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The world is heckling, ranting and squabbling at The President of the United States. I do not know what is wrong with him yet. As biased as I am, I am sure I won’t like his policies and haven’t so far. To each their own they say. I am sure after the world’s noise making has ended the one we are focusing on is Kenya, Mr. Odinga and President Uhuru.

People call Mr. Raila a reformist, I call him a Man who must give up this Presidency thing, go home, educate the masses in Nyanza.

A whistleblower, a businessman, a granddad these are what he should do now.

”Sometimes people like to take risks”. Raila Odinga.

Yes Sir, in life, what’s life worth if we don’t want to take risks. This is my thoughts on you running for the 2017 Kenya elections, don’t do it and this is why.

Age does matter.

In Africa, politics is dominated by men, men who have grey hair, eaten a lot of salt and are salt themselves.

Look at Zimbabwe and Uganda. They are ruled by people who started young but are now aged and refuse to hand over the stool of rule.

What if we go with a street saying, ”the older I get, the meaner I become”?

Does this mean Mr. Raila you will become mean. Does this mean you are playing the political theatrics tune of pretence, reform, function only to flip around? I am afraid, prove us wrong.

Someone will ask you, what did you do during your tenure as the Prime Minister of Kenya? State in facts.

Unity is not strength. 

”Had the Luhyas united, my plans would have been impossible to fulfil”.

I found this ironic to state because in your manifestoes you are always insinuating: peace, reforms, kick tribalism, corruption etc. Was this quote also a part of the manifesto or political talk?

Elections are never free and fair in Kenya. 

After the conclusion of the 2007/08 general elections in Kenya, you challenged the results. Look at how Kenyans behaved like wounded lions.

You preyed on the minds and psychology of Kenyans who took to the streets loudly declaring war on others.

What happened? A pact. Where handshake looked as fake and ridiculous. Every time the then President spoke, you almost immediately ”shut” him down or remained mum.

Come the elections which have made President Uhuru, President. You again claimed bribery, overhaul of voter registration in some provinces, counties which led to his slight win against you.

Wow, this time, we never fought or hacked each other to death. We remained silent but killed each other on Facebook.

Name calling Luos Kipii, and Kikuyus thieves, who thrive on thiefery. Did it help us? Only made us divided, hating each other.

You are not concerned for the common mwananchi. 

I want you to speak for me the commoner who struggles to create a blog post like this one. I want you to stop whistleblowing and venture into whistle creating. I mean, please show me where and what the government is doing wrong.

Why it’s doing wrong and what it should do instead. Otherwise, what’s the point?

You cannot criticise without opting me a solution Sir.

Is yours constructive criticism or political class criticism geared towards being heard and seen to be doing something?

There’s no day I have heard of a concern for a common Mkenya talk from you … you would have touched many hearts. Not your cup? Then you are not connecting with Kenyans.

You never provide facts yet you demand for it. 

One day during the first ever Kenya’s Presidential debate, you were asked one simple question.

”Are you armed with facts to prove the President now did grab land or acquire it illegally?” I saw you rub your eyes, I thought, ”wow, this man is a liar, he does serve us from wrong plates”.

Why don’t you in your career tell us the truth with facts, papers to prove what you are talking about?

You block people who leave your party. 

Sir, let’s admit it, your supporters are blind. And so blind they are, they kill for you. They riot for you. Guess what, they are the so called elites in society. Wherever they go, they throw stones at people, never want to hear the other side of the story.

They will throw a stone at an op piece like this one.

They will throw a stone at you because you are a Luo and doesn’t know how to speak it.  They fight for trivial matters.They believe radicalism is the way forward and the only way out.

They believe, you told them to do so. You want reforms, but should they be achieved through violence?

Or do you speak: Amani haiji ila kwa ncha ya upanga?

Look at Raphael Tuju, what happened when he quit your party? The headlines in newspapers read, ”Political assassination”. That’s why your allies are always the same, that’s why the youths in Nyanza lag behind.

When one county or province lags behind, Kenya cannot be in the second world economy – dream on.

Here’s what Mr. President Aspirer you should do instead,

Talk to the youths.  The youths in Kenya are especially in need of role models. They have become very tired of hearing the same old stories.

Another political strategy would gain momentum.

Tell them how to lead resourceful productive life as businessmen, how to invest their wealth and not waste away.

Educate them on issues like wife inheritance and education.

Hold political rallies for peace.

When you said you were not contented in the general election where brothers turned into lions and sisters into tigeresses, we portrayed extreme sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. You said, YOU WERE NOT CONTENT, SO WERE WE.

Hold someone and guide them towards the greatness you want Kenya to go.

I believe it’s time you groom youths in Nyanza on good leadership.

Leave politics aside. Teach them how to emulate a statesman like you.

One who has fought for Kenya for many years. One who is not wounded for this ”war” is not over. Teach them against corruption, tribalism and it’s vices like nepotism. Embrace and accept change, sir.

Start a development project in Nyanza.

Do not know if you have done any development for Nyanza other than politics, amassing followers and missionaries of political rudeness.

Tell these men, to start a job, keep busy and leave politics to those who know how the game is played. To accept change. To accept diversity and Kenya that we can be half Luo half Kikuyu. Who do I choose?

Thank God for where you are born, you never chose to be who you are born to. But you can choose your political beliefs. Choose empowerment.

Let for freedom of movement.

Raphael among others have lost their say in Nyanza politics.

They cannot move to Jubilee because if they do, they lose their control.

They have left Baba, they are dead. Is that true? To some extent.

Why don’t you accept people as change. When change comes, why don’t we grab it, study, accept, keep and help it?

Don’t you think a leader who can successfully guide the People of Nyanza should have different perspective and observations from yours?.

If all leaders are politicians as is the case in Kenya, we will never grow. The rich will get richer and poor poorer.

Politics is like mathematics, the more you subtract, the lesser you get. 

Speak on how to make Kenya’s elections free and fair. 

When sir, will you stand to applaud Kenya and it’s people for being peaceful? Why don’t you show and provide evidence on theft of votes, how it was done by whom?

Then, we can provide our necessary judgement on how to persecute this person or people as The People of Kenya? Why shout this crucial details without showing how. This is where it becomes unbelievable. And this is what you must do to sound believable.

Don’t accuse, then you won’t be accused. But isn’t this politics where we engage in Psychology of the Vulnerable?

“I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man’s reasoning powers are not above the monkey’s.” — Mark Twain in Eruption

“In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made school boards.”

Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. George Orwell

Quotes from the following sites:

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Time to eat is now:

Agree with me civilly or disagree rationally. I love to hear from you. I was at an event where the topic was Mr. Raila. I heard lots of comments, some rude, offensive others constructive.

If we want to go beyond political warfare, we have to reason like humans.

Funny because, humans engage in warfare more than animals yet animals are dumb. Love that.

Is Mr. Raila too old for Kenya and the Political Scene?. I know someone said, RETIRE.

Can someone be forcefully be evicted from Kenya’s political scene? Or does age matter, should it be a concern?

I don’t know you but this op piece has provided to you some insights on what I believe.

Change sir and I will rally behind you. Accept leaders from other counties and vice versa.

Kenya is diverse and big but the political arena is for the elephants to show their prowess.

Not through their deeds but theatrics, pushovers, intimidation and squabbles.


Keep talking … but no offence and offer why or not it’s Mr. Raila’s time to eat.








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