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I love books. Everything books; the design, covers, fonts, authors, you name it!

Can you name a book that you saw or read and went, ‘I love the design of this book, the fonts and chapter look well-thought-out; I’m reading this one’’.

If you have a passion for books and design then you can be a book designer.

What makes you purchase a book?

 There is a lot of art in books. From page writing to the book cover design.

Is it the title of the book, the fonts, the message at the back of the book? Self-publishing enables people that love books and design make a living as book cover designers. 

I’m going to whet your appetite to help you see if designing book covers is something you’d like to do to make you money.

You can make loads of cash or just pocket change, depending on your needs and on the amount of work you are willing to put in.

What Does a Book Cover Designer Do?

Book cover designing isn’t about slapping images on books and selling them.

Book cover designing is an art where the cover designer/artist has to understand how to use images, text for the front, back and the spine of the book if working with hardcover books.

A book designer also has to design an attention-grabbing cover while representing the story within and according to the genre of the book.

So, if you are designing romance book covers, ensure the cover speaks about the story.

This means reading the book and understanding what the author’s message is/was. Book designers are readers because you cannot design a book without reading the content; you don’t design from guesswork.

Book designers also produce a mockup of the cover or a prototype to show the author if that’s the idea the author had in mind while writing. Lastly, book designers also collaborate with creators, if working in a team. 

Can You Make a Living as a Book Cover Designer?

Yes, you can make money and good money as a book cover designer. Book and art lovers can generate income through book cover designing.

There are many rising self-publishing authors who are hunting for designers that can meet their book cover needs at low costs. The self-publishing authors find premade book covers at affordable rates.

You can sell a premade book cover at $75/Kshs.7,500, so if you sell 10 book covers a month, that’s 75,000 shillings from a side hustle.

The more collections/genre of cover designs you have, the more money you make. 

What is a Premade Book Cover?

A premade book cover is a designed book cover ahead of time; before the designer sees or talks to the author/writer. Premade book covers help save time and money for authors.

Simple, check a website like, pick your favourite cover then ask the designer for any changes.

Why Do Book Cover Matters?

Authors look for book covers for a number of reasons. Truth be told, everyone judges a book by its cover. People say they would rather read a good book with a lousy cover than a lousy book with a good cover.

This does not always play out in real life, especially when an author wants to influence a buyer’s choice in order to make sales. Book covers will influence a person’s preference for Book A over Book B.

If you are looking for a reason to start selling your book cover designs, here are a few.

  • To find an audience for your book. If you are an author, the best way to attract people to read your work will be through book covers. It is easier for your audience to know what genre you are writing when they take a visual at the book cover. As a book cover designer, you can sell some of your best work according to the genre you have chosen and make money. Later in the article, we will look at how you can incorporate creative ideas into designing book covers of different genres.
  • For book quality. More often than not, a book will be judged by its cover. Your client will ask for specific things to be included in their book design to match the content of the book. Book covers should tell us something about the book before we even start reading.
  • To place your book into a category.  Different book genres have different categories in which they are placed. Identify if the book cover you are working on is Fanfiction, Supernatural or Romantic and tailor that to your overall design.
  • For presentation. When you want to show other clients your work, you will give them what you have worked on in the past. Keep in mind that you cannot be an expert designer overnight. Some of your work may look untidy and not of standard. You may even be tempted to delete them. Keep them for memories sake to remind you how far you have come.
  • For marketing. When you are ready to start earning income by selling your book cover designs, you can advertise your work on different websites. If your book cover design is valuable, you will get clients and start making money in no time.

How Do You Become a Book Cover Designer?

World-class book cover designers have been in their game for a long time. If you are a self-publisher or a beginner book cover designer, you want to keep costs low.

There are a few things you must have to become a book cover designer. Learn how to use a computer because you will be using design software for your work.

Know what skills you need and the niches you are going to focus on. Have good vocabulary and graphic design skills to get started. 

How Do I Make a Book Cover?

Follow these steps to make your first of many book covers.

