pink bath bombs

Bath bombs are round cute explosives and disguised as bath goodies.

Some people call them bath melts or bubble baths.

Bath bombs are called “bombs” because of the fizzing crackling sound they produce when they are placed in water and dissolve partly or completely to produce bubbles.

The dizziness of bath bombs comes from chemical reactions that happen when baking soda and citric acid come into contact with water.

Bath bombs are often spherical in shape, although you can design them in different forms and sizes.

Bath bombs also vary in hues, fragrances, shapes and sizes and are loaded up with skin moisturising ingredients.

You can build a bath bomb empire earning you over half a million monthly from home with the online marketing tools you have like Facebook.

Before jumping into the bath bomb business, survey or ask your customers what they want to feel when using your bath bombs.

You have to invest in educating customers why bath bombs because bath bombs are used for people with bathtubs.

But you can use them in the shower and without a bathtub.

You must begin and choose a target market.

For example, starting with kids means the market is wider and larger with more potential.

Kids are likely to have plastic bathtubs.

The customers may be parents because parents are with the money but the target audience is the kids.

Also, don’t sell to kids of all ages, narrow it down to kids with eczema, kids that don’t enjoy baths/showers.

Starting with a niche doesn’t mean restricting yourself that you don’t have customers.

If your niche is kids, then categorise your bath bombs surrounding all kinds of kids.

The ode of bath bombs is sung with a fizz.

Every person I know that started a bath bomb business or a similar niche has made tons of money from this soap business.

There is absolutely no barrier to entry in this market which means anyone (and everyone) can do it and you can undercut competitors in a heartbeat.

If you want to have fun and make money as well, selling bath bombs is a good place to start.

If you have a passion for all things bath bombs, come along and take a dip with me.

Can You Make Money Making Bath Bombs?

Yes, you can make money selling bath bombs.

The more unique your designs, the more money you make.

Is Making Bath Bombs a Good Business?

Every business has risks.

A bath bomb business lies on the low-risk spectrum on the basis of return on investment.

This means that you can make good money from the business without suffering a lot, if not any losses.

This is a viable business for anyone who wants to start their small business at home.

There is nothing really that you will lose, except maybe for the time that you will spend making your products.

What Ingredients Make Bath Bombs?

The basic bath bomb ingredients must include bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda and a weak acid.

These substances are usually unreactive when dry, but react vigorously when dissolved in water and start fizzing for some minutes.

You will also need scented ingredients as well for a pleasant fragrance.

If you want to, use a dye for colouring the bath bomb and you can use natural or artificial dye depending on your target market/audience.

Some also use gathering agents for the bubble effect.

How to Make DIY Bath Bombs

Most bath bombs are usually handmade. If you make your own bath bombs, you have a lot of freedom to design them to meet your needs.

You get to choose the shape, smell and colour you want for your bath bombs.

To make a bath bomb at home, you will need:

  1. Baking soda
  1. Bath salt/ Epsom salt
  1. Food colouring
  1. Citric acid/ Lemon juice
  1. Strawberry or Vanilla Essence 
  1. Olive oil
  1.  A teaspoon of water
  1. Separate bowls
  1. Silicon moulds 
  1.  Whisk
  1.  Gloves 

A  bath bomb is not a bath bomb if there is no effervescence.

Here’s a tip: Be careful with the ingredients you use.

Some additives can cause irritation such as fragrances and dyes.

There are complaints on commercial bath bombs for the use of skin irritants and allergens such as limonene and sodium lauryl sulfate. 

Start by mixing the dry ingredients and use the whisk to combine them all together in a bowl. 

Mix the wet ingredients in a separate bowl.

Since you will be adding in your essence, I suggest you put a generous amount of the essence so that your bath bomb will have strong pleasant guidance. 

Pour the liquid mixture into the solid mixture as slowly as possible as you mix them. 

Put the mixture into the silicon-based moulds and let it dry for 5 to 6 hours.

You can put them in a freezer for an hour if you are impatient to see how they will turn out.

Make sure you have attached the mould as tightly as possible to avoid making a mess.

You can make basic bath bombs or herb and flower bath bombs with this recipe.

For flower bath bombs, you can put flower petals of your choice that smell good, into the mixture.

