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Plush toys are a necessity for every little girl and boy born on this earth.

 Ever seen how babies love soft and smooth sensations against their skin?.

I love those too.

Though I no longer have teddies, I love me some cushy pillows and blankets.

In this article, you will get:

  1. Where to buy patterns.
  2. Can you design your own patterns for more money?
  3. Selling digital patterns as a side-hustle?
  4. What kind of dolls sell?
  5. Where to source for fabric and sewing notions.
  6. Engaging in Facebook marketing.
  7. Utilising Pinterest and Pinterest boards to get sales leads.
  8. Using instagram as a marketing strategy.
  9. You tube as a visual guide
  10. Blogging as a way to create tutorials.

You can make sales by:

Offering free tutorials on you tube

Showing or telling a story about your pattern construction.

Offering tutorials on how to sew your dolls.

You can either invest in a sewing machine or hand sew. Hand Sewing if you are sewing very small dolls or machine sewing for a professional look, pick your poison.

You can sell at craft stores, supermarkets.

Create a small stand in your locality.

Sew for occasions like Valentines, Mother’s Day, Earth Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving.

Talk to other mamas about what you do.


Can I make a living selling dolls really? 

Oh yes, you can subscribe to find out more or buy an ebook or download for free as an email subscriber.

I always offer, tips, tricks and actions to undertake to become successful.

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