  1. Look for inspiration. This will boost your creativity levels and help you identify the patterns that are suitable for the genre you have chosen. 
  1. Choose a design software. A design software will help you make sharp looking book covers. They provide templates to choose from, which means, unless you are designing your own photos, you cannot customise them.
  1. Find images. Shutterstock is one of the best sites to choose your book cover images from. It charges a small fee for your image choices. 
  1. Cover dimensions. If you are designing printed book covers, your cover dimension should be based on the genre, word count and page density. For ebooks, the relative standard is 2560 by 1600 pixels.
  1. Typography. This is a huge par6vod creating your design. Use complementary fonts for your name. Avoid using more than three fonts on a book cover. Always pick a font that is suited to a specific book genre.
  1. Export. You want to export your work once you are done. The usual format is Jpeg for ebooks and PDFs for printed books. Make sure to follow the guidelines of the print service you are using. 
  1. Test your design. If you have two designs that you are torn up about, test the audience’s response to either one of them. You can use Facebook to advertise these two (or more) designs. The book cover with the most clicks is most definitely the best one.

Where and How to Get Your Book Cover Designs

If you are in doubt of your designing capabilities and are looking for inspiration on how to get started, there are sites that allow you to use their images for free or at a small price. 

Go online and use creative commons and stock images. If you can, draw your own designs as well. Once online, choose a site that offers what you want and selects the images you want to download for use.

Some of the best sites for creative common images include Pixabay, Pexels, Morguefile and Flickr.

For stock images, use Getty images.

Best Book Cover Design Apps

There are different software’s available online that will give you a platform to develop your book cover design effectively. 

When you are looking for these software applications, go for those which have positive reviews. Some apps have a glitch in their system and your work might get interrupted or lost. You do not want to waste your precious time on these apps. 

When you go looking, start on apps like Adobe Spark, GIMP, Visme and PosterMyWall. Placeit is another book cover designing app that allows you to do your designing work for free!

These apps will have the option to choose if you want a flat cover or a three dimensional one and give you ways to change it into either. If you don’t understand how to use these apps effectively, go on YouTube and look at how those who have made it before you have done it.

Questions to Ask When Designing a Book Cover

Here are some questions to get you started on your first book cover. You will want to know this information beforehand from your clients. 

  • What genre do you want/ should I cover? 
  • What elements should I focus on? Is it the imagery, fonts or colour?
  • Do you need a custom made image for which you will have sole rights over?
  • What are your preferred payment options and structures? Some clients may want to pay you before  you start your work, while others after the design is complete and they are satisfied with your work.
  • How do you want your final design to be delivered? As high resolution JPEG or as a PDF file?
  • What is the deadline to meet?
  • What communication style do you prefer? You want to avoid irritating each other by wanting to communicate every hour. 

How Many Hours Does It Take to Design a Book Cover?

The amount of time you are going to spend designing a book cover will depend on your level of experience, skill, ease of work and the set deadline.

Do not do any rush work with your design. We want something that is going to be catchy, memorable and of top quality. 

Working on simple projects that require minimalist cover design will usually take 10 to 12 days to complete.

Complex design projects that require a lot of artistic work will take you 20 days, rounding up to a month to complete.

This will give you all the time to be as creative and as meticulously as you can be. Know what you are working on and set a time base to finish your work in due time.

How Much Should I Charge For Designing a Book Cover?

There are many types of book covers designed for different books including hardbacks, paperbacks spiral bound or ebooks.

The amount you charge depends on the type of book cover an author wants. If you have a website listing your premade book covers, list the price of each book cover.

If an author approaches you for a specific book cover, it’s time for you to charge a premium. You get to earn more money when it’s a customised design.

The pricing of your cover design depends on the amount of work or details, the pictures, special fonts, experience and skills. 

How Much Money Do Book Cover Designers Make?

The amount of money you make as a book cover designer depends on your experience, how you market your services, having a website and taking custom orders from authors.

The more specific or detailed the work you do on book designing, the more money you make. You can make money to pay debts like 10k or make a million-plus to help you live a good life.

The money you make depends on and with you; your why for designing book covers.  

Book Cover Designer Online Jobs in Kenya

Getting a job as a book cover designer means, first, checking on websites like Freelancer, Upwork or Fiverr. After getting your profile accepted on Upwork, then you can apply for jobs. 

READ MORE: Getting Started on Upwork in Kenya in 2021 

On Fiverr, list your services as a book cover designer for $5/ 350 shillings or less after Fiverr takes its cut and before cashing in.

it may seem like a small amount, simple, show your ability as a book cover designer. Take some previous books you love or discovered in the genre you want to get known, then redo the cover.

Show clients the before and after of your design.

Now, as people begin watching your profile, or requesting your services, increase your prices; do elaborate work. Remember, don’t stick on the five dollars on Fiverr, ask yourself, what service in the book cover design industry can I render for five dollars? 

Connect yourself to Facebook Groups full of designers.