Depending on the number of bath bombs you want to make, you can choose your own measurements on the ingredients.

There is no standard solution.

Your recipe depends on how many bath bombs you make.

How to Start a Successful Bath Bomb Business in Kenya

Test your bath bomb

How long does the scent last?

Is the experience of the bath bomb enjoyable?

Learn how to make bath bombs

Obtain licenses

The bath bomb is classified as food, so, it’s important for you to get the license required before making bath bombs.

Go to your county council to inquire.

Have eye-catching packaging

The beauty industry in which bath bomb is in is a visual industry.

The more attractive your packaging the more customers you attract.

Take time to package your products to attract your customers.

Where are your customers?

Knowing where bath bomb customers are means you make more than 500k a month.

Most bath bombs customers are on Etsy, social media, craft fairs, shopping online so have a website.

Your customers may be looking for bath bombs to help supplement/replace their daily soap.

Customers may be looking for bath bombs to help with skin ailments.

The type of market you market to affects your pricing, target audience and market strategy.

Create a subscription package for your bath bombs

Creating a subscription for your bath bombs means, allowing your customers to choose more than bath bombs.

You can offer soaps/shampoos for hair, soap for acne.

Be transparent in your labelling

Say the ingredients you used without lying to your customers.

Customers value transparent brands.

Pack light so that the bath bombs don’t roll around in a box to avoid crumbling.

How to Make More Money With Bath Bombs

To make more with your bath bombs

Introduce handmade soap

Sell bath salts

Show others how to make bath bombs on YouTube

Start a blog

Partner up with skincare

Do giveaways/contests

The more you give, the more people come to you for more or recommend your bath bombs to others.

Leverage your users to sell more bath bombers

Tell your customers to review your products then post on their social media channel.

Target holidays to make holiday-themed bath bombs

Use subscription method

What’s the Best Way to Sell Bath Bombs?

So you are now done making your bath bombs, you have the product, but you do not know how to sell them.

For you to start making money out of your business, you need to get your products in front of your customers. 

The first step is to pick an avenue of how you are going to sell. Is it going to be through a website, Facebook, Instagram or shows and events?

Are you going to sell your products wholesale or retail?

How are you going to promote your products?

You can pick a website, a dotcom or a social media platform to start selling your products. 

  • Social media

This is the most common way to sell bath bombs.

Dabble on all social media platforms and find one which suits you.

If you can handle live videos, use Facebook or YouTube to sell.

Talk about yourself and your products and why you think it is what they are looking for.

Remember, going live means selling your personality as well.

Be pumped about your product.

People tend to buy from someone they think are more approachable or likeable.

For Facebook, you can drive traffic to you through giveaways and flash sales.

I mean, who doesn’t like free things. You can also pay Facebook a few dollars to share your content across the platform and within no time, you will make a sale.

If you are posting on Instagram, take good photos of your bath bombs to make it appealing to the eyes.

Avoid adding wordy captions to your photos. You shoot yourself in the leg when you get carried away by words on social media.

Other users will only read the first quarter of your post and move to the next one.

Start your posts with something attractive, for example, ‘Share to win’ or ‘FREE GIVEAWAYS’.

This will drive traffic to your page and you will start making money from sales, soon after.

Get excited about your product

Use mind positioning to influence people to buy your product.

You can also create a bandwagon effect and talk about how busy you have been selling and dealing with many orders that you haven’t had time to be as active.

This will entice people to try your products. 

If you are an introverted person, you will have to pick something that does need you to constantly be in people’s faces.

One of the best sites is Etsy.

Pinterest also allows you to sell your products through photos and videos.

What are the Benefits of Bath Bombs?

Here is why there are more people getting into the bath bomb trend. Bath bombs have a wide range of benefits.

Bath bombs have healing properties

You will feel clean, fresh and fixed up after a bath. Bath bombs have agents that will make your skin look soft, supple and youthful.

They are natural

There are no harsh ingredients that can cause serious aggravation to your skin. It is friendly to everyone. 

It is an emollient

Bath bombs have essential oils and conditioners that will leave your skin fresh up.

Bath bombs create an aesthetic

When you get into a tub, you get the feeling that you are not just taking any ordinary bath. It feels lavish and calming.

