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why reading is important for Kenyan business owners

All entrepreneurs have to tap into their genius or enhance their genius by having a reading list.

Reading helps you increase your intellectual abilities. When you increase your intellectual abilities you become not only a genius but an industry guru. For example, when you read your mind’s ability for general knowledge gets enhanced, Anne E. Cunnigham proves this theory in her paper, What reading does to the mind

Also when you read your knowledge base and vocabulary use increases. Plus you help reduce stress when reading.

But why is reading important to an entrepreneur? 

As an entrepreneur, you are an idea magnet/machine. You have to organise your ideas into strategies that pay and you have to keep working on your products/services you provide. 

Why must entrepreneurs develop reading as a habit? 

As a business owner, reading must come naturally to you. I hear saying you don’t have time.

You have the time by waking up earlier than others and also by being productive. Productivity means prioritising what is important in improving your well-being and business. 

For that matter reading is a habit entrepreneur must develop for these reasons

  1. Listening

When you read, you sit down to listen. Your brain gets shifted to a level of deeper understanding.

How many business owners have this as their quality critical.

Most business owners don’t like to listen to suggestions from their employees.

They don’t care whether the customer service sucks or not, they care about the money.

When you stop paying attention as a business owner, you are not only going to lose your business but customers.

Customers don’t love stubborn brands. 

2. Lack of knowledge

As a business owner, expanding your knowledge base is crucial because of competition and stand out.

If you don’t have the knowledge on say, marketing, how are you going to help educate your marketing team on how to plan marketing campaigns.

Or are you going to have the marketing department heavily unfunded and therefore struggling.

If you don’t absorb the knowledge of one area of your business, how are you going to appreciate that department?

Have you ever asked yourself why many business owners fail to fund their customer service department?

They don’t know how crucial customer service is to their business because they don’t care to find out more information risking their business. 

3. Reading helps you in getting business strategy 

When aiming to increase your money in your business you may want to grab yourself a book about money mindset.

A money mindset book will help you grow beyond your limiting beliefs on money and customers.

You learn a few tips and tricks of how gurus or successful business owners did to get to where they have reached and beyond. 

4. Reading helps you learn every day 

Leareading and learning are two in one, meaning, reading helps you learn. You learn and grow from another person’s mistakes.

You help ourself from the mistake committed by your predecessor but reading helps enlighten you in aspects of your business ou weren’t paying attention to.

For example, in reading unstoppable by Toyin Lawani, I read about trade secrets and why they are important for your business.

Don’t let others know the depth of your operations, Toyin said.

Though you may not avoid mistakes, from a book, you learn not to repeat the same mistake. 

I sampled a list of for your October 2019 reading as a Kenyan entrepreneur and the books to read include:

  1. Be a badass at making money Jen Sincero 

2. Unstoppable Toyin Lawani 

3. The Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R.Coley. 

4. Eat That Frog Brian Tracy 

5. Getting Things Done David Allen 

6. Essentialism Greg Mckeown 

7. The Book on Flipping Houses 

8. This is Marketing Seth Godin 

9. The Magic of Thinking Big David j Schwartz 

10. Side Hustle Chris Guillebeau 

11. How to Make Money in Stocks William Oned 

12. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership John c Maxwell 

13. The Personal MBA Josh Kaufman 

14. Building a Story Brand 

15. Einstein HisLlife and Universe Walter Isaacson 

16. Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson 

I chose these books because they reflect on productivity. These books I chose because it’ll help you organise your day and become productive. 

Organising your business

Starting a side hustle 

Addressing your money mindset 

Some are my favourite inspirators like steve jobs, Toyin Lawani and einstein and you can learn a lot from their successes. 

And this is just the beginning of our reading list month by month as entrepreneurs. I’ll also be sampling movies we as entrepreneurs must-read. 

NOTE: I have used affiliate links for these books, so ou purchasing from my link means I get paid a great commission. This helps me get motivated to keep creating content for you and valuable content. Remember, you won’t get charged more or less, but a normal price. Spread the word. 

In conclusion, reading is a journey, start with 10 minutes daily to get into the reading groove.

I have always been an avid reader until I stopped having productive thoughts. Don’t let your business stop moving forward because you don’t/didn’t read. 

Billionaires have confessed to loving reading and billionaires like Elon Musk prove that reading must be an adopted habit. He is an avid reader. Oprah, on the other hand, reads one book a month. While Warren Buffet spends more than three-quarters of his day reading. Why not you?

Also, a better strategy for active reading is to have a pen and book beside you. 

This makes you have points or things to note to self and increases your attention span. You can read at least 10 minutes daily but the more the better.

Keep reading for 30 days or more and see where this knowledge takes you. Write words or phrases which resonate with you while reading, this increases retention and attention.

The more you read daily, the better you become in your business and work outlook because you don’t get stressed but motivated to keep looking forward to life. 

What book will you be reading from this list and how long do you intend on reading. 

Would you love for us to create a reading list for Kenyan entrepreneurs online?




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