Become active, talk about your work as a book cover designer. Join as many designers as possible groups even interior designers groups. You meet successful designers that would want to write books but slow down because they don’t know where to get book cover designers or editors.

The more you market yourself, the more people know about your services or business and you can never lack income. 

Publishing houses in Kenya. Kenya may be a country obsessed with literary writers or academic writers but in publishing houses like Macmillan, Longhorn, you can get in-house publishing work. 

Ask self-publishing or published authors by again joining Facebook groups and helping them design book covers of their dreams. 

Market yourself. They say a designers or artists job isn’t a job because of the pay. It doesn’t have to be that way for you. Beat the norm of ‘’hungry artists’’ by marketing or networking your work as a book cover designer. 

Always have your portfolio. You create your book cover designer by redesigning or redoing book covers from best-seller books in your chosen niche. Creating a portfolio showing other genre prowess don’t limit yourself to one genre. 

Freelancers of all kinds from all walks of life want books. 

Bloggers and YouTubers/Vloggers look for book cover designers. Who is your favourite YouTuber and what blogs do you read? Heard the publisher wondering where to get book cover design or saying, ‘’I’m in dire need of a book cover designer or cover designing is the only thing remaining?’.

Of course, you must know the blogger niche and love and must be a follower; form a rapport. 

Teachers, professors, all kinds of professionals look for book cover designers. 

What Websites Can You Sell Your Book Cover Arts?

The best website paying book cover designer is of course your website. Do you know how to design a website? Should be a breeze for you with your Photoshop knowledge.

Design book covers and displays them there like what the publisher (s) of does. Include all the premade book covers.

To improve search for your website, remember to use your website’s blog section to write content about your life as a book cover designer.

You have to find the keywords use for finding premade book covers and write them down.

For every post, take your time to find the targeted keywords. You can sell your book cover arts on Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Designcrowd and Freelancer.

How to Promote Your Book Cover Design Art

Once you have designed a book cover, the next step is advertising and selling. You want to get potential clients who are in need of your work and you want to reach them fast. 

Here are quick ways to promote your book cover designs and they include: 

  • Social media. Social media connected us to people. Leverage this connection to advertise and sell your book covers. There are many authors available online looking for covers for their books. Some of them are in your social media circle or ‘friends’.

 ‘Dress’ your book cover images like you’d as a fashion blogger to advertise on Instagram. Remember to research for relevant keywords. 

On Facebook create your profile or a page as a book cover designer and include a shop with me or a landing page to your website for better selection.

 Remember to offer your social media followers or ”likers” a snippet of your behind the scenes as a book cover designer. 

On Twitter, use hashtags to see what’s trending in the book industry and design book covers in what’s trending.

 On YouTube use vlogs to show every aspect of your life as a book cover artist. And on Pinterest, use images of various books to gain more followers to your blog or other social media pages. 

Don’t begin with all the social media pages at once, show two, remain active in them before moving to the others. The more spread you’re, the more people know of your book cover design business and the more money you make. 

  • Use bloggers. Ask design bloggers or author bloggers to help review your book cover art. Or if you love writing, guest blog about your work as a book cover artist on famous blogs like Lifehacker or Huffpost then draw the traffic back to your design website or social media pages.  
  • Bookstagram your cover designs. A lot of businesses are going up on Instagram. Instagram allows you to create an account for free and upload your book covers as photos for your audience to pick from. Remember Instagram is about dressing up images to whet your audience’s appetite. Take your time to learn how to take product photos. 
  • Use author merchandise. If you have made a book cover for an author and it got positive reviews, take a chance and ask them to help you promote your services. Some of them might be kind to help you for free while others may charge you or need a discount on the next cover. Once they have accepted, go ahead and incorporate your design on the author’s T Shirts, mugs or capes.
  • Your personal website using SEO or related book cover keywords 

  • Other authors or book cover designers you network with

  • Attend fairs and events with writers and share your business cards with the authors 

Advantages of Designing Book Covers

Designing book covers has the following benefits to the author and the designer.

  • Attracts readers and clients. Readers buy books because of the attractive book cover. 

That’s the first thing they will look at. When a client is looking for a cover design, they will be attracted to what best suits their needs. This makes you both win in this situation because you are able to make sales.

  • Branding. Designing book covers will create a personal brand on your work. Make sure you are as unique and that your work has not been done or seen somewhere before.

 This is crucial for your branding. Branding is also about storytelling; what’s your story? How and why did you begin book cover designing? 

