can be you searched low and mighty for an accessory in vain.

No matter the reason, sell that to the customers.

Customers love story telling and you must be a good one. 

9. Make your pet accessory business Google visible 

Kindly market your pet accessory using a content marketing strategy via your website.

Be vigorous in creating a content marketing strategy on your website, because that’s your brand and you are building it.

I see many business owners putting their all and might in social media forgetting that’s a medium that can die any day.

You’re in control of what you sell when your business is a blog and you share the posts via social media.

That’s what I do with my YouTube channel, I post all the content back here, because this blog is mine. I get to decide its death. 

10. Start from a niche 

Niche marketing simply means, getting specific.

If you want to sell pet accessories, and you can get carried away, start from selling one product.

Understand this product thoroughly then market it every single day for the next year until you break even.

Then keep adding more accessories as customers know about you and your cushy, fluffy pet beds, for example, or home-cooked balanced diet dog food for healthy dogs or Gps Trackers for Dogs.

A niche sets you apart, you get to talk about what you love and trust.

A niche helps you sell to others the reason why you cannot live without a certain pet accessory and why. See? Customers buy your reasons – reasons solve problems.

Customers come to you as the go-to person when it comes to fluffy beds, for example. 

11. Be stubborn

An entrepreneur, no matter their niche, never gives up.

You stay in the job, keep learning and keep putting in the best products in the market – consistency.

You don’t recommend products which you’d never use.

Tricking customers with products which you never use or swear how annoying they are is bad for business.

Customers will get that attitude which spells the end for your business. And if you recommend products

12. Use stories/testimonials to keep expanding your business 

I love the idea of having a website for my business, because, I learnt through my Airbnb business why websites are important.

I provided the most splendid services for a cheap price.

They couldn’t wait to rave about it. And a customer asked me, where can I write reviews about your house apart from Airbnb?

One day you may leave Airbnb, but I’ll be thrilled to have my review keep promoting your business.

And I realised the fatal business mistake.

Online reviews live forever, they help customers determine what kind of business you are. You get a free advertisement for your business through reviews.

Have that website ready and let your customers sing you praise. 

Best-Selling Dog Accessories to Sell in Your Store in Kenya: Amazon Best Choices

The following are the best-selling and rated dog accessories to sell in your store in Kenya, Amazon Best Choices and they include the following:

1. Furvahen Pet -Plush Orthopedic Sofa L-Shape

2. FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Bed for Dogs and Cats

3. Midwest Homes for Pets Dog/iCrate

4. Exuby Tiny Shock Collar for Small Dogs 5 – 15 Pounds

5. Whistle Go and Go Explore – the Ultimate Health + Location Tracker for Pets

6. BUIBIIU Dog/Puppy Teething Toys

7. AmazonBasics Dog and Puppy Potty Training Pads

8. Henkelion Pet Dog Booster Seat

9. AmazonBasics Soft-sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier

10. Paw Lifestyles – Dog Treat Training Pouch

11. Oneisall Dog Shave Clippers

I didn’t write all the best-selling pet products/accessories because I created another blog post related to pet products.

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DISCLAIMER: I use Amazon affiliate links to make money recommending products, I have read and felt are the best. This choice of products is done after a careful search of what’s missing in the Kenyan market and what you can sell in your shop for profits beyond your imagination. Purchasing through my links means, I get paid, and this adds no extra cost to you but helps me make money. Thank you so much for your purchase via my link. Shipping costs apply do beware.

Do you own a pet or do you love the idea of a pet?

Are you pumped up about getting started selling pet accessories in Kenya from the comfort of your home?




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