The scents have a purpose

Bath bomb scents can be your safe space.

They will remind you of a time when you are relaxed and stress-free so that when you have a busy day at work, you can’t wait to get home and take a bath.

Bath bombs are a self-care product making your customers feel luxurious

Most bath bombs are chemical-free or use chemical-free ingredients

Bath bombs have healing properties

Bath bombs wake up tired skin, help a sleepy mind and makes you calm

Pros of Selling Bath Bombs

If you are thinking about what you can get out of starting a bath bomb business, here are some advantages you gain.

You can start your business from home

Bath bombs are handmade. 

You do not have to have a storefront or an office space to start getting things done.

You can do everything in the comfort of your home.

Low startup costs

Starting your business from home means that you will not have a lot of expenses to cater for to get you started.

Low capital is involved in this business. 

It is flexible

You get to choose how to manage your time, how many products to make and how to deliver to your customers.

It is scalable

In any business, there will be changes that will occur.

If there are any demands for new products or services you can easily use different methods to reach the market standard. 

Quick build time

Unlike most businesses, it won’t take you a lot of time to set up and grow your business.

Once you have already established your customer base, you can grow your business in no time.

Easy to encourage impulse buying

You can intentionally alter packaging and promotional value to influence buyer decisions.

Do not get carried away with this because some customers will not tolerate it.

High margins

Since you will be making a lot of money and a lot of profit, you will not suffer losses.

Your work is 100% rewarding because you will be solving an issue and working to deliver the best services to your customers. 

Cons of Selling Bath Bombs

These are the problems you will face when selling your bath bombs.


I will be lying to you if I told you that there is open space to trade in this business.

The market is crowded and the competition is high.

You have to do your research if you want to gain a competitive advantage.

Otherwise, your products might not sell.

Difficulty in finding a supplier

If you will not be making your bath bombs, you will need to find a supplier to get you the products to sell.

This may take some time, especially when you want specific items.

No safety net

Running your own business means that you do not have a paycheck that you can fall back on if things go south.

You earn money based on sales you have made in the month. 

High overhead costs

Since you will be advertising, marketing and keeping an inventory, you will need to invest in these areas so that you will have quality products that can sell.

Repetitive work

Making bath bombs can be tiring because you will be doing the same thing over and over. You will have to be patient with yourself every day and not get frustrated.

You will feel isolated

Working from home means that you will lose some if not all connections with real people as most of your customers are available online.

Why Your Homemade Bath Bombs Fall Apart

I have seen a ton of posts over the past few days on making bath bombs and how to sell them.

There is some poor advice and some wrong information given out and I want to show you how to make and sell something that is profitable.

These tips will help you make quality bath bombs that will make you money in no time. 

Your bath bombs are falling apart because they are either too dry or too wet.

If you have finished making your bath bombs and they are crumbling, then it is too dry. If it is cracking up then it means that your mixture was too wet. 

Getting the correct amount of moisture is very important for perfect bath bombs. 

Here are some tips to make good, quality bath bombs.

Use essential oils like almond oil, avocado oil and olive oil

They are very good moisturisers that do not actually wet your entire mixture.

If you can, only use a teaspoon of water and more of the oils.

When you are drying them, leave a humid wet climate so that they do not become too hard

Once they have lost all their moisture to the environment they will start cracking.

If you are oven drying your bath bombs, get the timing right

Do not keep them in for hours. Ensure the temperature is also right and per the instructions. 

When you are holding your bath bombs, make sure they are tightly packed

You will end up with a crumbled mess if you do not mould them tightly. 

If you do not want your bath bombs to have a rough outer surface, you can use Cream of Tartar for a silky feel

You will also get frothy bubbles from using this cream.

Branding and Why It Is Important for a Bath Bomb Business

Branding is very important in this business. You have to create your own brand so that it can set you apart from your competitors. 

Through branding, your customers have built trust and loyalty about you and your products.

Here is how you can brand your bath bomb business. 

Have a bath bomb business name

A good business name should not only be catchy, but it should also inform your customers about who you are and what you do.

Think of creative names like Bubbly Days or Fizzy Times.

If you cannot think of a name, there are name generators online to help you with that. 

Use logos

When you are packaging your products, use logos and labels.