  • Getting reviews. Bad or good reviews help you grow your business as a book cover artist. Getting good reviews means money over the roof and bad reviews means changing maybe your customer service or learning more how to create book covers.  
  • Getting recommendations. Clients will recommend each other to your work when you delivered maximum results on a project they asked you to work on. This will put you on top of the chart when other authors want to publish their books.
  • Earn income. Designing book covers is an easy way to make money without breaking a sweat. There are huge offers on different types of book covers that you can grab on and earn yourself a decent living. 
  • Affordability. A book cover designer needs the power of the internet and a good laptop a quiet creating space. 

Create space in the corner of your bedroom or living room, it’s how I got started as a freelance writer.

 The knowledge of Photoshop, which you can use for creating courses on mastering Photoshop on platforms like Udemy. Or better yet, use Canva and begin redesigning best-sellers.

  • Mood. Creativity is a therapy and book cover designing is a gateway from the mundane lives and lifestyles people live. 

As a book designer, you find yourself escaping from the harsh realities of life (murder, war, hate, crime) by burying yourself in some work. Plus, creativity is next to Godliness; means you’re near God when you create. 

Tips on Book Cover Designs

These tips will show you how to be a kickass book cover designer as a beginner, intermediate or experienced book cover designer. 

As a book cover designer, you must know what makes or breaks your book cover design. There are good book covers, minimalist and downright bad book cover designs.  The tips include the following:  

Mistakes in Book Cover Design

Avoid these mistakes if you want your book cover designer to be good.

  • Too many elements. Avoiding using too many elements in your book cover design. It looks confusing and crowded. Unless it is a comic book. But it will still look untidy. I will honestly put down a book that does not give me a clear path on the story from the cover design.
  • Wrong fonts. Know the fonts for the genre you are writing about. If it is about fantasy, usually the fonts are twisted up a bit and have this Disney look. 
  • No genre fit. If you are designing a specific book cover for a client, make sure it is in line with what the book is about. It will be insane to have a book cover design of robots when the book content is about crime.
  • Poor quality images. The images you use on your book cover design should be of high quality resolution. Use high pixels so that your overall image can be seen from a distance. A book cover image should not be blurry.
  • Poor readability.When you are picking the sizes and format of your letters, shrink it down to a thumbnail to make it visible and readable. No one wants to strain their eyes when they want to read a book.

How Do I Protect My Book Covers?

Protecting book cover designs requires legal actions to be taken. You do not want to receive a letter from someone who wants to sue you for using their images. 

  • When you are using creative common images, avoid using images with people’s pictures, cars, houses, businesses, or boats in them. 
  • Take a screenshot of the creative images site you visited and take a screenshot of the page you downloaded your images from. This will prove that you did your work with no ill intent.
  • If you are using stock photos, check for usage rights and get the limit of copies you can sell using someone’s image. 

Copyright your book covers. Tell the thieves there’s a penalty for stealing your work. Some illustrators or book cover designers say you cannot copy, reuse or redesign their book covers; what do you want people to do with your covers? 

Book Cover Design Ideas

Creativity is key when designing book covers. You can get inspiration from other designers by taking a trip to the library and exploring different book covers or going online, say, on YouTube. 

The most attractive book cover designs have the best imagery, font choice and colours. These are very important elements when you want to have a good book cover design that will make you money. 

These elements change from one genre to the next. Here are some ways you can spice up your book cover design in different genres.

How Do I Make a Book Cover Attractive?

Most book cover designers tend to put their focus on a specific genre. There are many ideas you can incorporate into book cover design. 

For the different genres, this is what you can do.

  • Romance. I have read a romance book before. From what I remember, the cover design was just as was expected. A couple and a romantic scene. Think of different romantic scenes you can conjure up in your head and create your design. Do not make it too explicit if you don’t want it rejected by certain websites like Amazon.
  • Inspirational. What scene do you often think about when you want to relax? It could be a sunrise or sunset vibe, a vast land with flowers or a peaceful and calm ocean. These are great ideas to use.
  • Sci-Fi. For science fiction book cover designs, use planets, spaceships and robots for that creative look. 
  • Thriller. Choose an image that is intriguing and full of suspense. It could be an abandoned road in the night, a tunnel or dark alley.
  • Comedy. These books are my personal favourite. Anything with humour is good for the soul. You can write witty comments and draw funny images to compliment your cover design.
  • Supernatural. Think of other supernatural creatures apart from vampires, zombies and werewolves for your book cover design. You can create a shape shifter of half wolf, half vamp for that attractive image.

Always pay attention to the images, fonts and colour of your book cover design. There are different ideas for coming up with something unique.

Colour plays a vital role in making a good book cover design. It creates both mood and aesthetics. For example, a dark blue book cover can hint at emotion or power.

Skills for a Book Cover Designer

Graphic design skills 

You aren’t designing book covers without graphic design skills.

To get started, learn how to use Canva hen advance to more advanced software like Photoshop. Learn the basics of book cover designing by choosing a niche. You don’t have to go to school. 

Excellent working knowledge of computers and design software 

Designers are problem solvers, you help clients have peace of mind by making client’s work come to life.

A book designer isn’t exempt, you aren’t going to limit yourself on mastering Photoshop and Cava or Inkscape but project management tools like Google Calendars, Zoom for communicating with clients.

You also have to explain to clients how to download their book cover designs. You cannot explain if you don’t know. 

Knowledge of the publishing industry/ trends 

Book cover designing isn’t limited to beautiful images but a knowledge of what’s happening in the publishing industry. What are publishers doing, what’s in and what’s out?

Knowing the publishing industry trends help you recommend book cover designers for authors title that they didn’t think of. 

Knowledge of the terms and terminologies of design tools and typefaces 

Have you ever gone to work without knowing the tools of trade or the names given to tools in your industry? It’s not possible to produce your best work if you don’t know what typography, elements are.

Knowing the terms and terminologies not only helps you become effective or avoid wasting time searching for what terms mean but also help advise clients on how to get their work downloaded or printed. 

Collabos/network for more work 

  Designers and artists love independence. But good designers go out there to market their services.

If you’re wondering why your premade book covers aren’t selling, you’re not marketing hard enough or simple, your network is too small.

The power of networking means you aren’t missing clients therefore money and you keep abreast with industry trends or listen to designers out of space design ideas.

Network means growing. Join Facebook groups with writers, authors, bloggers, graphic designers, logo designers to listen to what’s happening in the design world. 

How Do I Become a Book Cover Designer and Live Off Your Creativity?

Set up a personal design studio 

A book design studio doesn’t have to be in the middle of New York, that’d be awesome though or in the poshest Gigiri or somewhere in Westlands.

Set up a simple home office with your computers, reliable internet connection, quiet or with no distraction for working and communicating with clients.

You can design a trendy cloffice and on the side use your knowledge for designing an office in a closet to make money; killing two birds with one stone.

Ensure your studio is well lit, no one works well in a dingy dark unkempt smelling room. You want your office space to respect your values as a book designer and motivate you to get up in the morning to make it happen. 

Be attentive to details 

I love looking at details on clothes after self-teaching how to sew, details on book covers since publishing a book on Amazon and getting two sales.

I love looking at details of my writing that I never feel is sufficient to help publish before editing over 100 times.

Paying attention to the details means not skimping or leaving some things for readers to guess. It’s asking yourself, how can I capture the mind of the reader in 30 seconds and make their purchase without thought?


Whenever I hear network my heart leaps with joy because at 14 years old my dad spoke to me about networking with like-minded people.

Don’t have a circle of people discouraging you or telling you how it’s hard making a living as a book cover designer. Join some Joshuas and Calebs telling you, this is a possibility.

Hop onto Facebook Groups and find designers of all kinds, join them and participate by sharing your struggles, your work, the joy you find in designing book covers. Facebook Groups are my weapon for finding clients or a group of like-minded individuals.

Designers are friendly and by sharing you open a world where others share themselves with you, their work, refer clients to you, what they did to become successful as designers.

Doesn’t mean you spend an entire day ‘networking’ on Facebook that’s a distraction, it means, setting a time for social media maybe two or three hours on the weekend per week.

That’s enough for connecting or two or three times a week depends on you and your schedule. 

Listen to authors and their needs then work according to what clients want. An author’s taste may differ from yours advise the authors but don’t force your ideas on them.

Don’t force ideas on authors as a book designer. It’s easy to force authors to go with the trends or love the idea or secret you came up with.

The best way is to recommend ideas then let the authors decide. Pushing for idea acceptance means you only care for the sale, you want your idea to get validated by force that pushes customers away. Let your customers make and have choices. 

Respect your clients – be professional and diligent for every client 

Respect is a two-way street, if you give it you get it. Respect your clients’ wishes without pushing for it and they’ll consider your ideas.