Labelling your bath bombs will go a long way in making sure that you attract more customers.

Creative Ways to Use Bath Bombs

Like I mentioned earlier, the bath bomb business is very competitive so you will need to be on top of your game at all times.

These ideas will help you create something special, unique and appealing to the eye. 

Here is how you will make your bath bombs more attractive.

Colour fusion

Play with the colours.

Use glitters.

Make them decorative.

Be creative and do not be afraid to mix things up.

Ask your customers what colour they want and research the common colours they sell.

Personally, I would want something plain and simple.

White is my favourite colour. 


Go on Pinterest and find inspiration there.

Look at the works of different people and see what you can borrow from them.

Look at the shapes, sizes and the design they use and see if you can add a little twist and create something unique out of that.

You can make kids bath bombs which will mean that you become very creative with the moulds.


Be creative when you are packing your products.

People are naturally attracted to nice things.

Bath bombs don’t have to be used in the bathroom alone. You can use them in different ways.

  1. They can be used as an air freshener in your car because of the fragrance they produce. 
  1. You can use them to clean your jewelry and all the silverware. 
  1. You can dissolve them in water and place it into a spritzer bottle and use it as an air freshener in your house.
  1. You can use the powder as a natural scrub for your kitchen sink, bathroom and toilet seat.
  1. You can also make a foot bath and soak your feet in them.
  1. You can toss a bath bomb into a dryer if you want your clothes to be lushly scented.

FAQs on Starting a Bath Bomb Business in Kenya

1. How Much Should I Sell My Bath Bombs

I’ve seen a lot of people online complain about how expensive bath bombs are.

So this means there is a lot of money in this business.

Typically, each bath bomb usually costs around Ksh. 300 to Ksh. 500.

This, however, depends on the order quantity and product specifications.

For example, a gift pack can go for Ksh. 1000 or Ksh. 1500.

As a beginner in this trade, you do not want to come off money hungry.

You want to make more sales at the start so that you can attract and retain more customers.

You can do this through giveaways and flash sales.

2. How Often are Bath Bombs Used?

A bath bomb doesn’t have to be of single-use.

Depending on the size of a bath bomb, it can either completely dissolve in about a minute, or be reusable for the next bath or two. 

You can cut it into halves or take it out of the water before it dissolves, but that will mean that it will have less effect on your next bath.

If you find yourself allergic to the bath bomb, you should quit using it immediately and consult a doctor.

3. How Much Does It Cost to Make Bath Bombs?

The ingredients you are going to use are usually store-bought and quite affordable.

Some of them you can pull out from your kitchen cabinet.

A single bath bomb will cost you approximately Ksh. 50 to make.

4. Why start a bath bomb business?

You can make bath bombs in your kitchen with no special equipment needed.

You don’t need extra space

You can store bath bombs in your home; use creativity to organise your bath bombs

Easy to make yours; no copying of others’ scents.

5. What are the types of bath bombs?

The following are popular types of bath bombs:


Bath bombs with jewellery

Crystal bath bombs – have healing power

Bath bombs designed according to favourite drink, food, fruit – good for kids

Aromatherapy bath bombs uses essential oils and target issues like stress, dry skin, eczema.

6. What household items can you use to make bath bombs?

The following household items are in bath bombs and they include:

Baking soda

Citric acid

Epsom salt



Almond oil

Coconut oil


Essential oil

Sesame oil



Gifts like crystals and many more ingredients.

7. Are bath bombs easy to sell?

Yes, bath bombs are easy to sell.

Identify your target market/target audience to make more money.

Your target audience may have various skin issues like acne or eczema or baby skin, ensure to provide bath bombs that fill this need.

Resources Related to Starting a Bath Bomb Business

ingredients used for making bath bombs

The following businesses are related to the bath bomb business.

You can add these businesses to supplement your income as a bath bomb entrepreneur and the businesses include:

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A bath bomb business is a lucrative business that you can do from home using products you have in the kitchen.

Bath bombs are lucrative because there are no heavy startup costs required to get started.

You can choose to work from home or from a store and you can choose to work full-time or part-time.

Do you want to start a bath bomb business?

Or are you in the bath bomb business?

What’s your experience as a bath bomb business owner?




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