Remain a professional by arriving at video calls on time and responding to clients concerns promptly. 

Always market or talk about yourself and your business 

The more I refused to market my business as a freelance writer after it took off the more clients I didn’t get. The more I put myself out there telling people, I am a freelance writer I use words to make profits for your business, I got more interesting.

You cannot refuse to market yourself as a book cover designer.

Marketing isn’t complicated as we believe. Marketing means understanding what your offer is and selling to the people.

Have you ever watched the bitching and bickering of women on say, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gave the show a thumbs down but came back to it? Have you ever wondered what the premise of such shows is?

You can hate those shows as much as you want but Bravo knows we love drama, love, sex, rich lifestyle and we love watching these shows.

Designers, most book designers don’t understand what their offer is or what the audience wants. The best question to ask is, why am I designing book covers?

Share your work with others on your social media page and with the age of ‘showing off’ have a dedicated Instagram or YouTube channel showing others how to become book designers.

You’re not only sharing but marketing, put yourself out there. You get to learn and others learn from you plus forming a community means others sharing your work. 

Know the target audience 

I knew my target market were Kenyans aged 18 and above that are getting into the digital consumption way of life when starting this blog.

No wonder I named it, KenyaReview, talking everything about Kenya. Who is your target audience? When your market is as broad as mine, authors, you may get lost in the noise.

There are authors of many genres. You can only branch out as a book designer after specialising with and in one niche. What books do you never get tired of reading and why? Can you tear them apart and redesign them after reading? 

Know the book cover design trends and keep up with them 

Learn the tools of book cover designing 

How can you begin book designing without knowing your way around Photoshop or Canva? Or without knowing how to use fonts or the colours that work with each other?

I say you may not know how Photoshop works in and out because it takes years of working with Photoshop and Canva or other design tools to master them because you discover a new thing about these tools daily.

Keep practising and don’t stop learning your tools, the more you learn, the more effective your work is. 

Build and have a portfolio 

I learnt about building or having a writer’s portfolio when I was six years into freelance writing. 

 Start with a niche 

I cannot insist enough for book cover designers to begin from a niche. Why? Because starting from a niche you exploring, having knowledge about a specific field mastering it before branching out.

For example begin from the romantic genre, design covers ranging from fantasy, contemporary, historical, and design covers with all kinds of tropes.

You want to learn everything about a genre before moving on to Sci-fi book cover designing. Niching out helps you get known because people remember experts.

Don’t give up 

I kept holding myself, you cannot give up, you haven’t achieved anything you wanted.

I told myself and tell myself this every single day. The aim, have KenyaReview grow and employ a team of 15 writers and 5 editors, grow into a media empire.

What’s your aim with your book cover design business? Is it side hustle money, full-time income money or a way of passing time? Whatever your why, you cannot stop until you achieve your dream. Always go back to your WHY. 

Enter competitions to build your portfolio – read a few bestsellers and remake their covers 

At interviews show your passion and love for design 

People will tell you passion doesn’t get you anywhere, they couldn’t be more wrong. Passion is what differentiates you from every book cover designer.

With passion, you want to learn, become an active, market, start from a niche, market, improve your first cover and help you stand out from the rest of the book cover designers. 


Keeping yourself abreast with what’s happening in the publishing industry is crucial. If you don’t research to see the trends, to find further information about the publishing industry, then you aren’t 

Reach out to publishers 

Ask your clients for briefs (feedback) to make your design improve, also guide the clients on the process of having a book cover design to make work easier

Know where the book gets sold, if online, pay attention to fonts 

Ask if the book is an ebook or a print


Pay attention to the graphics 


Book cover designs are more than attracting readers and the author’s dreams. Book covers have a psychological effect on us. 

Begin book cover designing from a niche but do not limit yourself if you are designing book covers for a living. Explore the different genres if you want to make decent money.

Have a website to help your book cover designing business.

Because a website helps you market your book covers to people from around the world.

Kenya doesn’t have a sizeable market of self-published authors, that buy book covers but having a website means you get to sell to authors from around the world.

Plus, don’t let the blog section of your website stay idle. Write content about your life as a book cover designer. Keep yourself ahead with information happening in the publishing industry by reading and researching.

Because the more you read the more you know and the better you become at designing book covers. Don’t forget to learn Photoshop, Canva or redesign books to help you learn more about the art of book cover designing. Do you want to become a book cover designer?

Are you wondering how much you will earn as a book cover designer or how to get started? 

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